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rate: 60-100 bpm
regularity:irregular/irregulary irregular
waveform:there is a p wave for every q wave ,but pa wave may havedifferent morphology
pr interval .12-.20
qrs interval :.04 -.10
premature atrail contraction
rate: 160-220 bmp
waveforms: p wave buried in t wave at avery fast rate and may be difficult to distinguish
pr interval:.12-.20
qrs intrval:.04-.10
paroxysmal atrial tachycardia
rate:ventricular rate will be variable150-170 bpm
regularity:regular or irregular
waveform -flutter wave instead of p waves qrs is normal
pr interval none present -flutter waves appear at regular intervals sawtooth form at a rate of 250-350 per min
qrs interval 0.04-0.10sec
atrial flutter
rate: 100-180 bpm
regularity: irregulary irregular
wave form: atrial activity is chaotic qrs morphology will appear normal
pr interval -no p wave
qrs 0.04-0.10
atrial fibrillation
rate: 150-220bpm
regularity: usually regular
waveform:the qrs morphology may be the same as nsr or wider
pr interval usually unable to visualize p waves
qrs .04-.14 -normal or slightly longer than normal
supraventricular tachycardia
rate: 60-100bpm
regularity: irregular
waveform:p waveof the premature
beat may be retrograde(backward)
inverted, or shorter than normal p wave
pr interval of pre mature beat
not present {hidden in qrs wave behind,inverted or if present less than .12
qrs 0.04-.10sec
junctional arrythmias arise from av node
premature junctional contraction (pjc)
rhythm: regular
wavefrom:qrs simalar to nsr
pr interval:not prsent hidden or
< 0.12
qrs .04-0.10
junctional escape
Rate:60-100 bpm
regularity:irregular with a compensatory rate
waveforms: pr,p waveand qrs of underlying rhythm are normal interval
pr interval of premature beat
doesnt exsist
qrs of premature beat>.12 wide bizarre and t waves may be invertedor go oppisite direction from the qrs of the premature wave
premature ventricular contraction
rate:100-200 bpm
regularity: regular
wave from -morphology-qrs is wider and more bizarre than a nsr
pr interval p waves not visable there is not a p wave for every qrs wave
qrs > 0.12 wide and bizarre
ventricular tachycardia
rate intermediate
regularity: chaotic, disorganized
waveform -no waveforms are distinguishable
pr none
qrs none
v -fib
rate: 40 bpm
regularity: usually regular
waveform qrs morphologyis wider
and bizarre ascompared to a qrsof nsr
qrs >0.12
pr interval none
idioventricular rhythm
rate 60-100
regularity: regular
waveform: qrs morphology normal
pr interval prolonged greater thn .20
qrs 0.04-0.12
1st degree heart block
rate: 60-100
regularity irregular
waveform: there will not be qrs for evrey p wave {more p waves than qrs)
pr interval: progressively lenghthens until a qrs is dropped
qrs 0.04-0.10
2nd degree av heart block mobitz type
rate: 40-100 bpm
waveform: p waves regular -qrs will be irregular,randomly there will be dropped qrs more p waves than qrs complexes
pr can be prolonged or within normal limits
qrs 0.04 sec-0.10 sec
2nd degree avblock mobitz type 2
rate: 60 bpm
regularity: either regular or irregular
waveform atria and ventricles
beat seperatly so p wave and qrs occur regularly but at different rates
pr interval-p wavemay be obscured by qrs making pr interval difficult to locate
qrs may be wide or normal width
3rd degre av block
rate: 60-100 bpm
regularity: regular
waveform: p wave for every qrs
pr interval .12 to .20
qrs greater than .10 or .12
rate: variable norm 60-100 bpm
regularity: regular
waveform qrs will be squared off
pr interval normal/may have pacer spike
qrs wider than normal andis preceded by a pacer spike
pace maker rhythm
rate 0
rhythm -straightline
wave form -none prsent