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What is ORM

Ref 101.1
Operational Risk Management
What is the concept of ORM

Ref 101.1
a systematic decision-making process used to identify and manage hazards that endanger naval resources.
What are the 5 steps of ORM

Hint: I AM IS

Ref 101.2
* Identify Hazards
* Assessing Hazards
* Make Risk Decisions
* Implementing Controls
* Supervise
What instruction governs safety and MISHAP reporting

Ref 101.3
Define Hazard serverity

Ref 101.4
An assessment of the worst credible consequence that can occur as a result of a hazard
What are the 4 Categories of hazard severtiy

Ref 101.4
* CAT1 - Death; grave damage
* CAT2 - injury; damage
* CAT3 - minor injury; degradation
* CAT4 - minimal threat

Ref 101.5
The probaility that a hazard will result in a MISHAP
What is the 4 subcategories of mishap probability

Ref 101.5
* 1 likely to occur
* 2 probably will occur
* 3 may occur
* 4 unlikely to occur
Define RAC

Ref 101.6
Risk Assessment Code
an expression of risk that combines the elements of hazard severity and mishap probability
What are the 5 Risk Assessment Code (RAC)

hint:CS MM N

Ref 101.6
* 1 - Critical
* 2 - Serious
* 3 - Moderate
* 4 - Minor
* 5 - Negligible
What is the Timeline of reporting a MISHAP

Ref 101.7
All MISHAP reports must be submitted within 30 days of MISHAP occurrence.
What are the means of filing a MISHAP report

Ref 101.7
* ESAMS - web-enabled data
* SIREP(Safety Investigation Report) - Message
* Notify their COC and COMNAVSAFECEN
What are the 4 required mishap reportable items

Ref 101.8
* class A B & C government property damage
* class A B & C on duty DOD civ on/off duty mil
* any other work related illness that involved medical treatment beyond basic first aid, days away from work, light/limited duty
* other interests for mishap prevention purposes
What is the purpose of a HAZREP message

Ref 101.9
Provides a means for a unit discovering a hazardous condition or experiencing a near-mishap to alert COMNAVSFECEN and HQMC (SD)
What is the 3 objectives of first aid?

Ref 101.10
* Save life
* Prevent further injury
* Prevent infection
What are the 3 methods of controlling bleeding?

Ref 101.11
* Direct Pressure
* Elevation
* Pressure Points
Tourniquet LAST RESORT!!!
What are the 11 pressure points?

Ref 101.12
* Temple - Superficial temporal artery
* Jaw - Facial artery
* Neck - Common carotid artery
* Collar bone - Subclavian artery
* Inner upper arm - Brachial artery
* Inner elbow - Brachial artery
* Wrist - Radial Ulnar artery
* Groin - Iliac artery
* Upper thigh - Femoral artery
* Knee - Popliteal artery
* Ankle - Anterior posterior tibial artery
What is Shock

Ref 101.13
a disruption of the circulatory system.
What is the Symptoms of Shock

Ref 101.13
* Vacant eyes
* Irregular breathing
* Pale skin
* Nausea
* Weak Pulse
What is the Treatment of Shock

Ref 101.13 and 101.15
* Lay victim down flat
* Elevate feet
* Cover victim
* Calm the victim
* No pulse start CPR immediately
What is the difference between an Open and Closed fracture

Ref 101.14
* bone is broken but doesn't break through the skin

Open <compound fracture>
*bone may be protruding through the skin
How do you Rescue a Shock victim

Ref 101.15
* Secure power first
* use non-conductive object
What are two methods for clearing obstructed airway

Ref 101.16
* himlick
* reclining abdominal thrusts
What is the effects and treatment for hypothermia

Ref 101.17
* exposure to low or rapidly falling temperature
* slow breathing
* faint or undetectable pulse

* Bring the body temperature to nomal
*Wrapped in warm blanket in a warm room
*Don't give victim hot drinks
What is the effects and treatment for frostbite

Ref 101.17
* exposure to a temperature of 32 degrees or lower.
* Superficial - Ice crystals forming in the upper skin layers
* Deep frostbite - Ice crystals forming in the deeper tissues

* Get them indoors and warm them up
* Never rub the frostbite area
* Seek medical attention immediately
What is the effects and treatment for heat stress

Ref 101.17
* Increased body temperature causing fatigue
* Severe headache
* Nausea
* Reduced physical and mental performance
* If not immediately and properly treated, these injuries can be life threatening

* Remove victim from heat source
What is the effects and treatment for heat exaustion

Ref 101.17
* Serious Disturbance of blood flow to the brain, heart, and lungs
* Skin is cool, moist, and clammy
* Pupils dilated
* Normal or subnormal body temp and sweating alot

* Move victim to a cool place
* Apply cold cloths to areas of the body
What is the effects and treatment for heat stroke

Ref 101.17
* Hot or dry skin
* Uneven pupils
* Weak, rapid pulse

* Contact emergency services immediately
* Move victim to cooler environment and remove clothing
* Reduce heat by cooling body through moisture/cold
* Submerse body in cold water if none available then fan vigorously

Ref 101.18
* Hazards from Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordinance
* Hazards from Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel
* Hazards from Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuels

a material or substance that poses a danger to life, property, or the environment if improperly stored, shipped, or handled:
How do you store HAZMAT

Ref 101.19/101.20
the store room should be
* neat
* clean
* cool
* dry
What is the risk of improperly labeld and stored HAZMAT

Ref 101.21
Improperly Labeld
* can be mixed with other chemicals
* cause explosion, fire, or some sort of chemical reaction

Improperly Stored
* Vapors accumulating
* Chemical breakdown
What is MSDS

Ref 101.22
Material Safety Data Sheet
What information is on MSDS

Ref 101.22
Material Safety Data Sheet
* name
* maker
* emergency #s
* hazardous ingredients
* physical data
* fire or explosion data
* reactive data
* health effects
* preventive measures
* 1st aid measures
Define PPE

Personal Protective Equipment
What is the goal of the US Navy's Hearing Conservation Program

Ref 101.24
To prevent occupational hearing loss and assure auditory fitness for duty of all Navy personnel.
What are the 6 areas that comprise Naval Doctrine


Ref 102.1
* Naval Command and Control
* Naval Operations
* Naval Warfare
* Naval Logistics
* Naval Intelligence
* Naval Planning
What are the 7 principles of Naval Logistics


Ref 102.2
* Flexibility
* Economy
* Attainability
* Respnsiveness
* Simplicity
* Sustainability
* Survivability
What is the fist navy ship named after an Enlisted man, and why

Ref 102.3
* USS Osmond Ingram (DD-255)
* GM1 spotted a torpedo and rushed to jettison the ammo
* first navy enlisted man killed during World War I
* He was awarded the Medal of Honor
What is the conditions that led to the formation of the U.S. Navy

Ref 102.4
taxation without representation
When was the Navy born

Ref 102.4
13 October 1775
What 3 classes of naval vessels existed at the inception of the US Navy

Ref 102.5
* Ships-of-the-line: 64 - 100 guns
* Frigates: 28 - 44 guns
* Sloop-of-war: 10 - 20 guns
Who gets 21 guns salute

Ref 102.6
* Washington's Birthday
* Memorial Day
* Independence Day
* President of the United States
* Heads of foreign states
How many guns salute do Admiral, Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral, Commodore gets

Ref 102.6
* Admiral 17 guns
* Vice Admiral 15 guns
* Rear Admiral 13 guns
* Commodore 11 guns
What is the importance of Voyage of the Great White Fleet

Ref 102.7
* 16 Dec 1907
* 16 Battleships left Hampton Roads VA.
* Round the world cruise to sho the flag
* Demonstrated the strength of the US navy
What is the importance of Battle of Coral Sea

Ref 102.7
* 7-8 may 1942
* First Carrier vs Carrier Battle
* Broke Japanese Navy code
* Lost Lexington, Yorktown was damaged
* Japanese who never again threatened Australia
What is the importance of Battle of Midway

Ref 102.7
* 4-7 June 1942
* Turning point of the Pacific war
* Broke Japanese naval code again
* 3 carriers Hornet, Enterprise, and Yorktown
What is the importance of Battle of Guadalcanal

Ref 102.7
* 13-15 Nov 1942
* Juneau was damaged and sank
* Sullivan's along with 700 others wer lost
* Navy policy concerning family member separations was reinstated
* A ship USS The Sullivans was later named in their honor
What is the importance of Battle of Normandy

Ref 102.7
* 6 Jun1944
* Largest amphibious operation in history
* Gave the allies a foot hold in France to drive the Germans out of Europe
What is the importance of Battle of Leyte Gulf

Ref 102.7
* 23 Oct 1944
* Last-chance effort to salvage the Philipines
* Japanese lost the main source of supply from the south
What is the impact of Mercury 3

Ref 102.8
* 5 May 1961
* Alan B. Shepard
* First U.S. manned space flight
What is the impact of Gemini 3

Ref 102.8
* 23 Mar 1965
* John W. Young
* First US two-man space mission
* First space craft to maneuver from one orbit to another
* 3 earth orbits
What is the impact of Apollo 11

Ref 102.8
* 16-24 Jul 1969
* Neil A. Armstrong
* First manned lunar landing
What is the impact of Apollo 17

