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A working circuit must have a ... loop of current flow through a load.
All circuits contain ...
Voltage, Current and Resistance
A circuit with a break in it is called a/an...
Open Circuit
Open Circuits are ...
Non-working circuits
A circuit without enough resistance is called a ..
Short Circuit .. short circuits are bad.
Individual electrical circuits normally combine one or more resistances or load devices. What are the three basic types of circuits...
Series Circuit
Parallel Circuit
Series-Parallel Circuit
Simplest circuit, connected in a line along the same conductor is a .....
Series Circuit
All devices are connected with only one path to ground for current flow .....
Series Circuit
Resistance of each device can be different, the same amount of current will flow through each one.
Series Circuit
Voltage across each will be different
Series Circuit
In a series circiut if the path is broken...
An opening in the circiut will disable the entire circuit. No current flows and no part of the circuit works. Ex... Christmas tree lights
All components are connected end to end.
Series Circuit
Single path for electrons to flow - all components share the same current
Series Circuit
In a series circuit, total resistance of circuit is equal to ...
the sum of individual resistances
RT = R1+R2+R3
In a series circuit, total voltage in the circuit is equal to ....
the sum of individual voltage
VT = V1+V2+V3
Multimeters measure ....
current in series
Current through each circuit elements is the same and equal to ....
the total circuit current.
IT = I1 = I2 = I3
Circuit has multiple paths or branches to roun (one or more paths for current flow)
Parallel Circuit
The same voltage is applied across each branch
Parallel Circuit
Current flow between each branch can be different.
Parallel Circuit
Resistance of each branch can be different.
Parallel Circuit
Parallel Circuit in all components are connected in ...
In Parallel Circuits all components share the same
VT = V1 = V2 = V3
In a parallel circuit total resistance of the circuit is
less than any individual differences.
Ina a parallel circuit, total current in circuit is ...
equal to the sum of individual branch currents.
It = I1 + I2 + I3
In a parallel circuit, total resistance is the
inverse of the sum of the reciprocals of each individual resistance
Electrons flow alternately in opposite directions.
Alternating Current (AC)
Electrical Current, identified as 60 Hz current (60 impulses per second)(120 Crests per second)
Each oscillation in electron direction occurs sinusoidally with each requiring 1/60s
Alternating Current (AC)