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Rasins is cereal are an example of a...
heterogeneous mixture
Water is said to be the universal solvent because it...
can dissolve so many different solutes
__________ make foods taste bitter.
__________ make foods taste sour.
Why might all the sugar not dissolve in a glass of tea?
The solution may already be saturated.
What is the substance being dissolved to form a solution called?
If a solution contains a large amount of solute compared to the amount of solvent, what might this solution be called?
What is a solution with a pH of 13 desrcibing?
strong base
What is a solution that contains all the solute it can hold under the given conditions?
Which of the following properties is not characteristic of acidic solutions?
a.sour taste
b.conducts electricity
c.feels slippery
d. is corrosive to certain metals
c.feels slippery
Which of the following would most likely increase the amount of table sugar that'll dissolve in water?
a. stirring the solution
b. heating the solution
c.breaking the sugar into smaller pieces
d. all of the above
b. heating the solution
What is the solid substance that falls out of a solution?
What has a pH greater than 7?
basic solution
Bile, a body fluid involved in digestion, is acidic, so its pH is what?
less than 7
When chlorine is dissolved in pool water, what is the water?
A solid may become less soluble in a liquid when you decrease what?
Which of the following approaches might be of use if you want to dissolve more potassium nitrate in 100g of H2O?
increase the temperature of the water
Which acid is used in the industrial process known as pickling?
A carbonated soft drink contains carbonic acid. Why does a carbonated salt drink have a higher pH than hydrochloric acid?
hydrochloric acid is stronger than cabonic acid
At different pH values, indicators change what?
A factor that doesn't affect solubility is...
What is formed by combining negative ions from an acid and positive ions from a base?
A salt
Water at room temperature can hold less salt then if the water is...
Which of the following is a solution?
a.pure oxygen in a firefighter's tank oatmeal rasin cookie
c. copper
d. vinegar
c. copper
Orange juice with just a hint of orange flavor is... compared to juice with a strong orange taste.
Which of the following is potentially most dangerous to human skin?
a.neutral solution
b.concentrated basic solution
c.dilute basic solution
d. dilute acidic solution
b. concentrated basic solution
A friend mixes a powdered fruit drink for you. tHe poweder is mixed with icy, cold, water. What is the powder in this solution?
What is a solution with a pH of 2?
strong acid
What can salt dissolved in our "Growing Crystals" lab experiment be called?
A measure of the potential energy available in a complete circuit is...
_________ is an example of a good electrical insulator.
when you rub a balloon in your, _______go from your hair to the balloon.
To prevent overloading in a paralell circuit, you could install
A wire that is _____ would have the greatest electrical resistance.
long and thin
Two identical balloons are both rubbed with wool. If the balloons are brought near each other, they will
repel each other
When you use an electrical appliance, the amount of electrical energy used depends
on both the appliance's power and how long it is used
when you walk across a carpeted floor and then touch a metal doorknob, the "shock" you fell occurs because of ...
static discharge
Why is an object positively charged
it has more protons than electrons
What is the separation of positive and negative charges due to an electric field called?
induced charge
As more devices are added to a series circuit, what happens ot the current in the circuit?
it decreases
The negative terminal of a battery has
a pileup of negative charges
The filament in a lightbulb is often made from tungsten wire because tungsten is
a good conductor and has a high resistance
What is the buildup of electric charges on an object called?
static charge
Dry skin is a good
A battery porduces current electricity from
chemical energy
According to Ohm's law

Voltage=current x resistance