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What is Voltage?
Difference of potentials, EMF(electromotive force),E (Electrical pressure)
What is Current how is it measured?
Electrical flow through a Conductor, measured in amps, it will take the path of least resistance.
what is resistance and how is it measured?
an Electrical obstruction, used to restrict current flow. measured in OHMS
what is OHMS law?
states that 1 volt of electrical pressure will cause 1 amp of current to flow through 1 ohm of resistance
according to ohms law what formula is used to get volts(E)? current(I)? resistance(R)?
V(E) = C(I)xR
C(I) = V(E)/R
R = V(E)/C(I)
if voltage is held constant (1)decreasing amp will do what to resistance?,(2)if increase amp then will do what to resistance?
(1)increase resistance
(2)decrease resistance
if resistance is held constant,(1)what whould happen if increase voltage?, (2)what about decrease voltage?
(1)increase current
(2)decrease current
name some forms of LOAD
ex: lamps & motors
what is a series circuit?
current only has 1 path
what is a parallel circuit?
has two or more separate branches or legs for current flow
what is Ohms house?
(1)can jumper wires be used to detect a short? (2)what else can they test for? (3)what is a " DO NOT DO " for jumper wires?
(3)never jump a load
NON-powered test light can test for what?
Detects "some" voltage is present
SELF-powered test light can test for what?
it can test for shorts and continuity
when doing a voltage measurement,the volt-meter is connected into circuit what way?
parallel to circuit
when measuring for current in a circuit the amp-meter is connected in what way?
in series
when measuring for resistance (1)what is the procedure? (2)and how is the OHM-meter connected?
(1)power down and isolate
(2)OHM-meter connected in series
what kinda energy stored in a battery?
chemical energy
what are 3 major functions?
(1)Source of current for starting engine
(2)Stabilizer for electrical system(electrical spikes)
(3)furnish current for limited time when demand for power exceeds charging system output
what is negative plate made of?
soft lead or sponge lead
what is positive plate made of?
lead peroxide
one cell regardless of size can produce how much voltage?
2.0v to 2.2v
what is electrolyte?
64% distilled water and 36% sulfuric acid
what is the specific gravity for a fully charged battery?
what battery post is physically larger than the other?
Positive post
larger plate surface area results in?
higher amperage
thicker plates gives you what?
more reserve amperage
what is Cold cranking amps(cca)?
max amps produced at 0 degree for 30 sec. without dropping below 7.2v or 1.2v per cell
what is reserve capacity?
how long can deliver 25amps at 80 degrees without droping below 10.5v or 1.75v per cell
what types of gases are released from battery?
Hydrogen gas
Undercharging will cause what?
sulfated plates
Overcharging will cause what?
oxidation of positive plate - witch will cause plates to crumble