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What is the nickname for axis deviation in slender,tall individuals?
"vertical heart"
What is the nickname for axis deviation in obese individuals?
"horizontal heart"
Mean QRS Vector points (blank)hypertrophy.
Mean QRS Vector points (blank) infarction.
away from
What 2 leads have mainly positive deflection in QRS in normal Axis?
If Lead one is Negative, what is the direction of Mean QRS?
Right Axis deviation
(+ QRS in Lead 1, - QRS AVF) what direction is QRS?
Left Axis Deviation
What does isoelectric mean in relation to appearance of QRS complex in EKG?
equal positive and negative deflection
If QRS is in the normal range and is most isoelectric in AVF, what is the Axis in degrees? in III? in AVL? in I?
AVF = 0; III = +30; AVL +60; I = +90
What does an inverted P wave imply?
retrograde atrial depolarization (from atrial focus or AV Node)
What precordial lead is important for gathering information about Anterior and Posterior Infarction of the LV?
Describe the normal progression of QRS complex in the precordial leads.
Mainly negative to mainly positive from V1-V6.
What leads do we look at for Axis Rotation?
The precordial leads
What sign do we look for on an EKG for determining atrial enlargement?
diphasic P wave
What is a sign of RV hypertrophy?
large R wave in V1 (normally QRS is negative)
How is LV hypertrophy determined on an EKG?
V1 mm of S + V5 mm of R > 35mm; often you see T wave inversion also in L chest leads