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What % of the source voltage does a capacitor charge up to in one time constant.
What is the frequency of an AC signal that has a period of 16.67 mS.
f = 1/16.67 = 60 hertz
What is the RMS voltage of a AC signal measuring 3.35 volts peak to peak on an oscilloscope?
1.18 Volts
What is the total capacitance of a 10 uF capacitor in series with a 1 uF capacitor?
.909 uF
What is the total circuit capacitance of a 10 uF capacitor in parallel with a 1 uF capacitor?
11 uF.
What two things does an oscilloscope measure?
Voltage and time.
What frequency is allowed to pass through a capacitor? High or Low?
Does an inductor allow high frequency or low to pass more?