Ref 102.8
* 7-19 Dec 1972
* Eugene A. Cernan and Ronald E. evans
* Seventh and final lunar landing mission
What is the impact of STS-1

Ref 102.8
* 12-14 Apr 1981
* John W. Young and Robert L. Crippen
* First orbital test flight of a Space Shuttle.
* All Navy crew
What Historical Significance of The On-The-Roof Gang

Ref 102.9
* July 1928
* since the radiomen could not explain their class work to others
* they eventually acuired the nickname The On-the-Roof Gang
What Historical Significance of The Purple Code

Ref 102.9
* 27 Sept 1940
* Japans cipher
What Historical Significance of Attack on the USS Liberty

Ref 102.9
* Poor Message handling and routing
What Historical Significance of USS Pueblo

Ref 102.9
* 23 Jan 1968
* ELINT and SIGINT ship
* Only Ship currently being held captive
What Historical Significance of Landing at Incheon

Ref 102.9
* A joint CIA military intelligence reconnaissance effort
What Historical Significance of Hainan Island EP-3 incident

Ref 102.9
* On 1 Apr 2001
* Mid-air Collision
* 24 crewmembers were detained and interrogated by the Chinese
* For the 15 mins after landing the crew continued to destroy sensitive items and data
* the 24 crew-members were detained until 11 Apr 2001
What Historical Significance of Bletchley Park

Ref 102.9
* Also known as Station X
* Decryption establishment
* Government Code and Cypher School.
What Historical Significance of The Navajo Code Talkers

Ref 102.9
* a code that the Japanese never broke
What Historical Significance of USS STARK

Ref 102.9
* in 1987 during the Iran-Iraq war
* only successful anti-ship missile attack
* poor training requirements and lax procedures
What Historical Significance of EC-121 Shootdown

Ref 102.9
* 15 April 1969
* on SIGINT recon mission
* shot down by North Korea in the sea of Japan
* killed all 31 onboard (only 2 of the bodys were recovered)
* Kim Il-sung's Birthday
What is the qualities that characterize the Navy/Marine Corps team as instruments to support national policies

hint SMRF

Ref 102.10
* Self sustainability
* Mobility
* Readiness
* Flexibility
What are the 3 levels of war

hint TOS

Ref 102.11
* Tactical
* Operational
* Strategic
What is the National Security Act of 1947

Ref 102.12
* Merged the Department of War and Department of the Navy into the national Military establishment
* Created a separate Department of the Air Force from the existing Army Air Forces
* Eventually unified the Army, Navy and Air Force into a federated structure
* Established the National Security Council for national security policy
* Established the CIA
* Established the Joint Chiefs of staff
When and why the Navy Core Valuse were developed

Ref 102.13
* 1992 Admiral Kelso adopted the Navy Core Values
* to provide principles to guide our Sailors
When and why the Sailor's Creed was developed

Ref 102.14
* 1993 it was writen
* This is an important point impacting unity and esprit de corps
What did RADM Grace Hopper's contributions to the US Navy

Ref 102.15
* Her work on compilers and on making machines understand ordinary language instructions
What is the name of the first computer and where it was located

Ref 102.16
* Atanasoff-Berry Computer <ABC> is the fist computer
* loacted in Iowa State University
Define ENIAC

Ref 102.16
Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer

Ref 102.17
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
When was ARPANET developed

Ref 102.17
* 29 October 1969 first message transmitted
* 21 Novermber 1969 frist permanent ARPANET link
* Connect IMP at UCLA and IMP at Stanford Research Institute
What is the impact of the John walker espionage case

Ref 102.18
* John Antohony Walker, Jr
* helped the Soviets decipher more than a million encrypted naval messages
* This is what initiated the requirement of Two-Person Integrity <TPI> when handling classified information
What is the Oldest Intelligent Organization in the US Navy

Ref 102.19
* 23 March 1882
* Office of Intelligence
When was ONI established and by whom it was founded

Ref 102.20
* From 1882-1889
* From 1919-through WWII
* Established by William H. Hunt, Secretary of the Navy
Define CIO

Ref 102.21
Chief Intelligence Officer
Define DNI

Ref 102.21
Director of National Intelligence
What are the Name of the two Departments that were combined to form ONI

Ref 102.22
* Department Library
* Office of Intelligence
What is the Mission of the US Navy

Ref 103.1
To maintain, train, and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression, and maintaing freedom of the seas
Discuss the NCA, Its Members & Functions

Ref 103.2
National Command Authority
* ultimate lawful source of military orders
* comprises the President & SECDEF
Discuss the Difference Between OPCON & ADCON

Ref 103.3
* OPERATIONAL CONTROL - the command or commander in charge of the overall operation of forces.
* ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL - commander in charge of the individual unit's administrative needs.
Define COCOM

Ref 103.4
COMBATANT COMMANDER * one of the unified/specified combatant commands established by the President.
Define Navy COCOM

Ref 103.4
Navy Expeditionary Combat Commands
* Mobile Diving & Salvage
* Naval Coastal Warfare
* Maritime Expeditionary Security Force

Ref 103.4
Commander in charge of a specific Fleet AOR
Define TYCOM

Ref 103.4
* Commander in charge of a specialty
* all subordinate commands in support of that specialty.
* IE: Naval Air, NETWARCOM, Naval Weather, Naval Security, Naval Education
Where is PACOM located

Ref 103.5
Where is EUCOM located

Ref 103.5
Where is JFCOM located

Ref 103.5
Where is SOUTHCOM located

Ref 103.5
Where is CENTCOM located

Ref 103.5
Where is NORTHCOM located

Ref 103.5
Where is SOCOM located

Ref 103.5
Where is TRANSCOM located

Ref 103.5
Where is STRATCOM located

Ref 103.5
Where is AFRICOM located

Ref 103.5

Ref 103.5
United State CYBER COMmand
Directs operations & security of the Navy's portion of the GIG
What is the mission of CNO N2/N6

Ref 103.6
DEPUTY CNO (Communications Networks (N6))
- leads the Navy Space Team for the CNO

- critical link to US Intel Community (IC) & joint intelligence forums for ensuring Navy's Space requirements are fully realized
Define CNMOC

Ref 103.6
Commander Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
Define NNWC

Ref 103.6
* Naval Network Warfare Command
* Little Creek VA
What is Commander reserve Space and Nerwork Warfare Program

Ref 103.6
* responsible for sponsoring the reserve Space cadre and supporting the Navy Space Team
Where is Joint Space Operation Center

Ref 103.6
Vandenberg AFB, CA
Define NOAA

Ref 103.6
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Where is Naval Space Operations Center

Ref 103.6
Dahlgren, VA

Ref 103.6
Navy Cyber Forces
Define ONI

Ref 103.6
Office of Naval Intelligence
Where is Office of the Oceanographer/Navigator of the Navy

Ref 103.6
Washington DC
Define the operating areas of 2nd Fleet

Ref 103.7
* Operates in Atlantic Ocean
* Disestablished 30Sep11
* Merged into US Fleet Forces Command
Define the operating areas of 3rd Fleet

Ref 103.7
* San Diego, CA
* Operates in the Eastern Pacific Area
Define the operating areas of 4th Fleet

Ref 103.7
* Mayport, FL
* Operates in the Caribbean, Central and South America and surrounding waters
Define the operating areas of 5th Fleet

Ref 103.7
* Manama, Bahrain
* Operates in the Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and Persian Gulf
Define the operating areas of 6th Fleet

Ref 103.7
* Gaeta, Italy
* Operates in the Mediterranean and Black Sea
Define the operating areas of 7th Fleet

Ref 103.7
* Yokosuka, Japan
* Operates in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean
Define the operating areas of 10th Fleet

Ref 103.7
* Ft. Meade, Maryland
* Operates Globally for Cyber
Define TF

Ref 103.8
* Task Force
* Subdivision of a Fleet
Define TG

Ref 103.8
* Task Group
* Division of TF
Define TU

Ref 103.8
* Task Unit
* Division of TG
Define TE

Ref 103.8
* Task Element
* Division of TU
Describe the rate AG

Ref 103.9
metoc - weather
meteorology and physical oceanography
Describe the rate CTI

Ref 103.9
info operations
foreign language
collect, analyze and exploit foreign language comms signals of interest
Describe the rate CTM

Ref 103.9
preventive and corrective mainance on cryptological systems
Describe the rate CTN

Ref 103.9
monitor, identify, collect, analyze information on networks
Describe the rate CTR

Ref 103.9
information ops monitor, collect, analyze and exploit signals to maintain info dominance
Define the rate CTT

Ref 103.9
collect, analyze exploit and disseminate ELectronic INTelligence or ELINT
Define the rate IS

Ref 103.9
analyze intelligence data
Define the rate IT

Ref 103.9
speciality functions of comms ops messaging, net admin, security
What is NCTAMS PAC Mission?

