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When you rub two objects together, what can happen?
negative electric charges can move from one object to the other
What are insulators?
A material through which electric current does not pass easily.
What two types of charges can an object have?
negative and positive
What must you have to run machines at home?
A strong electric current
Usually the negative and postive charges an object has are _______?
When two object have the same charge what happens?
They repel each other or push away.
What is resistance?
Does not allow current to flow easily through it.
How does a battery provide an electric current?
Whent he battery is in a closed circuit, the negative charges flow out from the negative end, through the wiresm and back to the positive end.
What is a conductor?
a material through which electric current passes easily.
What causes you to feel an electric shock?
Negative charges can build up on you and then floe to another object when you touch it.
When two objects have different charges, what happens?
They pull together.
An electric current must have what to flow?
A closed path, or a closed circuit.
What is an electric current?
The flow of negative charges through matter.