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What are nouns?
person , place, thing, or idea
What are pronouns?
Take the place of a noun or noun phrase
what words are examples of english pronouns?
all,another, each, each other, either, everybody, hers, herself, his, many, me, mine, more, most much, myself
What is a Antecedent?
the noun or pronoun to which the pronoun refers to is called the pronoun's antecedent
What is a pronouns case?
determined by it's function as a subject
what does a pronoun's possessive case function in a sentence?
Shows ownership
What are the eight different kinds of pronouns
Personal, demonstrative, reflective, intensive, interrogative, relative,reciprocal
What purpose do personal pronouns serve in a sentence?
take the place of nouns or pronouns that name people or things. A personal pronoun changes form to indicate person,gender, number,and case
What purpose do demonstrative pronouns serve in a sentence?
They refer to particular people or things the demonstrative pronouns are such words as: This and that, Singular These and those plural
What function do relative pronouns serve in a sentence?
Links 2 Clauses into a single complex clause it is similar in function to a subordinating conjunction