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Discuss the purpose of the 3-M/PMS system.
A management tool that is used when conducting preventative maintenance onboard a ship, used for planning, scheduling, and accomplishing PMS onboard ships.
Explain DPAS.
Defense Priorities Allocations systems. Ensure timely delivery of industrial items is met and items are on approved list according to DOD 4400.1M.
National Stock Number, 13 digit code assigned by Defense Logistic Agency to ID an item of material.
DD Form 1348-6
Non-NSN items used when the CAGE code and part number exceed 15 digits.
pocket sized voucher designed for on the spot over the counter purchase of supplies while away from purchasing officer.
Explain the uses of the government purchase card (IMPAC) Visa.
used to make purchases for commercial invoices not exceeding $3,000.
Operational Target, estimated amount of money each command recieved to perform their tasks each quarter.
Normal Power
power provided by city
Emergency Power
power provided by generator
Uninterrupted Powers
UPS, used for safe shutdown of equipment
Up to 300 hertz, used for one way sub comm's at deep depths
30 Hertz to 300 hz, used to sub comms and medium depths.
300 hz - 3 khz. Comms in mines, can penetrate the Earth.
3 khz - 30 khz. Fleet comm's and navigation.
30 khz - 300 khz, comms at sea via telegraph transmission, atmospheric noice degrades signal.
300 khz - 3 mhz. Long distance comm's over sea, distress.
3mhz - 30 mhz. used for 4 types of comm's.P2P, ship 2 shore, ground 2 air, and flt brcst.
30 mhz - 300 mhz. Amphibious op's.
300 mhz - 3 ghz. tactical voice for ship's together.
3 ghz - 30 ghz. radar and sat comm's.
30 ghz - 300 ghz. sat comm's.
number of vibrations, or cycles, of a wave train in a unit of time.
distance in space occupied by one cycle of a radio wave at any given instant.
trapping of an RF wave between 2 layers of the Earth's atmosphere or between an atmospheric layer and Earth.
method for simultaneous transmission of two or more signals over a common carrier wave.
ability to impress intel upon a transmission medium such as radio waves. removal of intel from a wave.
3 layers of the Earth's atmosphere.
Sea level to 3.7 miles
3.7 miles - to 250 miles
250 miles - space
Radio Waves
a form of radiant energy that can be neither seen nor felt.
waves traveling through a medium
angular measurement in the horizontal plane in a clockwise direction.
Air Search
provide 360 degree protection from surface to high altitudes.SPS-49 (2D), and SPS-48 (3D, altitude, range, and bearing).
Surface Search
short range 2 D surface and navigational radar. SPS-67.
Fire Control
Provides info to fire control system. NATO (MK-95), SPG-62 (AEGIS)
Difference between OPELINT and TECHELINT
OP- intel gathering required to complete mission. TECH - pubs, analysis, limitations and capabilities of system.
half duplex
comm's in both directions, one at a time
full duplex
comm's in both direction simultaneously
comm's in one direction
What form is used for the purchase of NON-NSN items?
DD Form 1348-6
What form is used to purchase Servart material?
NAVSUP Form 1314
What form is used for the transfer of material from one command to another?
DD 1149
How many characters are in an NSN?
What is the name of the first four digits of the NSN?
Federal Supply Group and Class
What individual is not allowed to sign for credit card purchases?
Card holder
What are the pay and confirm purchases?
When the cardholder has been billed and purchased but not received material, cardholder will confirm with the vendor the status of purchase.
Why was the Purchase Card program developed?
provide fast and convenient method to procure and pay for all requirements under the micro-purchase threshold.
What is the threshold for construction related purchases?
What is the threshold for training related purchases?
What is the threshold for JWOD/Servmart related purchases?
What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6
IPv4 is 32 bit, IPv6 is 128 bit, IPv6 will not run out of addresses, uses HEX, the 2 protocols are not interoperable.
Name the different Networks in the Navy
What is a self replicating malware computer program?
computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer?
Malware that appears to peform a desired function for the user prior to run or install but instead facilitates unauthorized access of the system.
a method of bypassing normal authentication, securing remote access to a computer.
while writing data, it overruns the boundaries, and overwrites the memory.
buffer overflow
exploits a security vulnerability occuring in the database layer of the application
SQL injection
technique for defeating a cipher or authentication mechanism by trying to determine its decryption key or passphrase.
dictionary attack.
design flaw in system to gain access to resources normally that would been protected.
priviledge escalation
strategy used to break the encyption of data, Involves traversing the search space of possible keys until the correct key is found.
brute force attack.
