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Describe oxygen in its natural state.
Colorless, odorless, tasteless.
At altitudes between 10,000 and 15,000 feet, what is the greatest danger from hypoxia?
A complete loss of oxygen in a gaseous oxygen system is prevented by what type of valve?
Supply and distribution tubing for aircraft oxygen systems is identified by cellulose tape in what colors?
Green and white.
What valve decreases system pressure in a high-pressure oxygen system.
Reducer valve.
In a high-pressure oxygen system, the tubing between the filler valve and the pressure reducer valve is made of..
copper alloy.
In a molecular sieve oxygen generating system, water droplets from the air are removed by a..
MSOGS concentrator inlet filter.
Liquid oxygen converts to gaseous oxygen at an expansion ratio of..
860 to 1.
In a liquid oxygen system, what component has the ability to draw gaseous oxygen from the top of the converter for breathing purposes?
Pressure vent valve.
On an aircraft liquid oxygen system, the handle on a manually operated buildup and vent valve is designed to prevent..
the filler access door from closing in the vent position.
Which one of these is a disadvantage of a continuous-flow of oxygen regulator?
It wastes oxygen.
When the cabin altitude of an aircraft reaches 30,000 feet, what component in the pressure demand oxygen regulator causes 100 percent oxygen to be deliverd to the user?
Diluter aneroid.
When the PBG/ON/OFF toggle of an oxygen system is placed in the PBG position, what causes the availability of oxygen and pressure breathing?
Positive signal from the anit-g valve.
Which oxygen system allows oxygen to flow automatically to the distribution system when cabin altitude reaches 12,500 feet?
Troop system.
An H-2 emergency assembly (bailout bottle) supplies oxygen to the user for a maximum of about how many minutes?
Assume a capacitance indicating system is being used to indicate the quantity of liquid oxygen in a converter. When the quantity of a liquid oxygen in the converter decreases, what happens to the capacitance of the probe?
It decreases.
A liquid oxygen systems pressure fails to stabilize at 110 psi. This could be caused by a failure of the ...
converter relief valve.
A liquid oxygen system is continously venting gaseous oxygen overboard. The most probable malfunction is a faulty..
pressure closing valve.
You should replace an oxygen mask-to-regulator connector if the no-go portion of the go-no-go gage passes through the..
smallest internal port.
The minimum required clearance between oxygen system tubing and aircraft control cables is
2 inches.
To reduce vibration and prevent chafing of oxygen system tubing, you should secure long runs of oxygen tubing atleast every..
15 inches.
How do you loosen a B-nut from a fiting on the tubing of an oxygen regulator?
Hold the fitting to prevent twisting of the tubing.
An aircraft gaseous oxygen system must be purged only with..
gaseous oxygen.
On a gaseous oxygen servicing trailer, what controls the flow of oxygen?
Servicing valves.
On a gaseous oxygen servicing trailer, what does the purifier assembly remvoe from the gaseous oxygen?
When servicing a gaseous oxygen system, you should gradually increase the servicing pressure in order to prevent..
Overheating of oxygen cylinders.
What is the service test pressure for a low-pressure gaseous oxygen system leak test?
425 to 450 psi.
When performing a high-pressure gaseous oxygen leak test, what minimum amount of time should you wait before taking the second system pressure reading?
24 hours.
An oxygen regulator is considered to be leaking excessively if the tester soap bubbles burst in less than how many seconds?
In an oxygen system, a leak test solutino indicates a leak by...
The oxygen regulator field tester primarily uses what type of measurement to determine the condition of an oxygen regulator?