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Most electric power is made by?
How can you make an electromagnet with wire and a bolt?
By wrapping the wire aroudn the bolt and connecting the ends of the wire to a battery.
How can electric current be made?
by moving a magnet through coils of wire
What scientist discovered that an electric current has magnetic effects?
Hans Christian Oersted
How can you use to a magnet to make an electric current?
1. slide a magnet back and forth inside a coiled wire
2. spin a magnet inside a coiled wire
3. move a magnet back and forth through a coiled wire
How does electric current affect any wire?
It makes it magnetic.
What is an electromagnet?
a magnet made when an electric current flows through a wire
How can generators be powered?
wind, rushing water, steam, burning coal, gas, or oil
What is a generator?
a machine that uses an energy source and a magnet to make electricity