Explain PKI
Public Key Infrastructure. set of hw,sw, people, policies, and procedures used to create, manage, revoke, distribute digital certificates.
3 types of firewalls
host, network, hybrid
detection system, passive, operates in promiscous mode.
Prevention system, active, operates in inline mode.
3 common IP address ranges
B -
C -
confidentiality, integrity, availability
Defense in depth
best practices, layed security
current reporting system for IAVM
OCRS and VMS (vulnerability management system)
Overall responsibility of IAVM program
USCYBERCOM, Assitant SecDef (Networks and Information Integration)
Components of a computer
CPU, motherboard, monitor, ram, nic, power supply, HD, fan, video card, OS, Keyboard, peripherals
Windows servers
proxy, print, exchange, file server, DC, HBSS, Zenworks, SUS, Ghost, ISA, NETMON, ?Mark, What's up Gold.
2 circuits
768J, primary, 72KK, secondary
7 layers of OSI
physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, and application
4 layers of TCP/IP
network interface, interface, host-to-host, application
What layer(s) do the packets fall in?
What layer(s) do the frames fall in?
data link
What layer(s) do the bits fall in?
What layer(s) do the segments fall in?
What layer(s) do the data fall in?
application, presentation, session
What layer does encryption take place?
Common User Digital Information Exchange Subsystem, used to send and receive narrative message traffic
indicates that an unauthorized person is present on a circuit. The only proper response to this is "Roger Out" and comms are to cease on that circuit
EEFI Cap's List 01
EEFI Cap's List 02
EEFI Cap's List 03
EEFI Cap's List 04
Electronic Warfare
EEFI Cap's List 05
EEFI Cap's List 06
EEFI Cap's List 07
Wrong Circuit
EEFI Cap's List 08
EEFI Cap's List 09
EEFI Cap's List 10
EEFI Cap's List 11-29
EEFI Cap's List 30-49
EEFI Cap's List 50-69
Plain Language Address, command short title
Date Time Group, 5 digits, 140001ZFEB12, first two digits is day of month, next 4 is time, Z is time zone, month, year.
Universal Time, greenwich mean time, or zulu
way to distribute comm's plan to all involved ships
Purpose of Comspot/comm's service advisory
Comspot is a report sent from command when comm's is in an outage. Service Advisory comes from NCTAMS when a system needs to be down or is disgraded.
Purpose of EKMS
electronic key management system, minimum policies for issuing, accounting, handling, safeguarding, disposing of COMSEC material, and the application of cypto and physical security measures to COMSEC and facilities.
Purpose of OTAT/OTAR
Over the air key transfer/over the air rekeying. OTAT-electronically distributing key without changing the traffic encyption key used on the secured comm's pathover which the transfer is accomplished. OTAR- changing traffic encyption key or transmission security key in remote cypto-equipment by sending new key directly to the remote cypto-equipment over the comm's path it secures.
Purpose of a mobile detachment
Our total force must be correctly shaped, trained, equipped, and optimized to respond to the full range of military operations and requirements from peacetime contributory Support, small scale contingencies, to major theater war.
Purpose of Direct Support Assets.
should be maintained ready for deployment at all times. The inability to support a DSA within 48 hours constitutes a CASREP situation.
What 2 criteria are met when a CASREP is needed when a DSA sent within 48 hours?
1. equipment failures are a preclude to deployment. 2. when a team is not ready to redeploy within 48 hours.
What is the role of Blue Team?
specifically constructed for the inter deployment training cycle charged with assisting in the protection of the targeted assets and conducting training to local personnel.
What is the purpose of the Red Team?
independent team used to simulate opposing threats and expose and exploit IA vulnerabilities.
Explain the difference between the US Title 10 and the US Title 50.
10- outlines role of the armed forces. 50- outlines role of war and national defense. used to ensure each department of the armed forces has their own secretary and works for the DoD.
critical information that must be made in short, specially formatted messages, transmitted the fastest means necessary.
Continuity of Operations Plans.
Purpose of a MOC.
Maritime Operations Centers. located in each numbered fleet and allow the Navy to maintain a state of readiness, providing commanders with all the necessary resources constantly manage operations and be able to smoothly transition from peacetime op's to disaster relief and major combat operations.
What are the different Computer Network Incident Phases (CNI)?
Initial Preperation - Secure/Patch Network
Detection and Analysis - Scans, virus software.
Containment, Eradication, and Recovery - Safely quarantine, delete, restore
Post Incident Activity - Lessons learned
3 Mission Assurance Categories.
Mac 1 - mission critical
Mac 2 - Slows Operations, but not mission critical
Mac 3 - workstation
Identify what information the automated notification sent through NCD.