Ref 103.10
- Deliver & operate a reliable, secure & battle-ready Navy network, providing sustained information superiority to Navy, Joint & Coalition war fighters in the Pacific & Indian Ocean AOR. Pacific voice of command.
Define C5ISR

Ref 103.11
* encompasses the gathering, processing & distribution of information vital to the conduct of military planning & operations
Define DISA and its mission

Ref 103.12
Defense Information Systems Agency
* they are the ISP for navy
Define NASIC and its mission

Ref 103.13
National Air & Space Intel Center
* Organize, train, equip & present assigned forces & capabilities to conduct intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance for combatant commanders & the nation
Define NCDOC

Ref 103.14
Naval Cyber Defense Operations Command
Define ODNI

Ref 103.15
Officer of the Director of National Intelligence
Define DIA

Ref 103.15
Defense Intelligence Agency
Define NSA

Ref 103.15
National Security Agency
Define CIA

Ref 103.15
Central Intelligence Agency
Define NGA

Ref 103.15
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Define DHS

Ref 103.15
Department of Homeland Security
Define FBI

Ref 103.15
Federal Bureau of Investigation
* Counterintelligence
Define DEA

Ref 103.15
Drug Enforcement Agency
Define DOE

Ref 103.15
Department of Energy
Define DOS

Ref 103.15
Department of State
Define DOT

Ref 103.15
Department of Transportation
Define NASA

Ref 103.15
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Define NRO

Ref 103.15
National Reconnaissance Office
Define US Air Force

Ref 103.15
USAF- Defends & protects the US & its interests through aerospace power
Define US Army

Ref 103.15
US ARMY- Organize, train, equip, & provide forces for appropriate air & missile defense & space operations unique to the Army, including the provision of forces as required for the strategic defense of the US
Define US Marine Corps

Ref 103.15
USMC- Provide equipment, forces, procedures, & doctrine necessary for the effective prosecution of electronic warfare operations & support of other forces
Define US Navy

Ref 103.15
USN- Produces meaningful maritime intel & moves that intel rapidly to key, strategic, operational & tactical decision-makers
Define US Coast Guard

Ref 103.15
USCG- Collection, analysis, processing & dissemination of intel in support of Coast Guard operational missions.
Who is the Commander in Chief (President) and what is his/her Responsibilities
Barack Obama
Head of the Armed Forces as mandated by the Constitution. Responsible for initiating military action in support of our national interests. Can submit to Congress the intent to declare war which Congress must approve in order to actually wage war.
Who is the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) and what is his/her Responsibilities
Leon Panetta
Principal defense advisor to the President. Formulation of general defense policy and policy related to DoD.
Who is the Secretary of Navy (SECNAV) and what is his/her Responsibilities
Ray Mabus
Maintains the policies and control of DoN organization, admin, operations, and efficiency.
Who is Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and what is his/her responsibilities
ADM Jonathan W. Greenert
Responsible to the SECNAV for the command, utilization of resources, and operating efficiency of the operating forces of the Navy and of the Navy shore activities assigned by the Secretary.
Who's the MCPON and what is his/her role
MCPON Rick West
Navy’s senior enlisted member. Serves as senior enlisted representative of the Navy and as Senior Enlisted Adviser (SEA) to the CNO in all matters pertaining to enlisted personnel and their families.
What is NAVCYBERFOR's role in a CCRI
CYBERFOR enforces DISA CCRI requirements
What is the Puropse of EDVR
Enlisted Distribution Verification Report:
* A monthly report of an activity’s enlisted personnel.
* This report lists all individuals assigned to the activity
What is the Puropse of ODCR
Officer Distribution Control Report
* Provided to assist administrative Officers in determining proper action to take regarding personnel accounting events which occur in the normal course of business at naval activities.
What is the Puropse of AMD
Activity Manpower Document
* lists in one document all the Requirements and Authorizations in a specific Activity.
* It also identifies how the Requirements are to be funded.
What is an EVAL
Evaluation Report
* Used as a counseling worksheet.
* Records are maintained on naval personnel "which reflect their fitness for the service and performance of duties."
* EVALs are for enlisted personnel (E1-E6), the CHIEFEVAL is for E7-E9 personnel.
What is a FITREP
Fitness Report
* Used as a counseling worksheet.
* Records are maintained on naval personnel "which reflect their fitness for the service and performance of duties."
* FITREPs are for officers.
What is a Concurrent Report
* Concurrent reports provide a record of significant performance in an additional duty (ADDU) or temporary additional duty (TEMADD) status.
What is EVAL does a chief get
Chief Eval
What is Page 2 in your service record
Dependency application/record of emergency data.
What is Page 4 in your service record
Navy Occupation/Training and Awards History.
What is SGLI in your service record
SGLI (Service members’ Group Life Insurance). Low cost life insurance to Uniformed Service Members.
What is Page 13 in your service record
Administrative Remarks.
What is the Purpose of OPREP-3 PINNACLE
Used to report incidents that are of national-level interest to the National Military Command Center (NMCC).
What is the Purpose of OPREP-3 NAVY Blue
Used to provide the CNO and other naval commanders notification of incidents that are of high Navy, as opposed to national-level, interest.
What is the Purpose of OPREP-3 Unit SITREP
Used to inform the operational commander, or appropriate higher authority, of incidents not meeting OPREP-3 NAVY BLUE criteria.
What is the Importance of an IG
Naval Inspector General
Conduct, supervise, monitor, and initiate audits, evaluations, and investigations relating to programs and operations of the Department of Defense activities.
What is the purpose of the Navy Correspondence Manual
SECNAV Manual M-5216.5
Issued to prescribe uniform standards for the management and preparation of correspondence and is applicable to all commands and activities of the Department of the Navy.
What is the PTS Program
Perform to Serve (PTS):
Long-term, force shaping tool that aids in leveling rating manning between overmanned and undermanned ratings, while managing the quality of reenlistment applicants by controlling the authority for reenlistment.
List 6 of the officer accession programs that are available to enlisted personnel
* Seaman to Admiral (STA-21 Program)
* Limited Duty Officer (LDO)
* Chief Warrant Officer Program (CWO)
* Navy Officer Candidate School (OCS)
* Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP)
* Medical Service Corps In-Service Procurement Program (MSC IPP)
What is the DLPT
DLPT (Defense Language Proficiency Test):
CTI needs to take this test
What is the dutie and responsibilities of the command ESO
The Educational Services Officer (ESO) assists the Executive Officer in administering educational programs.
Supervise the administration and operation of the training office and training aids.
What is the Purpose of the U.S. Navy's Drug Screening Program
Provides comprehensive drug abuse prevention and control policy and procedures for all Navy Military personnel, and to establish regulations to enforce that policy.
What is the 6 programs of Brilliant on the Basics

* Command Sponsorship
* Career Development Boards (CDBs):
* Command Indoctrination
* Command Mentorship
* Command Ombudsmen support
* Sailor Recognition
What is the purpose of the PAO
* LT Jacob Galbreath
* The Public Affairs Officer (PAO):
* is responsible for developing a working relationship with reporters and other media representatives
Define 3-M

Ref 105.1
Maintenance and Material Management
Define PMS

Ref 105.1
Planned Maintenance System
Define DPAS

Ref 105.2
Defense Property Accountability System
Define MOV

Ref 105.3
Material Obligation Validation
Define DLR

Ref 105.4
Depot Level Repairables
What is 5A, 5D, 5G, 5S

Ref 105.4
* 5A - Surveyed
* 5D - Initial Outfitting
* 5G - One for One exchange
* 5S - Remain in Place
What is Turn-In in regards to NRFI DLRs

Ref 105.5
exchange supply for credit to the nearest stock point
What is RIP in regards to NRFI DLRs

Ref 105.5
* Remain In Place
* equipment or system remain in place until the RFI part has been received
Define MAMS

Ref 105.6
* Maintenance Assist Modules
* Used for troubleshooting of equipment
What is Bulkhead Ready Spares

Ref 105.6
an item stored in assigned spaces where they will be used

Ref 105.7
CASualty REPort
How many different types of CASREPS and what are they

Ref 105.7
4 different types
* Initial
* Update
* Correct
* Cancel
How many different types of CASREP Categories

Ref 105.7
4 CASREP Categories
Define NSN

Ref 105.8
National Stock Number
Define COG

Ref 105.8
COGnizance Code
Define APL

Ref 105.8
Allowance Parts List
Define AEL

Ref 105.8
Allowance Equipage List
Define NC

Ref 105.8
Not Carried
Define NIS

Ref 105.8
* Not In Stock
* Not ISsued
Define SIM

Ref 105.8
Selected Item Management

Ref 105.10
Consolidated Hazardous material Reutilization and Inventory Management Program
Define DRMS

Ref 105.10
Defense Reutilization Marketing Service
Define ServMart

Ref 105.10
Service Mart
Define IMPAC

Ref 105.11
International Merchant Purchase Authorization Card
Define OPTAR

Ref 105.10
OPerating TARget
What is the difference between Normal Power, Emergency Power, Uninterrupted Power

Ref 105.13
Normal Power
* Primary source of power
* Hawaiian Electric Company
Emergency Power
* Backup source of power
* Generator power
Uninterrupted Power <UPS>
* Temporary source of power for Switching from primary to backup power
What is the directive that govern personnel security

Ref 106.1
Executive Order <EO> 12968
What is the color for TOP SECRET

Ref 106.2
* Exceptionally grave damage to the national security
What is the color for SECRET

Ref 106.2
* Red
* Serious damage to the national security
What is the color for CONFIDENTIAL

Ref 106.2
* Blue
* Cause damage to the national security
What is the color for UNCLASSIFIED

Ref 106.2
* Green
* No damage to the national security
Whats "need to know"

Ref 106.3
you need to know in order for you to do your job
How often do you update Top Secret

Ref 106.4
5 years by a PR need to completed a SSBI
How often do you update Secret/Confidential

