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What are the s/s of hypercalcemia?
Muscle weakness. Constipation
Anorexia, N/V, Polyuria, Polydipsia, Neuosis, Dysrythmias. Above 11mg/dl
What are the s/s of hypocalcemia?
Depression, Numbness, Tingling of extremities and mouth region,Chvostek's sign,Trousseas's sign, <9mg/dl
What are the s/s of hyponatremia?
anorexia, weakness, lethargy, confusion, muscle cramps, seizures <135mEq/L
what are the s/s of hypernatremia?
thirst, sticky mucous membrane, dry mouth, irritabilty, >145mEq/L
What are ths s/s of hypokalemia?
fatigue, leg cramps, flat T waves, ST segment depression, <3.5 mEq/L
what are the s/s of hyperkalemia?
irritabilty, anxiety, flaccid paralysis, tall T waves, loss of P wave, above 5.5mEq/L
What ar the s/s of hypermagnesemia?
lethargy, drowsiness, n/v, deep tendon reflexes lost, >2.5mEq/l
what are the s/s of hypomagnesemia?
hyperactive deep tendon reflexes, tremors, seizures, confusion, <1.5mEq/L
what are the s/s of hypophosphatemia?
respiratory failure, muscle weakness,mental changes <2.8mg/dl
what are the s/s of hyperphosphatemia?
short term tetany symptoms, hypocalcemia,calcium-phosphate precipates in skin, soft tissue, cornea >4.5mg/dl