All pertinent information such as PLA, IP address, POC.
attached to a program
self replicating
logic bomb
set to go off at a set time or after a set event
trojan horse
hidden in other applications
grants admin priviledges
spear phishing
social engineering
stops network usage
buffer overflow
overloads memory causing crashes
Explain the difference between a virus and a worm.
virus requires a program to execute, worm is self replicating
changes characteristics to avoid detection
change their code to an equivalent one, but never remains constant.
macro virus
embedded within scripts
companion virus
replaces a program is executed when the user executes the program
explain what a media based vulnerability is.
USB, external HD
explain what a network device vulnerability is.
IDS, routers, firewalls.
List the report generated by the IM/Trends division at NCDOC and state where they can be found.
Weekly/Monthly Tech report, Weekly trends report, Daily Operations repot
List the steps necessary after receiving the final report from a command.
Review target IP, source IP, Host, seek required info, updates, and virus update with the last 7 days. Make ready for lead, lead QC's, ready for QC, QC closes or fixes tickets.
sensitive compartmented information, info derived from intelligence sources. used with TS. Yellow.
Top Secret, cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security. Orange.
could be expected to cause damage to national security. Blue.
could be expected to cause serious damage to national security. Red.
unclassified information. Green.
ID who has the overall authority of, and controls access to, a SCIF.
SSO, all SCI maters are referred to the SSO.
form that contains vital information about the security container in which it is located.
checklist that is filled out at the end of the each day to insure that classified materials are secured properly and allows for employee accountability in the event that irregularities are discovered.
record of names and times that persons have opened, closed, and checked a particular container that holds classified information.
Top Secret Cover Sheet
Secret Cover Sheet
Confidential Cover Sheet
Audit trail for Comsec material
non disclosure agreement
When are safe combo's changed?
when first placed in use, when an individual knowing the combo no longer requires access, when subjected to compromise, when taken out of service.
defense courier service, no security classification should be seen on outside, no paid sticker shall be seen,
Handcarry of classified data.
should have a cover sheet, and courier should have a courier card, double wrap the material.
general threat of terrorist attack.
increased threat and more predictable threat of terrorism.
applies when an incident occurs or intel is received indicating some form of terrorist action against personnel or facilities is imminent.
immediate area of terrorist attack has occured or when intel has been received indicating that terrorist action may occur at that local area.
random antiterrorism measures.
emergency action plan. provides protection of classified material in a way that will minimize the risk of personnel injury or loss of life.
In what order should classified material be destroyed in case of Emergency Destruction.
1. TS
2. S
3. Confidential
Responsibilities of DONCAF.
reports directly to DIRNCIS and is the personnel security adjudacative determination authority for all individuals affiliated with the DON.
Normal readiness
Increased Military Vigilence
Enhanced Readiness
Greater Readiness
Maximum Readiness
Purpose of Naval Intelligence
supports the commander, id centers of gravity and critical vulnerabilitie, supporting planning and execution of op's, and protecting the force.
Define the 5 steps of intelligence.
1, Planning and direction. 2. Collection. 3. Processing 4. Production 5. Dissemination
3 categories of intelligence
Strategic, Operational, Tactical.
commanders critical intelligence requirement, list of information requirements identified by the commander as being critical in facilitating timely info management and the decision making process that affect successful mission accomplishment.
Define the difference between a us citizen and a us person with regards to US intelligence oversight.
US person may include permanent resident alien, unincorporated association substantially composed of us citizens or perment resident controlled or directed by a foreign gov't or gov't's.
human intelligence, gathers info from human's.
Open Souce intel, info derived from newspapers, journals, radio, tv, and the internet.
measurement and signature intel.
signals intelligence, interception of signals comm's, radars, and weapon systems.
communications intelligence, intercept of foreign comm's.
foreign instrumentation signals intelligence
electronic intelligence, derived from foriegn non communications electromagnetic radiation
imagery intelligence
intelligence derived from the collection and the processing of accoustic phenomena.
Page 2
dependency information/record of emergency data
page 4
enlisted qualifications history
page 13
administrative remarks
Navpers 1626/7
Report and disposition of Offense, report of offenses.
Deconfliction as it applies to CND.
Unsure if realworld or exercise.
List the 4 phases of CNDS Certification Accredidation
registration, verfication, validation, and post accredidation.
What is a NAR, and what department creates and maintains.
Network Analysis Report, TANF
4 steps in created a NAR
assessment, research, analysis, reporting
Explain what a CA is.
Cyber Alert. initial analysis of unusual activity or threats to the GRID.
Name where all NARs, CAs, and CCIR be found.
