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Name the 5 Atrial Arrhythmias?
1. Wandering Pacemaker
2. Premature Atrial contraction
3. Atrial tachycardia
4. Atrial Flutter
5. Atrial Fib.
Regularity:R-R Intervals vary slightly as pacemaker changes. Rhythm slightly irregular.

P Wave: Fluctuating P wave-changes as the pacemaker changes.Can be notched,saw-toothed & flattened.One P in front of every QRS & some may be difficult to see.

PRI: may vary slightly, but normal measure should be less than .20 sec.

QRS will measure less than .12 sec.
Wandering Pacemaker
1. Has a P wave that is flattened,notched,sawtoothed,etc.

2. Caused by an ectopic beat. Will interupt the regularity of the underlying rhythm.

3. It is a single-beat, not a rhythm.

4. PRI-should measure .12-.20,but can be prolonged because of ectopic beat.

5. QRS will be normal-less than .12 sec.
Premature Atrial Contraction
Regularity: rhythm is reg. & R-R intervals are constant.

Rate: AR & VR are equeal; 150 - 250 BPM

P Wave: one in front of every QRS. P may differ because they might be flattened or notched.

PRI: .12-.20 sec. & constant, but may be hard to measure if covered by T wave.

QRS: Normal <.12 sec
Atrial Tachycardia
Regularity: R-R intervals are constant; rhythm is regular.

Rate: AR & VR are equal; 150 -250 BPM

P wave: one P in front of every QRS; P may be notched, flattened,because of rapid rate & P wave can be hidden in the T wave.

PRI: .12-.20, might be irregular & hard to measure.

QRS: less than .12 sec.
Atrial tachycardia
Fast beats cause heart to flutter.

Regularity: Atrial rhythm is reg. Ventricle rate may be irregular.

Rate: 250-350 BMP

P waves: 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, more P's than QRS, because ventricles are not able to contract,usually sawtoothed.

PRI: Irregular R-R & not measurable.

QRS: less than .12 sec-hard to measure at times.
Atrial Flutter
Regularity: Atrial rhythm is unmeasurable; atrial activity is chaotic. V rhythm is irregular & no pattern.

Rate: 350 + BPM

P: atria not depolarizing, instead they are fibrillating,thus no P wave.
PRI: Since no P waves, no PRI to measure.

3.QRS: <.12-Supraventricular
4.Totally/grossly irregular
Atrial Fib