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Who invented the first EKG?
Wilhelm Einthoven in 1903.
What are some of the reasons to perform an EKG?
1.TO tell how well the heart is pumping/contracting.

2. Check for problems in flow of electricity thru heart.

3. to diagnose changes in the heart rhythm.

4. check for abnormalities before surgery.

5. check a person's health after age 40 .

6. monitor/evaluate persons w/heart conditions.
This is a tracing of the signal produced by the heart's electrical activity and used for diagnostic evaluation?
Guidelines to prevent the spread of infection are called?
Universal Precautions
A continuous monitor is used most commonly where and what is it for?
In a hospital and it is used to check the pattern of electrical activity of the patient's heart.
What are the risk factors for heart disease that are unchangeable?
* Increasing age.
* Gender
* Heredity(including race)
What are the factors for heart disease that can be changed?
*Cigarette smoke
*High Cholesterol/blood pressure
*Physical inactivity
*Diabetes mellitus
What test is done to determine if the heart gets adequate blood flow during stress or exercise?
Treadmill Stress test.
The first ECG machine was developed in _____ by ________?
1n 1903 by Wilhelm Einthoven.
This is related to the heart and blood vessels (veins + arteries)?
The study of the heart's electrical activity?
An instrument used to record the electrical activity of the heart?
A machine that produces and sends an electrical shock to the hear that is intended to correct the electrical pattern of the heart?
defibrillator (AED)
A transtelephonic monitor transmits an ECG over the Internet? T or F
Whatever ECG you are doing the patient must agree/or give consent to have the procedure? T or F.
An instrument used to detect electrocardiograph waves?
An instrument that records the electrical activity of the heart during a patients normal daily activites.
Holtor monitor
The occurrence of a single heartbeat?
This means the narrowing of the arteries surrounding the heart causing a reduction in blood flow of the heart?
coronary artery disease.