Ref 106.4
every 10 and 15 years, respectively
How often do you update Sensitive Compartmented Information <SCI>

Ref 106.4
5 years by SSBI-PR
Define SAER

Ref 106.5
* Security Access Eligibility Report
* to get an SCI clearance but have to explain something in detail
What do you Report to SSO

Ref 106.6
* Financial issues
* Legal issues
* UA
* Mental Illness
* Marriage to a foreign national
* Anything that could question your character, integrity, physical and mental health needs to be reported
Define SSO

Ref 106.7
Special Security Officer
Define SCIF

Ref 106.7
Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
Who is overall authority of the SCIF

Ref 106.7
Special Security Officer <SSO>
What is SF-700

Ref 106.8
* Security Container Information
* COMBO holder
What is SF-701

Ref 106.8
* Activity Security Checklist
* Inventory
What is SF-702

Ref 106.8
* Security Container Check Sheet
What is SF-703

Ref 106.8
Top Secret Cover Sheet
What is SF-153

Ref 106.8
* Transfer
* Inventory
* Destruction
* Hand Receipt
What is SF-312

Ref 106.8
Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement
When do you change the COMBO for the safe

Ref 106.9
* At least once every two years
* Sooner if the combination has been compromised
* When some one transfer
What is FDO and state their responsibilities

Ref 106.10
Foreign Disclosure Office
* may approve the disclosure of classified and controlled unclassified military information to foreign representative
* another country can see it
Define DCS

* Defense Courier Service
* Transportation of qualified classified documents and material
Describe the procedures for preparing hard copy classified material for transportation DCS

Ref 106.12
* not over 300pounds
* dimensions need to be 45 1/2" X 26" X 22"
* except those items for which the physical structure prohibits breakdown into smaller units
Describe the procedures for preparing hard copy classified material for transportation Hand-Carry

Ref 106.12
* Use classified material cover sheet, file folder, or other covering to prevent inadvertent disclosure when hand carrying classified information within the command
* Double-wrap the classified information when hand carrying outside the command
Define TSCO

Ref 106.13
* Top Secret Control Officer
* Must be a Senior non-commissioned officer E-7 and above or civilian employee GS-7 and above
How many levels of THEATCON and FPCON are there and what are they

Ref 106.14
* 5 Levels
* Normal
* Alpha
* Bravo
* Charlie
* Delta
Define RAM and want do they do

Ref 106.15
* Random Anti-terrorism Measure
* Increased ID checks
* Random vehicle inspections
* Random bag/personnel inspections
Define EAP

Ref 106.16
* Emergency Action Plan

* Hostile action

What are the 2 types of EDP Destruction

Ref 106.17
* Precautionary Destruction Superseded

* Complete Destruction
What order, material is destroyed during Emergency Destruction

Ref 106.19
* Superseded keying material and secondary variables
* TOP SECRET primary keying material
* SECRET, CONFIDENTIAL, and Unclassified primary keying material
* Reserve on board keying material for use one or two months later
* Non-essential classified manuals
* Operating manuals
* Administrative manuals
Define SCI

Ref 106.20
* Sensitive Compartmented Information

Ref 106.21
* Camra
* Video / audio recorder
* Portable Harddrives
What is the difference between a security violation and a PDS and what are the two types of PDS

Ref 106.22
Security Violation
* Compromise of classified information

Practice Dangerous to Security <PDS>
* Poential to jeopardize the security
** Types of PDS
** Reportable out side of Command
** Non-Reportable to the CO
Define SCIF

Ref 106.23
Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
Define T-SCIF

Ref 106.23
Tactical-Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
How often do the vault recertification and recurring inspections

Ref 106.24
Recurring inspections are required every 24 months or 2 years
What is the need for an access lists, required documentation logs, and two-person integrity

Ref 106.25
* Access List a list to verify if a proson is authorized
* Required Documentation Logs to account for personnel actions and material transactions
* Two-Person Integrity <TPI> any Crypto and COMSEC material
What is the DoD escort policy

Ref 106.26
Escort of an under cleared person
* Sanitize
* Need to stay with them

Ref 106.28
COMmunications SECurity

Ref 106.28
INFOrmation SECurity

Ref 106.28
COMPUter SECurity
Define PSP

Ref 106.28
Personnel Security Program
Define ATFP

Ref 106.28
Anit-Terrorism Force Protection
Define ICD

Ref 106.29
Intelligence Community Directives
Define ONI

Ref 106.30
Office of Naval Intelligence
Define SSO

Ref 106.31
Special Security Officer
Define CSM

Ref 106.32
Command Security Manger
* Can be an Officer or civilian employee GS-11 and above
Define JPAS

Ref 106.34
Joint Personnel Adjudication System
* Web site to look for Clearance level

Ref 106.35
Department Of the Navy Central Adjudication Facility
* Work with NCIS and put clearance info in JPAS
How long can the CO suspend a presons Clearance

Ref 106.36
90 Days
Define INFOCON and how many level are there

Ref 106.37
INFOrmation security Condition
* there are 5 Levels
* INFOCON 5 - nothing
* INFOCON 1 - we are at war
What is the security rules and procedures for magnetic and electronic media

Ref 106.38
Label them
Why do the navy only uses ".mil"

Ref 106.39
We own it
Define IA

Ref 107.1
Information Assurance
Define Certification

Ref 107.2
comprehensive eval of tech and non tech security features of an IT system and other safeguards
Define accreditation

Ref 107.2
formal notice by DAA that an IT system is approved to operate at a specific security level
Define DAA

Ref 107.2
Designated Approving Authority
* official with authority to assume responsibility for operating a system/ network at an acceptable risk level.
Define System Security Plan

Ref 107.2
formal document providing overview of security requirements and the security control in place or planned to meet requirements
Define System Security Authorization Agreement

Ref 107.2
used to guide and document the results of certification and accreditation
Define ATO

Ref 107.2
Authorization To Operate
* Good for 3 years
Define IATO

Ref 107.2
Interim Authorization To Operate
* Good for up to a maximum of 180 days
Define Configuation Managment

Ref 107.2
detailed recording and updating of info that describs an enterprise's hardware and software
Discuss security procedures involved when performing cross domain transfer

Ref 107.3
moving files between different classes of network
care must be taken to ensure that classified information is not "spilled" to networks with insufficent classification for the material
What is risk managment

Ref 107.4
process that provides:
risk identification
risk analysis
risk mitigation planing and implementation
risk tracking
to ensure early identificationand handling of risks
What are the 5 attributes of IA
Hint <CIA / NA>

Ref 107.5
* confidentiality
* integrity
* availability
* non-repudiation
* authentication
list the 9 categories of a computer incident
hint <RIM RED NUU>

Ref 107.6
* root level intrusion (incident) real bad
* investigating (Event)
* malicious logic (incident)
* reconnaissance (Event) someone probing
* explained anomaly (Event) False alarm
* Denial Of Service (incident) Taking out a hardware
* non compliance (Event) Not patch
* user level intrusion (incident)
* unsuccessful activity attempts (Event) Fail logon
what is DON World Wide Web security policy

Ref 107.7
all info, graphics and photos must be reviewed to ensure they meet opsec requirements
Define IAVA

Ref 107.8
Informatoin Assurance Vulnerability Alert
* Needs to have it now
Define IAVB

Ref 107.8
Information Assurance Vulnerability Bulletin
* Medium
Define IAVT

Ref 107.8
Information Assurance Vulnerability Technical advisory
* Optional
Define CTO

Ref 107.8
Computer Tasking Order
* Higher Request
Define NTD

Ref 107.8
Naval Telecommunications Directive
* Our Boss tell us to do it
What is a Serivce Pack

Ref 107.8
collections of updates, patches, enhancments
Define vulnerability assessment

Ref 107.9
used to identify weakness that coud be exploited
predict effectivness of additional security measures
What is the difference between vulnerability and a threat

Ref 107.10
v: a potential weakness
t: something that could exploit that weakness
Define IAM

Ref 107.11
Information Assurance Manager
* Overall Responsible of the computer
Define the host / client relationship

Ref 108.1
h: hosts a resource
c: makes request for above resources
What is Application Server

Ref 108.1
a server dedicated to hosting or running application for a number of clients
What is Hub

Ref 108.1
layer 1 physical
connects devices in a network
traffic is broadcast (a talking to b is heard by c)
What is Switch

Ref 108.1
Layer 2 Data Link Layer
a small hardware device that joins multiple computers together within one LAN
What is Router

Ref 108.1
layer 3 network
highly configurable
selects the best route for traffic
connects two or more networks
What is WAP

Ref 108.1
Wireless Application Protocol
* Allows mobile devices to interface into a network
What is Proxy Server

Ref 108.1
* Server that acts as an intermediary for request from clients seeking resources from other servers
What is Firewall

Ref 108.1
* Device or set of dvices designed to permit or deny netork transmissions based upon a set of rules
What is VPN

Ref 108.1
Virtual Prvate Network
* is a private computer network that interconnects remote networks through primarily public communication infrastructures such as the Internet.
What is Back-up

Ref 108.1
* making copies of data so that these additional copies may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.
What is Network Repeater

Ref 108.1
* Device that regenerate incoming electrical, wireless or optical signals
What are the common devices associated with Access layer

