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The present progressive (el progresivo del presente) describes...
...actions in progress!
To form the present progressive, you need _____ _____.
2 verbs
The first verb is the verb _____.
The first verb is followed by the ________ ________ of a second verb.
gerund form
The gerund form of a verb represents the ________ form of that verb in both Spanish and English.
In Spanish, the gerund is called ____ _____________.
el gerundio
The gerund form of -AR verbs is formed by dropping the infinitive ending and adding _________.
The gerund form of -ER and -IR verbs is formed by dropping the infinitive ending and adding _________.
Example 1:

"I am writing a letter."
Ejemplo 1:

"Estoy escribiendo una carta."
Example 2:

"She is talking with him."
Ejemplo 2:

"Ella está hablando con él."
Example 3:

"We are eating dinner."
Ejemplo 3:

"Estamos comiendo la cena."