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Heat gain and liquid oxygen boil-off is minimized in the annular space of a TMU-27/M liquid oxygen storage and transfer cart by..
Aluminized mylar insulation.
IN a cryotainer, the transfer of heat by conduction is slowed with the use of..
stainless steel support struts.
What control valve on an oxygen storage and transfer unit is closed only during head pressure buildup or the transfer of liquid oxygen?
Vent valve.
What determines how often you clean a cryotainer fill-drain and service line filter?
Cleanliness of the liquid oxygen.
During an inspection of a cryotainer, you find a faulty pressure gauge. What action should you take?
Send the gage to TMDE for calibration.
Which reference contains procedures for cleaning oxygen components?
At what temperature does the GSU-62M air purging unit maintain the heaters outlet air temperature throughout the purging cycle?
350 degrees F.
You are purging a liquid oxygen storage and tranfer cart. You can consider the purge to be complete whent the temperature of the air exiting the fill and drain outlet reaches...
220 degree F
The vacuum gage for a cryotainer is designed to read the pressure in the annular space in..
microns of water.
While transferring liquid oxygen from an oxygen storage and transger cart to an aircraft oxygen converter, you note the rate of transfer is very slow. What would cause this malfunction?
Low tank pressure.
Which of the following indicates a cryotainer has lost its vacuum?
In vents continually.
What is the minimum safe distance when servicing or maintenance is being performed on the nitrogen servicing unit?
50 feet.
The rupture disc on the nitrogen servicing unit will blow when pressure inside the tank reaches...
450 to 600 psig.
The low pressure side of the nitrogen servicing unit can be regulated to service pressures between...
0 to 350 psig.