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el ascensor
the elevator
asensor sounds like accend, accend means to go up, what do you use to go up?
la barba
the beard
What do u get shaved when you go to the barber shop?
el bigote
the mustache
what do lots of big goats have? (bigote > big goat, get it?)
la caja
the cash register
kinda sound the same in a weird way.
el cajero/la cajero
the cashier
can't help you here, sorry!
el cepillo (de dientes)
the (tooth) brush
cant help you here, sorry!
el champú
the shampoo
common... they sound exactly the same!
los cordones (de los zapatos)
the (shoe) laces/cords
the word itself is a big hint
la crema de afeitar
the shaving cream
what is the verb to shave? what do you use to shave?
el departamento
the department
comon, its practically the same word
el dependiente/la dependienta
the sales person
I guess you could say that in a way you depend on this person
el desodorante
the deodorant
think... what does it sound like?
la escalera mecánica
the escalator
the stairs mechanical
el esmalte de uñas
the nail polish
the paint of nails
la etiqueta
the tag
the little ticket in clothing
la ganga
the bargain
cant help you here... sorry!
el impuesto
the tax
cant help you here either...sorry
el jabón
the soap
cant help here either
los labios
the lips
no hint
el lápiz de labios
the lipstick
the pencil of lips
el letrero
the sign
what do letters go on?
la lima de uñas
the nail file
the _ of nails (cant really help here)
el maquinilla de afeitar
the shaving razor
the _ of shaving
el maquillaje
the make-up
cant help you here
la marca
the brand
the companies "mark"
la moda
the fashion
hmmm... i dont know.... any suggestions?
el mostrador
the counter
no hint
el número
the shoe size; the number
ummm... i dont know... something about shoes and numbers.... put it together
la pasta dental
the toothpaste
the paste teeth
el peine
the comb
ummm.... sorry cant help
la pelquería
the barber/beauty shop
no hint
el peluquero / la peluquera
the barber/hairdresser
el perfume
the perfume
hmmm.... i wonder
el precio
the price
very similar words but kinda different (I know its not much of a hint but think about it)
el secador
the hair dryer
mm mm.... if you know what a clothing dryer is this one will probably be easy.
la seda dental
the dental floss
really think about it...
la talla
the clothing size
las tijeras
the scissors
la uña
the nail (finger & toe nail)
la vitrina
the display window
el cuerpo
the body
el diente
the teeth
dentist do what?
la mano
the hand
el ojo
the eye
el pie
the foot
la pierna
the leg
old fashioned
distinto (de)
it is distinct
hmmmm....think about it
afeitar (se)
to shave (oneself)
to tie
bañar (se)
to bathe (oneself), to take a bath
how do you say bathroom in spanish?
cepillar (se)
to brush (oneself)
devolver <O-UE>
to return (as in to return an item to the store)
duchar (se)
to shower (oneself), to take a shower
to spend
to leave
maquillar (se)
to put makeup on
how do you say makeup in spanish?
peinar (se)
to comb
probarse <O-UE>
to try on
to fit
to stay
quejarse (de)
to complain (about/of)
atar(se) la corbata
to tie the tie
cortar(se) el pelo
to cut (one's) hair
costar un ojo de la cara
to cost an eye from the face (to cost an arm and a leg)
darse prisa
to hurry
de moda
en venta
on sale
limar(se) las uñas
to file (one's) nails
limpiar(se) los anteojos
to clean (one's) nails
la mayoría de
the majority of
say it out loud... they sound almost exactly the same.
miles (de)
thousands (of)