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What is an interoperable collection of systems, facilities, and components developed by services and agnecies of the U.S. Government to automate the planning, ordering, filling, generation, distribution, accountability, storage, usage, destruction and management of electronic key and other types of COMSEC material?
EKMS (Electronic Key Management System)
What TIER s a composite of NSA's Fort Meade and Finksburg key facilities that provides centralized key management services for all forms of keys?
TIER 0 (Central Facility)
What TIER is the layer of the EKMS which serves as the intermediate key generation and distribution center, central offices of record (CORs), privilege managers, and registration authorities for EKMS/COMSEC accounts?
What TIER is the layer of EKMS comprised of the EKMS Accounts that manage key and other COMSEC material?
What TIER is the lowest of the EKMS architecture which includes the AN/CYZ-10 (Data Tranfer Device (DTD)) and all other means used to fill key to end cryptographic units (ECUs); hard copy material holdings only; and STU-III material only using key management entities (KMEs)?
What determines how COMSEC material is accounted for within the CMCS?
Accountablity Legend (AL) Codes
Which AL Code is continuously accountable to the COR by accounting (serial/register) number production to destruction?
AL Code 1
Which AL Code is continuously accountable to the COR by quantity from production to destruction?
AL Code 2
Which AL Code is locally accountable by quantity and handled/safeguarded based on its classification
AL Code 4
Which AL Code is electronically generated and continuously accountable to the COR from production to destruction?
AL Code 6
Which AL Code is electonically generated and locally accountable to the generating facility?
AL Code 7
Who is responsible for establishing procedures to ensure that COMSEC material incidents are reported promptly to the specified authorities?
Director, Communications Security Material System (DCMS)
Who is responsible for directing the establishment and operation of a cryptonet/circuit and managing the operational use and control of keying material assigned to a cryptonet/circuit?
Controlling Authority (CONAUTH)
Who performs and coordinates DON service planning and funding for designated COMSEC material resources?
Department of The Navy (DON) Resource Managers
How many and what are the categories of COMSEC incidents?
3 - Cyrptographic, Personnel, and Physical
How many and what are the types of identification of PDSs?
2 - Non-reportabl, and Reportable
What is a security measure designed to establish the validity of a transmission, message, or originator, or a means of verifying an individual's eligibility to receive specific categories of information?
Who is the composite of NSA's Ft. Meade and Finksburg key facilities that provides centralized key management services for all forms of key?
Central Facility (CF)
Who keeps records of all accountable COMSEC material held by elements subject to its oversight?
Central Office of Record (COR)
Who has overall authority for Naval Telecommunications to include COMSEC policy and is the COMSEC resource sponsor for the DON?
Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)
What is protective measures taken to deny unauthorized persons information derived from telecommunications of the U.S. Government concerning national security, and to ensure the authenticity of such telecommunications?
Communications Security (COMSEC)
Who is ultimately responsible for the proper administration of his/her command's EKMS account and compliance with established CMS policy and procedures?
Commanding Officer (CO)
What equipment is designed to provide security to telecommunications by encrypting data for transmission and decrypting data for authorized recipients; also, equipment designed specifically to aid in, or as an essential element of, the conversion process?
COMSEC Equipment
What is any uninvestigated or un evaluated occurance that has the potential to jeopardize the security of COMSEC material or the secure transmission of classified or sensitive government information; OR any investigated or evaluated occurance that has been determined as not jeopardizing the security of COMSEC material or the secure transmission of classified or sensitive government information?
COMSEC Incident
What is a COMSEC incident that has been investigated, evaluated, and determined to have jeopardized the security of COMSEC material or the secure transmission or classified or sensitive government information?
COMSEC Insecurity
What material is used to protect U.S. Government transmissions, communications, and the processing of classified or sensitive unclassified information related to national security from unauthorized persons and that material used to ensure the authenticity of such communications?
COMSEC Material
What is a secure telecommunications or information handling equipment, or associated cryptographic component, that is unclassified but governed by a special set of control requirements?
Controlled Cryptographic Item (CCI)
What device or electronic key is used to enable secure operations of crypto-equipment?
Crypto-Ignition Key (CIK)
What is the time span during which each key setting (i.e. key segment or key card) remains in effect called?
Components of communications security that result from the provision of technically sound cryptosystems and their proper use is called?
What is an administrative entity, identified by a six-digit account number, responsible for maintaining accountability, custody and control of COMSEC material?