Ref 108.2
* Laptop
* Computer
* WEB, FTP, Email Server
* Repeater
* Hub
* Database Server
What are the common devices associated with Distribution layer

Ref 108.2
* LAN Router
* Layer 3 Switch
* Filter <like a firewall>
* Bridge
* VPN access router
What are the common devices associated with Core layer

Ref 108.2
* Multiplexer
* High Speed WAN switch
* High Speed Enterprise Wan router
What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Bus

Ref 108.3
* least expensive

* collisions
* single break takes down every one
What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Star

Ref 108.3
* a break in a cable to any computer only takes that one down

* central dvice down takes down every one
* individual cables to central point add to cost
What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Ring

Ref 108.3
A: no collisions

* Still only one can transmit in the network at any given time
* Break in cable will take down entire ring
What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Mesh

Ref 108.3
* Multiple paths between nodes in case of broken cable

* Most costly network
Define LAN

Ref 108.3
Local Area Network
Define WAN

Ref 108.3
Wide Area Network
Define MAN

Ref 108.3
Metropolitan Area Network
Define GAN

Ref 108.3
Global Area Network
Define OSI and how many layers

Ref 108.4
Open Systems Interconnection
* there are 7 Layers
Name the 7 Layers of the OSI model

Ref 108.4
* Layer 1 Physical - Media, signal and binary transmission
* Layer 2 Data Link - Physical addressing
* Layer 3 Network - Path determination and logical addressing
* Layer 4 Transport - End to End connections and reliability, flow control
* Layer 5 Session - Interhost communication
* Layer 6 Presentation - Data representation
* Layer 7 Application - Network process to aplication
Define TCP/IP and how many layers

Ref 108.4
Transmission Control and Internet Protocol
* there are 4 Layers
Name the 4 Layers of the TCP/IP model

Ref 108.4
* Layer 1 Network Interface
* Layer 2 Internet
* Layer 3 Transport
* Layer 4 Application
Define IPv4 and IPv6

Ref 108.5
Internet Protocol Version 4
Internet Protocol Version 6

Ref 108.6
Unclassified but sensitive Internet Protocol Router Network

Ref 108.6
Secret Internet Protocol Network
Define JWICS

Ref 108.6
Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
Define DODN

Ref 108.7
Department Of Defense Network
Define GIG

Ref 108.7
Global Information Grid
Define DISN

Ref 108.7
Defense Information System Network
Define NMCI

Ref 108.7
Navy Marine Corps Intranet
Define ONE-NET

Ref 108.7
OCONUS Navy Enterprise Network
Define IT-21

Ref 108.7
Information Technology for the 21st Century
Describe Machine Language

Ref 108.8
A system of instructions and data executed directly by a computer's central processing unit
Describe Assembly Languages

Ref 108.8
a low-level programming language for computers, microprocessors, microcontrollers, and other programmable devices in which each statement corresponds to a single machine language instruction
Describe High-Level Language

Ref 108.8
a programming language with strong abstraction from the details of the computer
Describe Operating system

Ref 108.8
A set of system software programs in a computer that regulate the ways application software programs use the computer hardware
Describe Application

Ref 108.8
Computer software designed to help the user to perform singular or multiple related specific tasks
What is Virus

Ref 108.9
computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer
What is Worm

Ref 108.9
self-replicating stand alone malware computer program
What is Trojan

Ref 108.9
malware that appears to perform a desirable function for the user prioir to run or install
What is Backdoor

Ref 108.9
a method of bypassing normal authentication
What is Phishing

Ref 108.9
criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication
Describe the Risk associated with Netowrk Enumeration

Ref 108.10
Computing activity in which user names, and info on groups shares, and services of networked computers are retrieved
Describe the Risk associated with Buffer Overflow

Ref 108.10
where a program writing data to a buffer overruns the buffer's booundary and overwrites adjecent memory
Describe the Risk associated with SQL injection

Ref 108.10
a code injection technique that exploits a security vulnerability occurring in the database layer of an application
Define PKI

Ref 108.11
Public Key Infrastructure
Define DNS

Ref 108.12
Domain Name System
IP to URL or URL to IP
Define ADNS

Ref 109.2
Automated Digital Networking System

Ref 109.2
Common User Digital Information eXchange Subsystem

Ref 109.2
Very low frequency Digital Information Network
Define IBS

Ref 109.2
Integrated Broadcast System

Ref 109.2
INternational MARitime SATellite
Define DMS

Ref 109.2
Defense Messaging System
Define NREMS

Ref 109.2
Navy Regional Enterprise Message
Define AMHS

Ref 109.2
Automatic Message Handling System
Define VTC

Ref 109.2
Video TeleConferencing
Define DCO

Ref 109.2
Defense Connect Online
Define EEFI

Ref 109.4
Essential Elements of Friendly Information
Define ICD

Ref 109.3
Imitative Communications Deceptions
What is Gingerbread Procedures

Ref 109.3
* Announce GINGERBREAD on the net
* Give the call sign of the suspected deception station
* Authenticate the stations on the net
* Notify the radio supervisor and make an entry on the ciruit log
* Notify the Communications Officer and request further instructions
What is EEFI

Ref 109.4
Essential Elements of Friendly Inromation
What is Beadwindow

Ref 109.5
a real-time procedure which brings to immediate attention of circuit operators the fact that an EEFI disclosure has occurred.
What is River City

Ref 109.6
An OPSEC tool that limits communications
Define JSIR

Ref 109.7
Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution
Define MIJI

Ref 109.7
* Meaconing
* Intrusion
* Jamming
* Interference
Define PLA

Ref 109.8
Plain Language Address
Define DTG

Ref 109.8
Date Time Group
Define UTC

Ref 109.8
Coordinated Universal Time
How long for Routine (R)

Ref 109.10
6 hours
How long for Priority (P)

Ref 109.10
3 hours
How long for Immediate (O)

Ref 109.10
30 Min
How long for Flash (Z)

Ref 109.10
10 Min
How long for Flash Override (W)

Ref 109.10
3 Min
What in format line 2

Ref 109.9
* 1st char Contains preceence
* 2nd and 3rd char Language media format
* 4th char classification
* 5th to 8th char content indicator code
* 9th to 12th char Originating station routing indicator
* 13th to 16th char station serial number
* 17th to 19th char Julian Date
* 20th to 23rd char Time of file
* 24th dash
* 25th to 28th classification redunancy
* 29th and 30th dash dash
* 31th to 37th Destionation station routing indicator
* 38th is the end a period
What is the purpose of OPTASK COMMS

Ref 109.11
United States Navy and Allied Nvies distribute afloat communication plans

Ref 109.12
COMMunications PLAN

Derived from OPTASK COMMS
Define TSO

Ref 109.13
Telecommunications Service Oreder

Discontinue circuits or Trunks
Define TSR

Ref 109.13
Telecommunications Service Requests

To Request funds for service

Ref 109.15
COMmunications SPOT
What is Communications Service Advisory

Ref 109.15
if a shore facilities at any time communication outages or degradtions are encountered
What is EKMS-1B

Ref 109.16
minimum policies for
* issuing
* accounting
* handling
* safeguarding
* disposing of COMSEC material
Define OTAT

Ref 109.17
Over-The-Air Key Transfer
Define OTAR

Ref 109.17
Over-The-Air Rekeying

Ref 109.18
a code name given to the investigation, study, and control of compromising emanations from telecommunications and automated information processing systems
Define EMCON

Ref 109.19
EMissions CONtrol
Define ASW

Ref 110.1
Anti-Submarine Warfare
Define SUW

Ref 110.1
SUrface Warfare
Define IW

Ref 110.1
Information Warfare
Define AW

Ref 110.1
Air Warfare
Define STW

Ref 110.1
STrike Warfare
Define NSW

Ref 110.1
Naval Special Warfare
What is Mobile Detachment

Ref 110.3
Provide direct or indirect support to an operational entity to further enhance
What is Direct Support Assets

Ref 110.4
Direcly support operatinal requirements of a mobile platform that has a Ship's Signals Exploitation Space (SSES)
Define NOAT

Ref 110.5
Naval Oceanography ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) Team
Define SGOT

Ref 110.5
Strike Group Oceanography Team
Define MET

Ref 110.5
Mobile Environment Team
Define FST

Ref 110.5
Fleet Survey Team
Define IO

Ref 110.6
Information Operations
What is Blue Team

Ref 110.7
its a supporters must defend against real or simulated attacks
What is Red Team

Ref 110.7
to improve enterprise Information Assurance by demonstrating the impacts of successful attacks
Define FES

Ref 110.8
Fleet Electronic Support
Define CDSE

Ref 110.8
Cryptologic Direct Support Element
What is the difference between USC title 10 and USC Title 50

Ref 110.9
USC Title 10
* Outlines the role of the armed forces in times of peace

USC Title 50
* Outlines the role of the armed forces in times of war

Ref 110.10
CRITical Intelligence Communication
Define CCOP

Ref 110.11
Cryptologic Carry-On Program
Define NITES

Ref 110.11
Navy Integrated Tactical Environmental Subsystem
Define JDISS

Ref 110.11
Joint Deployable Inteligence Support System
Define MDA

Ref 110.12
Maritime Domain Awareness
Define MOC

Ref 110.12
Maritime Operations Centers
What is OPSEC

Ref 111.1
a systematic, proven process that identifies, controls, and protects generally sensitive but unclassified information about a mission, operations, or activity
What is the 5 Step of planning process