Secure Compliance Configuration Validation Initiative, Uses Retina
Secure Configuration Remediation Initiative, Hercules.
Purpose of OCRS, who is responsible for it.
Vulnerability Compliance tracking within Navy, VAAP.
where does NCDOC obtain info for their initial IAVA/B messages?
Program of Record, who owns the system.
Centralized management program. (A group of POR's)
Explain the purpose of VMS and who it is managed by.
Vulnerability Management System, managed by DISA.
List the different record message types that are used by VAAP.
initial, reminder, DINQ, SCCVI, ALCND's.
What are the 4 space mission areas?
space force enhancement, space support, space control, and space force application
Explain Space Force Enhancement
increase joint force effectiveness by increasing the combat potential of that force, enhancing operational awareness, and providing needed joint force support.
What are the 5 force enhancement missions?
ISR, missile warning, environmental monitoring, sat comm's, and PNT.
Explain space support.
space lift op's (launching and deploying sattelites), sat op's (maintaining, sustaining, and rendezvous and proximity Op's), and reconsitution of space forces (replenishing lost or diminished Satelites).
Explain space control
provides freedom of action in space for friendly forces, and when directed, denies it to an adversary.
Explain space force application.
combat operations in, through, from space to influence the course and outcome of conflict by holding terrestrial targets at risk.
How does the van allen radiation belt affect communications?
2 concentric donut shaped regions of stable, trapped charged particles that exist because the geomagnetic field near the Earth is strong and field lines are closed.
How does the atmospheric drag affect comm's?
atmospheric drag makes the sattelites move.
Low Earth Orbit
100 to 1200 miles above the Earth's surface.
Medium Earth Orbit
1,243 miles to 22,236 miles
Highly elliptical orbit
used to obtain sattelite comm's in the northern and southern hemisphere. Above 22,000 miles.
Geosynchronous orbit
Sattelite will not move, 19,300 miles
Polar orbit
90 degrees to the equator
Define apogee.
a point on the orbit farthest from the center of the Earth. (away)
Define Perogee.
a point closest to the center of the earth will be halfway around the orbit. (closest)
2 main space launch facilities.
Vanderburg AFB, California
Kennedy space center
Global Broadcast service. high volume data, and video information to tactical terminals.
World geodetic system. standard for use in cartography, geodesy, and navigation.
Describe GPS.
Global positioning system. navigational system, 2 types, SPS - civilian (tomtom, garmin), PPS - military, accuracy can be encrypted.
Discuss the role of synchronized time for GPS.
must have accurate UTC time or will not work. Must use the master clock and not internal.
Same as GPS but provides more precise location such as address.
Network Synchronization
USNO provides master time for all NIPR and SIPR computers.
Who has TACON of NCDOC watch floor personnel and is responsible to the CO, OPS, C10F?
Who is tasked with handling electronic spillages?
Who should be contacted in order if Electronic spillages occur?
Command Sec Mgr, IAM, IAO, OPS.
What form is required to be with any piece of evidence before it is accepted?
DD Form 1149
Proper packing procedures for shipping SECRET hd or evidence.
USPS registered, no information left on outside, double wrapped, put classification on the first wrapping, then wrap again.
What does imaging a device mean in terms of media forensics?
entire drive is copied over in 1's and 0's.
State how the integrity of an image file is verified.
via a hash verification, MD5 and SHA1.
3 hardware devices used to image a HD or other type of evidence.
write blocker, talon/quest, image master.
Purpose of a write blocker.
the original evidence can't be tampered with. The write blocker allows for one way traffic.
Name the "Big Three"
hkey_local\security, software, system.
What are virtual machines, why are they important when working with malware analysis?
software implementation of the machine, executes like a physical machine, Isolates the malware.
Explain what hashing is.
verfies integrity of drive.
difference between unallocated space and slack space.
unallocated space is space left available after deletion of a file, slack space is space left over at end of cluster.
Difference between wiping and formatting.
wiping is completing purging and clearing data, formatting is only removing file system (book keeping).
Difference between a sector and cluster
sector is 512 bytes, smallest unit.. Cluster is a group of sectors.
Difference between EFS and bitlocker.
EFS encrypts files, Bitlocker encypts entire HD.
Describe digital certificates.
pair of electronic keys used to sign/encrypt data, used to trust others.
Difference between hardware and software certificates.
software - public/private keys, can be transferred. Hardware - public/private keys - can't be transferred. CAC.
What is thinnet
coax cable, with BNC connectors, 10mbit/s, IEEE 802.3.
2 types of fiber?
single mode, multimode
intentional transmission of signals to decieve the adversaries.
