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the source of electricity
refers to more than one cell, but most people use the words battery and D-cell interchangeably
electricity source
provides the energy to light the bulb
electricity receiver
a component that uses the electricity from the source to make something happen
a pathway for the flow of electricity
filament of a bulb
the part that gets hot and produces light
Name circuit components
D-cells, bulbs and wires
circuit base
holds many components needed to build a circuit
Fahnstock clip
a metal clip that connects wires in a circuit
a device used to open and close circuits
open circuit
an incomplete circuit through which electricity will not flow
closed circuit
a complete circuit through which electricity flows
schematic diagram
a way to represent a circuit on a piece of paper
a substance, commonly a metal such as copper or aluminum, through which electricity will flow
a material that prevents the flow of electricity, commonly plastic, rubber, glass or air
series circuit
a circuit with only one pathway for current flow
one part of a circuit system. (a switch in one component, a bulb is another)
parallel circuit
a circuit that splits and goes to two or more components
a coil of wire, usually wound around a core of iron or steel, which produces a magnetic field when electricity flows through the wire
the material around which a coil is wound
wire wound repeatedly around a central core