Ref 111.2
* Step 1 Identify Critical Information
* Step 2 Threat Assessment
* Step 3 Vulnerability Analysis
* Step 4 Risk Assessment
* Step 5 Measures/Countermeasures
What is the OPSEC Officer responsible for

Ref 111.3
responsible for all aspects of administering the OPSEC Program at the command
Define WRA

Ref 111.5
Web Risk Assessment

Scan a website and determine if there are any OPSEC related vulnerabilities
Define EEFI

Ref 111.6
Essential Elements of Friendly Information
Define CI

Ref 111.6
Critical Information
What are the five Key purpose of Naval Intelligence

Ref 112.1
* Supporting the Commander
* IIdentifying Centers of Gravity and Critical Vulnerabilies
* Supporting Planning and Execution of Operations
* Protecting the Force
* Supporting Combat Assessment
What are the 6 steps of Intelligence

Ref 112.2
* Step 1 Planning and Direction
* Step 2 Collection
* Step 3 Processing and Exploitation
* Step 4 Analysis and Production
* Step 5 Dissemination and Integration
* Step 6 Evaluation and Feedback
What are the three categories of Intelligence

Hint TOS

Ref 11.3
* Strategic Intelligence
* Operational Intelligence
* Tactical Intelligence
Define National, Theater, and Fleet Level Intelligence Orgaizations

Ref 112 Intelligence
National - ONI
Theater - PACOM JIOC
Define PIR

Ref 112.5
Priority Intelligence Requirements

Wake-me-up if this happens list
Define CCIR

Ref 112.6
Commander's Critical Information Requirements

Is this country preparing for a nuclear test?
What is the difference between a US citizen and a US person

Ref 112.9
* born in US
* parent is a citizen
* former alien who is naturalized or
* born in Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands
* lawfully in the US (green card)
Define IPB

Ref 112.10
Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace
Define FIO

Ref 112.11
Fleet Intelligence Office
What is fleet intelligence

Ref 112.11
composed of those Naval intelligence professionals assigned to commands and forces at the fleet
What are the Subordinate commands of Fleet Intelligence Office

Ref 112.11
Define ISR

Ref 112.12
Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

integrates the planning and operations
Define intelligence fusion cell

Ref 112.13
hub for collection analysis and dissemination of intel

Ref 112.14
HUman INTelligence
Define OSINT

Ref 112.14
Open Source INTelligence

Ref 112.14
Measurement And Signature INTelligence

Ref 112.14
COMmunications INTelligence

Ref 112.14
Foreign Instrumentation Signals INTelligence
Define ELINT

Ref 112.14
ELectronic INTelligence
Define IMINT

Ref 112.14
IMagery INTelligence

Ref 112.14
SIgnals INTelligence
Define ACINT

Ref 112.14
ACoustic INTelligence
What are the 3 intelligence brief categories

hint TOS

Ref 112.15
* Tactical
* Operational
* Strategic
Define EHF

Ref 113.2
Extremely High Frequency
30GHz to 300GHz
Satellite Communications
Define SHF

Ref 113.2
Super High Frequency
3GHz to 30GHz
Radar and Satellite Communications
Define UHF

Ref 113.2
Ultra High Frequency
300MHz to 3Ghz
UHF LOS - Tactical Voice
UHF SAT - Tactical Voice and Data
Define VHF

Ref 113.2
Very High Frequency
30MHz to 300MHz
Define HF

Ref 113.2
High Frequency
3MHz to 30MHz
Define MF

Ref 113.2
Medium Frequency
300KHz to 3MHz
Define LF

Ref 113.2
Low Frequency
30KHz to 300KHz
Define VLF

Ref 113.2
Very Low Frequency
3KHz to 30KHz
Define ULF

Ref 113.2
Ultra Low Frequency
300Hz to 3KHz
Used for comms in mines
Define SLF

Ref 113.2
Super Low Frequency
30Hz to 300Hz
Provide comm services for subs at a certain depth
Define ELF

Ref 113.2
Extremely Low Frequency
Up to 300Hz

One way sub comms
What is Frequency

Ref 113.3
a number of cycles, or periods, per unit time
What is Wavelenght

Ref 113.3
the distance in space occupied by one cycle of a radio wave at any given instant
What is Ducting

Ref 113.3
trapping of an RF wave between two layers of the earth's atmosphere or between an atmospheric layer and the earth
What is Refraction

Ref 113.3
The change in direction of a wave when passing at an angle from one medium to another in which its speeds is changed
What is Multiplexing

Ref 113.3
a process where multiple analog message signals or digital data steams are combined into one signal over a shared medium
What is Modulation

Ref 113.3
The ability to impress intelligence upon a transmission medium, such as radio waves
What is Demodulation

Ref 113.3
the removal of intelligence from a transmission medium
What is Bandwidth

Ref 113.3
the difference between the highest usable frequency of a dvice
What is Keying

Ref 113.3
Inseting noise or data onto a frequency
What is Layers

Ref 113.4
the ionosphere is composed of three layers designated D, E, and F from lowest level to highest level
What is Frequency

Ref 113.4
the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time
What is Radio Waves

Ref 113.4
there are two principal ways in which radio wave travel from transmitting antenna to a receiving antenna. GROUND WAVES and SKY WAVES
What is Propagation

Ref 113.4
within the atmosphere, radio waves can be reflected, refracted, and diffracted like light and heat waves
What is Azimuth Angle

Ref 113.4
the angle measured clockwise from true north in the in the horizontal plane
What is Elevation Angle

Ref 113.4
the angle between the horizontal plane and the line of sight
Define USB

Ref 113.5
Upper Side Band
Define LSB

Ref 113.5
Lower Side Band
Define CW

Ref 113.5
Continuous Wave
Define AM

Ref 113.5
Amplitude Modulation
Define FM

Ref 113.5
Frequency Modulation
Define PRI

Ref 113.6
Pulse Repetition Interval
Define PRF

Ref 113.6
Pulse Repetition Frequency
Define RF

Ref 113.6
Radio Frequency
Define BW

Ref 113.6
Band Width
Define PW

Ref 113.6
Pulse Width
What is Scan Rate

Ref 113.6
the rate when radar is scanning
What is Air Search

Ref 113.7
search the air to determine the position, course, and altitude of air targets
What is Surface Search

Ref 113.7
* determination of accurate ranges and bearing of suface objects and low-flying aircraft
* Maintenance of a 360-degree search pattern for all objects within the LOS from the radar
What is Fire Control

Ref 113.7
a radar which is designed specifically to provide informations
What is the difference between OPELINT and TECHELINT

Ref 113.8
* operationally relevant information

* the technical aspects
Define Half Duplex

Ref 113.9
one way flow of information between terminals
Define Full Duplex

Ref 113.9
a method of operation in which telecommunications flows both directions simultaneously
Define Simplex

Ref 113.9
a single channel it can be either send or received only
Define NOP

Ref 114.2
Navy Oceanography Portal
Define USNO

Ref 114.2
US Naval Observatory
Define JTWC

Ref 114.2
Joint Typhoon Warning Center
Define NOOC

Ref 114.2
Naval Oceanography Operations Command
Define FNMOC

Ref 114.2
Fleet Numerical Meteorology adn Oceanography Center
Define NAVO

Ref 114.2
Naval Oceanographic Office
Define GOES

Ref 114.3
Geostationary Operational Environmental Staellite

Ref 114.3
Polar Operational Environmental Stellite
Define DMSP

Ref 114.3
Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

Ref 114.3
National Polar-orbiting Operational environmental Satellite System
Define TRMM

Ref 114.3
Tropical Rainfall Measuring and Mission
What wind direction / speed

Ref 114.4
direction: where the wind is comming from
speed:measued motion of air in relation to surface distance and time
What is Precipitation

Ref 114.4
product of condensation of atmospheric water that hits earths surface
What is Relative humidity

Ref 114.4
ratio of current water vapor compared to the highest amout of saturation possible at the same temp.
What is Sky Condition

Ref 114.4
state of the sky when covered by clouds
What is Atmospheric Pressure

Ref 114.4
pressure exerted by atmosphere at a given point
What is Air Mass

Ref 114.4
large volume of air
defined by temp and water vapor content
What is Cold front

Ref 114.4
leading edge of a cool mass of air
What is warm front

Ref 114.4
leading edge of a warm mass of air. can move faster then a cold front because of its higher density
What is occluded front

Ref 114.4
occurs when a cold front overtakes a warm front.
What is ambient air

Ref 114.4
Ambient: tempature of surrounding air
What is wind chill

Ref 114.4
Wind chill: precieved tempature (ambient tempature + wind)
What is heat stress

Ref 114.4
problems associated with very warm temp and high humidity
What is Restricted visibility

Ref 114.4
visibility is retricted by
* Fog
* mist
* falling snow
* heavy rainstorms
What is Fog

Ref 114.4
Droplets of water vapor suspended in the air near the ground reducing visibility
What is Sunrise and Sunset

Ref 114.4
Time of day or night when the sun rise and fall over the horizon
What is Moonrise and Moonset

Ref 114.4
Time of day or night when the moon rise and fall over thehorizon
What is Lunar illumination