EKMS Account
Who is the individual designated by his/her Commanding Officer or other proper authority to be responsible for all actions associated with the receipt, handing, issue, safeguarding, accounting, and disposition of COMSEC material/equipment assigned to a command's EKMS numbered account?
EKMS Manager
What is encrypted or unencrypted key in electronic form that is stored on magnetic media or in electronic memory, transferred by electronic circuitry, or loaded into COMSEC equipment called?
Electronic Key
A key produced only in non-physical form is called?
Electronically Generated Key
What is any one of a family of devices developed to read in, transfer, or store keys called?
Fill Device (FD)
What is a key managment protocol based on public key cryptography called?
What is a KAM?
A cryptographic Opertional Maintenance Manual or maintenance manual for a cryptosystem.
What is a KAO?
A cryptographic Operational Operating Manual or operating instructions for a cryptosystem.
What is a cryptographic component in EKMS designed to provide for the local generation of keying material, encryption and decryption of key, key load into fill devices, and message signature functions called?
Key Processor
Who is the individual responsible for maintaining required files and ensuring the proper safeguarding, storage, and usage of COMSEC material issued from an EKMS numbered account or from another Local Element (Issuing) called?
Local Element
What publication is the Field Production and Distribution of Electronic Key in Support of Short-Notice Operations?
NAG-16 (series)
What is electronically distributing key without changing traffic encryption key (TEK) used on the secured communications path over which the transfer is accomplished called?
Over-the-Air Transfer (OTAT)
What is changing traffic encryption key (TEK) or transmission security key (TSK) in remote crypto-equipment by sending a new key directly to the remote crypto-equipment over the communications path it secures called?
Over-the-Air Rekey (OTAR)
What is an unevaluated or uninvestigated incident regarding the capture, attempted recruitment, or known or suspected control by a hostile intelligence entity, or unauthorized absence or defection of an individual having knowledge of or access to COMSEC information or material, that has the potential to jeopardize COMSEC information or material; OR any investigated or evaluated occurance that has been determined as not jeopardizing COMSEC information or material called?
Personnel Incident
What is an unevaluated or uninvestigated incident regarding any loss of control, theft, capture, recovery by salvage, tampering, unauthorized viewing, access, or photographing that has the potential to jeopardize COMSEC material; OR any investigated or evaluated occurrence that has been determined as not jeopardizing COMSEC material called?
Physical Incident
What is physical security?
Physical measures designed to safeguard COMSEC material or information from being accessed or intercepted by unauthorized persons.
What is a quantity of keying material, not yet effective, held in reserve by an account for use at a later date called?
Reserve On Board (ROB)
What is the initial key used to start an updating or key generation process called?
Seed Key
A series of letters and/or numbers (e.g., KG-84, USKAT 2333), used for brevity, and assigned to certain COMSEC materials to facilitate handling, accounting, and control called?
Short Title
What is a scheduled or unscheduled replacement of COMSEC material with a different edition called?
What is a short name referring to investigation, study, and control of comprising emanation from telecommunications and AIS equipment?
What key used to encrypt plain text or to superencrypt previously encrypted text and/or to decrypt cipher test?
Traffic Encryption Key (TEK)
What is a component of communications security that results from the application of measures designed to protect transmissions from interception and exploitation by means other than cryptanalysis?
Transmission Security (TRANSEC)
What is Two-Person Control (TPC)?
Continuous surveillance and control of positive control material and devices at all times by a minimum of two authorized persons, each capable of detecting incorrect or unauthorized procedures with respect to the task being performed, and each familiar with established security and safety requirements.
What is a system of handling and storing designed to prevent single-person access to certain COMSEC keying material?
Two-Person Integrity (TPI)
What requires two approved combination locks (each with a different combination) with no one person authorized access to both combinations?
TPI Storage
What key is used in the control of transmission security processes, such as frequency hopping and spread spectrum?
Transmission Security Key (TSK)
An individual responsible for the proper security, control, accountability, and disposition of the COMSEC material placed in his/her charge is called?
A properly cleared U.S. Government employee (military or civilian) who assists custodian or user personnel in the proper execution of tasks related to the handling and safeguarding of COMSEC material (e.g., receipt, destruction, inventory, adherence to TPI handling requirements) is called?
To remove or eliminate the key from a crypto-equipment or fill device is called?