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A Bias for Action
A Tendency to get on with things; a willingness to experiment.
Close to The Customer
The Provision of Unparalleled quality/service; a willingness to listen to the customer.
Autonomy and Entrepreneurship
Encourgement of practical risk taking and innovation; tolerance of a reasonable number of mistakes as a part of the innovative process.
Productivity Through People
Rank and file employees are viewed as the root source of quality and productivity gains; employees are treated with respect and dignity; enthusiasm and trust are encouraged.
Hands on; Value Driven
The company philosophy and values are clearly communicated; managers take a hands on approach.
Stick to The Knitting
Companies diversify only into businesses that are closely related; emphasis is on internal growth as opposed to mergers.
Simple Form; Lean Staff
Companies have simple structure with clear lines of authority; headquarters staff is kept small.
Simultaneous loose-tight Properties
Autonomy is pushed down to the lowest levels, but at the same time certain core values are not negotiable.