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A Variable Resistor that adjusts in a circuit is
A Potentiometer
2 8-Ohm Speakers are connected in Parallel. What is the total speaker Load?
4 ohms
2 8-Ohm Speakers are connected in Series. What is the total speaker load?
16 ohms
US power from a standard wall socket is?
110v AC
An amplifier is rated 1000 watts @ 4-ohms. The result of connecting an 8-ohm speaker to it would be?
500 Watts
What is the power used in the circuit?
1.44 Watts
What is the current in the circuit?
30 mili-amps
What is the voltage drop across R1?
9 volts
This circuit is an example of:
A Voltage Divider
The current through R1 is greater than the current through R2!!!
True or False
This circuit is an example of what?
A Band-Pass Filter
How many reactive components are in the circuit?
Reactance is frecuency dependant!
True or False
An accelerating magnetic field crossing a ________ induces a current.
Opposition to current flow in a capacitor is know as?
Ths circuit is an example of what?
A Filter
Output 'A' is what kind of filter?
Output 'B' is what kind of filter?
What is the roll-off slope of this filter?
A material that has very high reistance is called?
An Insulator
Resistance, or load, is measured in?
What Pin on an XLR connector is 'Hot'?
Pin 2
What pin on an XLR connector is "ground" ?
Pin 1
The signal in an RCA cable is?
A 48 pin EDAC connector can carry how many 'BALANCED' signals?
Speakon connectors are gennerally used for ___________.
high power speaker cables
To convert an instrument signal to a mic/line level signal you would use a ________.
A DI Box
What is the total resistance in the circuit?
1.6 Kilo-ohms
If a cable in a multi-core cable is brown with a black stripe, what number would you expect it to be?
A headphone splitter box is an example of what kind of electrical connection?
A Parallel Split