Intentional insertion of EM energy into transmission paths.
deliberate radiation, re-radiation or reflection of EM energy for the purpose of preventing or reducing an enemy's effective use of the EM spectrum.
spectrum management?
planning and coordinating use of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Components of naval message.
Format Line 2 - routing indicators, line 4 - special handling, line 5, DTG and precedence, line 6 - from, line 7 - to, line 8 - info, line 12 - subject, references, body, declass.
investigation, study, and control of compromising emanations from telecommunications and automated information processing systems.
6 areas that comprise Naval Doctrine
warfare, intel, op's, logistics, planning, and command and control.
7 principles of Naval logistics
responsiveness, simplicity, flexibility, economy, attainability, sustainability, and survivability
First shipped named after an enlisted man.
USS OSMOND INGRAM DD-255, spotted approaching torpedo, realized it would strike soon so he started jettisoning all the amunition, he was blown overboard when struck being the first enlisted man killed in action in WW1.
Conditions that led to formation of the US navy.
2nd continental congress realized for the colonies to survive they needed a Navy to protect them.
3 classes of ship's upon formation of navy.
ships of the line, frigates, and sloops of war.
Battle of Coral Sea
4-8 May 1942, fought by aircraft launched by carriers. saved australia from being attacked by Japan. Lost USS LEXINGTON.
Great White Fleet
16 Dec 1907 - 22 Feb 1909. Projected naval power world wide.
Battle of Normandy
6 june 44, largest amphib operation in history.
Battle of Midway
4-7 June 42, turning point of the war in the pacific. cryptoanalysts broke the JP-25 code, telling us when/where the japanese were going to attack.
August 7, 1942 - feb 9, 1943, solomon islands came under allied control, which lessened the danger of the Japanese attacking Australia. The sullivan brothers all passed onboard the USS JUNEAU during this time.
Battle of Leyte Gulf
23-26 October, 1944, deciding blow to the Japanese Navy, cut off supply lines. Lost control of the Phillipines.
Mercury 3
May 5, 1961, first US manned space flight, alan shepard.
Gemini 3
Mar 23, 1965, First US 2 man mission, John Young.
Apollo 11
July 20, 1969, first lunar landing, Neil Armstrong.
Apollo 17
Dec 7, 1972, 7th and last lunar landing, Eugene Cernan and Ronald Evans.
April 12, 1981, John Young, Robert Crippen, first orbital test of shuttle, all Navy crew.
On the Roof Gang
First class was held, Oct 1, 1928, 176 total students, on the roof of the old navy department building.
Attack on the USS LIBERTY
June 8, 1967, Israel was at war with Arab Nations, USS LIBERTY never received message saying to stay out of way, and Israeli Air Force jets attacked ship accidentally, killing 34 Sailors.
Capture of USS PUEBLO
captured by North Korea and they still have the ship, ship was loaded down with classified material, never practiced Emergency destruction, poor comm's between Captain and cryto crew.
D-Day Landing
June 6, 1944,
Hainan Island EP-3 incident
April 1, 2001, midair collision with Chinese jet, the crew spent 26 minutes destroying all classified materials.
Navajo code talkers
took part in every marine division from 42-45, they transmitted messages in the Navajo language which was never broken.
attack on the USS Stark
critical information was never passed from CO/XO.
EC-121 Shootdown
April 15, 1969, shot down by North Korean MIG, killing 31 Americans.
3 levels of war
Tactical, Strategic, Operational
National Security Act of 1947
President Truman signed the act July 26, 1947, The act merged the Dept of War and the Dept of the navy into the national military establishment ran by the Sec of Def.
When and Why the Navy Core Values were created?
1992, Adm Kelso created bc of Tailhook scandal.
When and why was the Sailors creed created?
1993, Adm kelso created blue ribbon recruit training panel.
when was ONI established and by whom?
March 23, 1882, william hunt, sec of navy.
Host Based IDS
software on a workstation
Network Based IDS
monitors traffic on all types of devices on entire network
Signature based IDS
filters on known malicious
Anomoly based IDS
filters based on baseline
Limitations of signature based IDS
can't detect zero day attack, lag time between detection of new attack and implementation of new signature, limited to signatures already deployed
Limitations of anomaly based IDS
accuracy of baseline, prone to false positives
What is a false positive
alert that is normal traffic
What is a false negative
alert that was not seen that shouldve been seen
reads all traffic on network segment
views all traffic being seen on that spaning port.
Internet registry for Asia
Internet registry for North America?
Internet Registry for Europe?
Internet Registry for Africa?
Internet Registry for Latin America?