Ref 114.4
the amount of light coming from the moon
What is Tropical dpression

Ref 114.4
* a closed circulation of low atmospheric pressure
* originating over tropical waters
* which blows counter-clockwise around a center at speeds less than 34 knots
What is Tropical storm

Ref 114.4
* a closed circulation of low atmospheric pressure
* originating over tropical waters
* which blows counter-clockwise around a center at speeds 34-63 knots
What is hurricane/typhoon

Ref 114.4
* a closed circulation of low atmospheric pressure
* originating over tropical waters
* which blows counter-clockwise around a center at speeds greater then 63 knots
What is Thunderstorms

Ref 114.4
a storm from warm humid air rising in an unstable environment, usually because of unequal surface heating, consisting of thunder
What is Tornado/Waterspout

Ref 114.4
a violent, dangerous, rotating column of air which is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud
What is Funnel Cloud

Ref 114.4
a funnel-shape cloud of condensed water droplets
What is Visibility effect of weather on military operations

Ref 114.5
enancing the element of surprise

hinder reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition
What is Precipitation effect of weather on military operations

Ref 114.5
Infrared with electro-optical sensors, radar, communication system
What is Winds effect of weather on military operations

Ref 114.5
blownning sand, dust,rain and snow can reduse the effectiveness of radars and communication system
What is Cloud Cover effect of weather on military operations

Ref 114.5
Concealing military forces
What is Temperature and Humidity effect of weather on military operations

Ref 114.5
reduce equipment capabilities and the effectiveness of chemical and boilogical weapons
How many Ocean Eddies are there and what are they

Ref 114.6
* when a pocket of cold water breaks off from a cold current

* when a pocket of warm water breaks off from a warm current
What is Bathythermograph

Ref 114.6
used to measure and record subsuface water temperatures at various depths
What is Bioluminescence

Ref 114.6
used to detect submarines and other vessels
What is Sea wave

Ref 114.6
a wave generated by the wind in the local area
What is Wave height

Ref 114.6
usally measured in feet, from the crest of a wave to the trough of the wave
What is Wave periods

Ref 114.6
usually measured in seconds that it takes for a complete wave cycle to pass a given fixed point
What is Swell wave

Ref 114.6
seas that have moved out and away from the area in which they were formed
Define SST

Ref 114.6
Sea Surface Temperature
How many Tides are there

Ref 114.6
4 Tides
* Ebb currents that flow away from the shore
* Flood currents that flow toward the shore
* High when the sea levels is at its highest point
* Low when the sea level is at its lowest point
How many Currents are there

Ref 114.6
3 currents
* Open Ocean
* Littoral
* Rip
What are the 3 Breaker Type

Ref 114.6
* Spilling
* Plunging
* Surging
What is Ocean front

Ref 114.6
are narrow area separating large differences in water temperature, salinity, density and velocity
What is Topography

Ref 114.6
Ocean topegraphy studies the configuration of the seafloor and of the ocean surface
What is Composition

Ref 114.6
What the ocean floor is made up of rock, sand, ect
What is Ocean Surface

Ref 114.7
Relative sea state is a major factor in determining the feasibility of naval operations and the functionality of maritime weapons platforms
What is Ocean subsurface

Ref 114.7
Crucial to the conduct of submarine, antisubmarine and mining operations
What is Littoral

Ref 114.7
Compostion, coastal terrain features and transportation infrastructure, tides and currents are critical factors in planning and conducting naval operations
What is the depth of Mixed layer

Ref 114.8
Maximum of 450 meters or 1500 feet
What is the depth of Thermocline layer

Ref 111.8
approximately 1,200 meters
What is the depth of Deep layer

Ref 11.8
exist below 1,200 meters
What are three things that effect sound transmission under water

Ref 114.9
* temperature
increase in temperature = increase in speed
* pressure
increase in pressure = increase in speed
* salinity
increase in salinity = increase in speed
What is the basic relationship of METOC to Geospatial Intelligence

Ref 114.10
METOC is considered an intelligence layer of the GEOINT information base
What the impacts of environmental conditions to
Anti-Submarine Warfare operations

Ref 114.11
negatively affected visibility, precipitation, winds, and cloud cover
What the impacts of environmental conditions to
Naval Special Warfare operations

Ref 114.11
enhanced or negativly affect visibility, precipitation, winds, cloud cover temperature, or humidity
What the impacts of environmental conditions to Mine Warfare operations

Ref 114.11
negatively affected visibility, precipitation, winds, and cloud cover
What the impacts of environmental conditions to
Air Defense operations

Ref 114.11
negatively affected visibility, precipitation, winds, and cloud cover
What the impacts of environmental conditions to Information Warfare operations

Ref 114.11
negatively affected temperature, humidity, or power loss
What the impacts of environmental conditions to Humanitarian Assistance or Disaster Relief operations

Ref 114.11
negatively affected visibility, precipitation, winds, and cloud cover, temperature, humidity,or loss of infrastructure from the disaster
What the impacts of environmental conditions to Chemical, Boilogical, and Nuclear Warfare

Ref 114.11
can be easier or harder to conduct, affect targets, or clean up the effects from precipitation, winds, temperature, or humidity
What the impacts of environmental conditions to Strike Warfare

Ref 114.11
negatively affected visibility, precipitation, winds, and cloud cover
What is Space Force Enhancement

Ref 115.1
Increasing combat potential through ISR, missile warning, environmental monitoring, satcomms, and PNT (Positioning, Navigation, and Timing)
What is Space Support

Ref 115.1
deploy and sustain military and intelligence systems
What is Space Control

Ref 115.1
Provides freedom of action in space for friendly forces, and denies it to an adversary
What is Space Force Application

Ref 115.1
Holding terrestrial targets at risk through combat operations in space
Describe the Sun and how it affects communications.

Ref 115.2
Electromagnetic radiation & Electrically charged particles
Describe Solar Wind and how it affects communications.

Ref 115.2
A stream of charged particles ejected from the upper atmosphere of the Sun
Describe the Solar Cycle and how it affects communications.

Ref 115.2
Solar activity follows an 11-year cycle. 4-year rise / 7-year decline.
Describe the Van Allen Radiation Belts and how they affect communications.

Ref 115.2
Two concentric, donut-shaped regions of stable, trapped charged particles
Describe Atmospheric Drag and how it affects communications.

Ref 115.2
Expanding of the earth's upper atmosphere due to heat generated by charged particle bombardment producing frictional drag on a satellite
Define "Low Earth Orbit"

Ref 115.3
150 and 800 miles above the Earth's surface
Define Medium Earth Orbit

Ref 115.3
Region of space around the Earth above Low Earth Orbit and below geostationary orbit
Define "Highly Elliptical Orbit"

Ref 115.3
Elongated orbit allows satellite to dwell near apogee for long periods of time
Define "Geosynchronous Orbit"

Ref 115.3
Avg altitude of 19,300nm. Remains over the same area of the earth as the earth rotates
Define "Polar Orbit"

Ref 115.3
A polar orbit passes over the entire surface of the earth
Define "Apogee"

Ref 115.4
The point of a satellite's orbit that is at the greatest distance from the center of the earth.
Define "Perigee"

Ref 115.4
The point of a satellite's orbit that is nearest to the center of the earth.
Identify the two main space launch facilities in the U.S.

Ref 115.5
Kennedy Space Center, FL / Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA
Describe "Navy UHF Follow-on" (UFO)

Ref 115.6
Replacing FLTSATs. Designed to improve service, reliability, and dependability
Describe the "Defense Satellite Communications System" (DSCS)

Ref 115.6
Provides secure, jam-resistant communications for Command and Control
Define GBS

Ref 115.6
Global Broadcast Service
Describe "WGS"

Ref 115.6
Wideband Global SATCOM
Will replace DSCS
Describe the "Global Positioning System" (GPS)

Ref 115.7
helps us navigate
Define ISR

Ref 115.8
Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
What is the advantage and disadvantage of ISR

Ref 115.8
* Allows focused coverage of AOIs
* Supports mulitple forms of military intel activities
* Imagery is used for mission planning

* Flight schedule/patterns are predictable
* Weather can affect accuracy
* Priority/tasking conflicts
Describe "Space Situational Awareness" (SSA)

Ref 115.9
Key component for space control. Ensures space ops, safety, and international agreements
Define "Astrometry"

Ref 115.10
The scientific measurement of the positions and motions of celestial bodies
Define "Earth Orientation Parameters"

Ref 115.10
Describes the irregularities of the earth's rotation
Discuss the role of precise time in GPS

Ref 115.11
Uses the time differences of signals sent/received from 4+ satellites to fix the location of a receiver
Discuss the role of precise time in Geo-location

Ref 115.11
the identification of the real-world geographic location of an object
Discuss the role of precise time in Network Synchronization

Ref 115.11
a protocol designed to synchronize the clocks of computers over a network
Define and stat the purpose of FSM

Ref 201.1
* Point to point connection via the ship's IP path which provides Naval Messaging services between the ship and the Pacific Message Center
* High Classfication is SECRET
Why all units commshifting to FSM needs a legacy route.

