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horizontal time
small square equals0.04
large square .020
one min equals
300 large boxes
1500 small boxes
vertical boxes
equal voltage 2 large boxes equals 1 mv
what is systamatic anaylisis
general observation
is there a p-wave b4 evrey qrs segment'
are there any extra beats early beats
rythmn regular or irregular
after genearal observation
determine hr
pri interval\qrs interval
3 ways to determine heart rate
count large boxes between r waves divide by 300
count number of r waves in a 6 sec strip multiply by 10
count small number of boxes between r waves divide by 1500
pri interval
between beginning of b wave to
beginning of q
qrs complex
space between q and the start of t wave
normal range of pri interval
..12-.20 sec
normal range for qrs interval
.o4-.10 sec
if pri is above normal range
means a heart block
2 types of heart block
1 st degree or av block
p wave gradually prelonged
2nd degree p wave prelonged and qrs drops (morep waves than qrs waves
if qrs is above normal range
meand there is a bbb
2 types if rabbit ears are present equals rt heart block
any other above normal qrs range equals left bundle branch block
normal sinus rhythm
regularity regular
wave form p wave for evrey qrs
pr intervla .12-.20
qrs interval .04 to .10
sinus bradycardia
hr below 60
r to r regular
pri interval .12-.20
qrs interval .04 to .10
wave form p wave for evrey qrswave
sinus tachycardia
hr 100 to 180
wave form p b4 qrs
ryhthm regular
pri interval .12 to .20
qrs intrval .04 to .10
sinus arrythmia
hr 60-100
wave form p b4 qrs
rhythm ireggular
pri interval .12 to .20
qrs interval .04 to .10