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Materials that readily suport current flow are called _______________
The electrical term used to state the ability of material to hold back current flow is __________
As current flows through a coiled conductor, a _______ is created.
magnetic field
The load device used to raise or lower alternating voltage levels is called a ______
As current flows through a load such as nichrome,______ is created.
How many watts of power are being used by a resistance heater opwerating at 460 volts drawing 5 amps?
2300 Watts
One watt will generate ______ btu's of heat per hour.
3.414 btu/hr
The metal in an eletric wire is rated in ______
The rubber around an electric wire is rated in _____
The capability to do work is often called _______
Potental energy
What result result can be obtained by passing a coil of wire through a magnetic field?
Voltage will be induced.
Three phase voltage waveforms are separated by _____ degrees phase angle
Current flow is measured in ________
Name three methods used to produce voltage.
1. Chemical Action
2. Thermal Action
3. Magnetic Induction
Draw a sine wave for one cycle of 60 cycle AC voltage. Label positive and negative points and indicate the 90, 180, 270, and 360 degree phase angle


When testing a circuit with a voltmeter, you must always be sure the circuit being tested has ________
A load
In the air conditioning industry, we usually confine ourselves to ______ load in each individual cicuit.
_________ electrical cicuits in the air conditioning industry have loads in them.
When the "jaws" of the ampmeter are around two wires on the same load what will happen?
They will cancel each other out and the meter will read zero.
The three meters most common in air conditioning are:
1. Volt Meter
2. Ohm Meter
3. Amp Meter
The voltmeter uses the _____ ______ created by flowing electrons to activate the needle.
magnetic field
Which of the three common meters has its own source of power?
Ohm Meter
Why should the unit disconnect switch be checked before using an electric meter?
To see which meter to use.
What are the 4 most important factors in an electric circuit?
1. source
2. path
3. load
4. return
Why do metals make the best conductors?
They have more atoms.
What dose a fuse or cicuit breacker protect?
The wire.
How do electrical utilities charge customers for electricity?