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What are the thermal effects of diatheramy?
Pain control, Increased ROM and decreased joint stiffness, accelerated healing and psoriasis and dermal ulcers
What are the clinical indications for the use of nonthermal PSWD?
Control pain and edema, wound healing, nerve and bone healing
True or false: heating with an inductive coil is known as heating by the magnetic field method.
Name the effects of UV radiation.
Erythema production and Vitamin D synthesis
What dose of UV produces some mild desquamation (peeling of the skin)?
First-degree erythema
True or False; ionizing radiation cannot break molecular bonds.
False, they can break molecular bonds
What the effects of cold laser?
Cellular effects, altered nerve conduction and regeneration, vasodilation
How is laser light different from other light?
Laser light is monochromatic, coherent, and directional
What are the contraindications for the use of laser therapy?
Eyes, over endocrine glands, hemorrhaging regions, and within 4-6 months after radiotherapy
What are the clinical indications for the use of cold laser?
Wound and fracture healing, MS disorders and pain.
Describe the attributes of EMR.
EMR is composed of electric and magnetic fields that are orientated perpendicular to each other.
Does EMR require a medium?
What is the physiological basis why UV is used to treat Psoriasis?
UV can inactivate cell division, inhibit DNA synthesis, and inhibits mitosis of hyperproliferating epidermal cells
Page 375
What are the contraindications for the use of Thermal-level Diathermy?
Metal implants and pacemaker, Malignancy, Pregnancy, Eyes, testes, growing epiphyses
True or False; The effects of UV are considered nonthermal.
Page 373
What band of UV light penetrates deepest?
page 374
What three factors allow for the greatest penetration of UV light?
High intensity, longest waveform and lowest frequency
page 374
What are the contraindications of UV?
Eyes, skin cancer, Pulmonary tuberculosis, cardiac, kidney or liver disease, systemic Lupus, fever
True or False: The intensity of EMR is greatest when the source is placed perpendicular to the surface of the skin.
Page 373
What frequency band of UV is associated with wound healing?
Page 376
What are the mechanisms by which UV can enhance wound healing?
Enhanced epithelialization, destroys bacteria, accelerates granulation tissue formation, increases blood flow and increases vitamin D production by the skin
What intensity does cold laser output?
50 mW/CM2
Page 384
What range of intensity of laser light is recommended for acute conditions?
.05 to 1 J/cm2
Page 384
What range of intensity of laser light is recommended for chronic conditions?
40 J/cm2
Page 384
What is the most common frequency used in short wave diathermy?
27.12 MHz
Page 388
What key factor determines if a diathermy device will increase tissue temperature?
The amount of energy absorbed by the tissue
Page 389
What kinds of tissue absorb the most energy given off by diathermy?
Tissues with high electrical conductivity
Page 390
What are some examples of tissues with high electrical conductivity?
Muscle and synovial fluid
Page 390
What are some examples of tissues with low electrical conductivity?
Fat, bone, and collagen
Page 390
Name some advantages that Diathermy has over superficial heating agents.
It can heat deeper, it can heat larger areas, less risk of bone burns and less labor intensive then US
Page 389
What device is used to deliver microwave diathermy?
What are the thermal effects of diathermy?
Vasodilation, increased rate of nerve conduction, elevation of the pain threshold, acceleration of enzymatic activity and increase soft tissue extensibility.
What are the non-thermal effects of diathermy?
Increased microvascular perfusion and altered cell membrane function and cellular activity.
Since diathermy gives off electromagnetic radiation, what is the recommended distance that the clinican should be from the machine when applying continuous diathermy?
1-2 meters
Page 395
True or false: diathermy should not be used in the presence of other electronic or magnetic equipment.