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Voltage is how the force of a negative charge flow is measured.
alternating current
An alternating current is a two-way current. The current first flows in one direction then flows in the opposite direction.
A magnet is a material or device that attracts items containing the elements iron, nickel, or cobalt. They come in different shapes & sizes.
magnetic field
A magnetic field is a region of magnetic force around a magnet.
Building Prior Knowledge Questions:
1) What do magnets do?
2) What kinds of materials do they affect?
3) How can we use magnets?
Poles are the ends of a magnet. Every magnet has a south and a north pole. The pull of a magnet is strongest at its poles.Like poles repel.
electric motor
An electric motor is a device that transforms electrical energy into movement, or mechanical energy. They are clean & quiet power sources. They transform electrical energy into movement, or mechanical energy.
bar and horseshoe
Bar and horseshoe are the two most familiar shapes magnets come in.
direct current
A direct current is the current produced by dry cells. It flows in only one direction.
An electromagnet is a temporary magnet created by electric current flowing through wire wrapped in coils around an iron bar. They are powerful. Doctors & Recyclers use them. Electromagnets are used in tape players & televisions.
A turbine is the force that spins the coil in a generator. It must be powered by an outside force. Turbines are powered by steam, wind, and moving water.
What causes a metal to be magnetic?
A metal is magnetic when its particles line up pole to pole.
A generator is a device that creates an alternating current. It changes mechanical energy into electrical energy.
How are magnets related to current?
When current flows, a weak magnetic field forms. Current can be used to make an electromagnet.
Magnetite is a rock that contains magnetized iron.
How are electromagnets used in motors?
An electromagnet is used in a motor to make mechanical energy. The magnetic field of the electromagnet interacts with the magnetic field of a bar magnet.
repel and attract
Like poles of a magnet repel and unlike poles attract.
What are the steps by which current travels from a power plant to your home?
Current travels from a plant to your home by traveling through a transformer that increase the voltage, then throug power lins to a second transformer that decrease voltage, and then into your home.