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To determine the type of ECG rhythm the patient has, the ECG tech is required to evaluate what components of the ECG?
1. regularity
2. rate
3. PR Interval
Regularity of the rhythm is determined by evaluating the regular/irregular patterns of what complexes?
If the ECG tech can't identify the an R wave on the ECG tracing, which waves you would use to determine regularity of ventricles?
Q and S wave junction.
What method do you use to best calculate the heart rate?
Count the No# of small boxes between the R-R waves and divide that No# into 1500.
When you analyze the shape of the P wave to see if they are all the same shape is to determine?
Atrial contraction.
Measuring the PR interval requires that you measure?
beginning of the P wave to the beginning of the QRS complex.
Normal range for the PR Interval is?
.12 - .20 seconds
QRS measurement is to determine the time it takes for?
Ventricular contraction.
Sinus bradycardia has the same criteria as Sinus Rhythm with the only difference being?
the heart rate is slower.
Atrioventricular pacing is similar to what characteristics of the heart?
normal conduction pathway.