Ref 201.2
* legacy route so they can get Top Secret message traffic
* a back up route in the event IP services are lost
What is the purpose of MMS

Ref 201.3
Multi-Level Mail Server

Store and Forward Message traffic unit can accessed it by phone and is encrypted up to Top Secret
Define MUA

Ref 201.4
Master Update Authority
What Components do FMX and DUSC

Ref 201.5
* Fleet Message eXchange
CUDIXS via MPS-1000
Fleet Satellite Broadcast via DIGIBOXs
* Directory Update Service Center
What Purpose do FMX and DUSC

Ref 201.5
* Fleet Message eXchange
control fleet interface for CUDIXS and Fleet Broadcast
* Directory Update Service Center
provide updates to RI changes and changes to AIGS and CADS
What are the sites that have FMX/DUSC system

Ref 201.6
NCTAMS PAC, Honolulu, Hi
NCTAMS LANT, Norfolk, Va
NCTS EURCENT, Naples, Italy (FMX only)
Who is Master and Alternate DUSC stations

Ref 201.7
What is the purpose of MCS

Ref 207.8
Message Conversion System
* provide PLA to RI Conversion
What is the world-wide MCS RI

Ref 201.9
Define and stat the purpose of FSM

Ref 201.1
* Point to point connection via the ship's IP path which provides Naval Messaging services between the ship and the Pacific Message Center
* High Classfication is SECRET
Why all units commshifting to FSM needs a legacy route.

Ref 201.2
* legacy route so they can get Top Secret message traffic
* a back up route in the event IP services are lost
What is the purpose of MMS

Ref 201.3
Multi-Level Mail Server

Store and Forward Message traffic unit can accessed it by phone and is encrypted up to Top Secret
Define MUA

Ref 201.4
Master Update Authority
What Components do FMX and DUSC

Ref 201.5
* Fleet Message eXchange
CUDIXS via MPS-1000
Fleet Satellite Broadcast via DIGIBOXs
* Directory Update Service Center
What Purpose do FMX and DUSC

Ref 201.5
* Fleet Message eXchange
control fleet interface for CUDIXS and Fleet Broadcast
* Directory Update Service Center
provide updates to RI changes and changes to AIGS and CADS
What are the sites that have FMX/DUSC system

Ref 201.6
NCTAMS PAC, Honolulu, Hi
NCTAMS LANT, Norfolk, Va
NCTS EURCENT, Naples, Italy (FMX only)
Who is Master and Alternate DUSC stations

Ref 201.7
What is the purpose of MCS

Ref 207.8
Message Conversion System
* provide PLA to RI Conversion
What is the world-wide MCS RI

Ref 201.9
What are Lines 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Ref 201.12
* 1 Provides Routing info
* 2 Summarizes important info
* 4 Security info, warning, code
* 5 Precedence, DTG, msg handling
* 6 FM
* 7 TO
* 8 Info
* 9 Exempt
* 11 BT
* 12 MSG text
* 13 BT
* 14 Confirmation
* 15 End of msg

Ref 201.13
* ZBZ - How do you read me
* ZUJ - wait one/stand by
* ZEV - Acknowledged
* ZUG - Negative
* ZUE - Affimative
* ZES - MSG received but request retransmission
Define and state the purpose of CUDIXS

Ref 201.14
Common User Digital Information eXchange Subsystem

* for the receipt and transmission of narrative message traffic
* Classified up to Top Secret
List the site that have CUDIXS suites

Ref 201.15
NCTS Naples
NCTS Guam (MPS-1000s only)
What are the 4 major stallite footprints for CUDIXS network

Ref 201.16
* LANT Accessed by LANT & NAPLES
* CONUS Accessed by LANT & PAC
* PAC Accessed by PAC & Guam
* I/O Accessed by Guam & Naples
What is the purpose of MPS-1000

Ref 201.17
Provides global connectivity for CUDIXS
Define Fleet Satellite Broadcasts

Ref 201.18
a receive only messageing system for mobile units

Ref 201.18
* PMUL - Pacific Multiple Channel Broadcast
* LMUL - Atlantic Multiple Channel Broadcast
* IMUL - Indian Multiple Channel Broadcast
Define BCA

Ref 201.19
Broadcast Control Authority
Define BKS

Ref 201.19
Broadcast Keying Station
Define BCS

Ref 201.19
Broadcast Controlling Station
Define BRS

Ref 201.19
Broadcast Radiating Station
Define TMG

Ref 201.20
Tactical Message Gateway
* connects DMS to Nova
Define MLA

Ref 201.20
Mail List Agent
* Processes all Navy address List Collectives
Multi Function Interpreter

Ref 201.20
Conver DMS e-mail to AUTODIN
Personal Computer Message Terminal

Ref 201.20
Used to split message by classification and RI
Define DIT

Ref 201.20
Directory Information Tree
* DMS address Book
Define BMTA

Ref 201.20
Backbone Message Transfer Agent
* Connect all DMS infrastructure equipment between sites
Define LMTA

Ref 201.20
Local Message Transfer Agent
* Transfers message between the MLA's and BMTA's
Define VFC

Ref 201.20
Virtual Fortezza Card
* fortezza certificate memory chips
Define CAW

Ref 201.20
Cerification Authority Workstation
* create DMS signure and encryption certificates
What is X.400

Ref 201.20
DMS e-mail address
What is X.500

Ref 201.20
Location of PLA in the DMS Directory
Define DISA

Ref 202.1
Defense Information Systems Agency
* assure a global net-centric enterprise in direct support to joint warfighters
Define NCDOC

Ref 202.1
Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command
* 24/7 security and defense of Navy networks worldwide against persistent and adaptive threat
Define GNOSC

Ref 202.1
Global Network Operations and Security Center
* 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Define RNOSC

Ref 202.1
Regional Network Operation and Security Center
Define ENMS

Ref 202.1
tool that can be leveraged to provide a common RNOSC operational picture
Define TNOSC

Ref 202.1
Theater Network Operations Security Center

Ref 202.1
Military Sealift Command Afloat Network Operations Center

Ref 202.2
FLeeT Network Operations Center

Ref 202.3
UARNOC - Nofolk VA
PRNOC - Wahiawa, Hawaii
ECRNOC - Naples, Italy
IORNOC - Manama, Bahrain

Ref 202.5
Define Navy NIC

Ref 202.6
Navy Network Information Center
what is the GCIB for NIPRNET, SIPRNET, SI

Ref 202.7
Who is controlling authority for firewall

Ref 202.8
What is the instruction for computer network incidents

Ref 202.9
Which NOC's has SI

Ref 202.10
Define MOSS

Ref 202.11
Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server
Define CAS

Ref 202.11
Collaboration At Sea
Define JSIPS-N

Ref 202.11
Joint Services Imagery Processing Systems - Network
Define JCA

Ref 202.11
Joint Concentrator Architecture
Define HSGR

Ref 203.2 and 203.4
High Speed Global Ring
* the architecture
What is TNX-1100

Ref 203.2 and 203.4
core device
* the foundational componet
What is PSAX

Ref 203.2 and 203.4
edge device utilized to connect the DOD teleports
How many PrimaryHSGR SITES

Ref 203.3
5 Primary HSGR Sites
* NCTS San Diego
* NCTS Bahrain
* NCTS Naples
Define EHF FOT

Ref 203.5
Extremely High Frequency Follow-On-Terminal
Define NMT

Ref 203.5
Navy Multi-band Terminal
Define LDR

Ref 203.5
Low Data Rate
Define MDR

Ref 203.5
Medium Data Rate
Define NET

Ref 203.5
Networ Servervice
Define PTP

Ref 203.5
Where is can you find LMUL PMUL IMUL

Ref 203.6
LMUL - UFO 6&7, CH 1
PMUL - UFO 8, CH 1
IMUL - UFO 10, CH 1
Define TDMA and TIP

Ref 203.8
Time Division Multiple Access
Time division multiple access Interface Processor
What is Earth Coverage

Ref 203.9
a porion of the Earth seen by the satellite
Define CWSP

Ref 203.10
Commercial Wideband Satellite Program
Define CBSP

Ref 203.10
Commercial Broadband Satellite Program
Define DSCS

Ref 203.10
Defense Satellite Communications System
Define WGS

Ref 203.11
Wideband Global Satcom
What are the 5 Commericial Earth Stations

Ref 203.12
PAC Region
* Paumalu, Hi
* Brewster, WA
LANT Region
* Holmdel, NJ
* Fuchsstadt, Germany
* Oakhanger, UK (Commercial X-Band)
What are the 9 DSCS teleport STEP sites

Ref 203.13
* Wahiawa, HI
* Camp Roberts, CA
* Ft. Buckner, Japan
* North west, VA
* Landstuhl, Germany
* Ft Belvoir, VA
* Ft Detrick, Maryland
* Bahrain
* Lago Patria, Italy
What are the 3 INMARSAT earth staion

Ref 203.14
Laurentides, Canada
Auckland, New Zeland
Goonhilly, UK
Define ISDN

Ref 203.18
Integrated Services Digital Network
Define VIXS

Ref 203.18
Video Information Exchange System
Define DVSG

Ref 203.18
Disn Video Service Global
Define ANCC

Ref 203.19
Automated Network Control Center
Whats on the PIN for EIDWS

Ref 204
* Fouled Anchor
* Globe
* Ocean Waves
* Lightning Bolt
* Naval Officer's sword / Naval Enlisted Cutlass
Define JFTOC

Ref 204.1
Joint Fleet Telecommunications Operations Center
Define C5I

Ref 204.1
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Collaborations, Intelligence

Ref 204.1
Tactical PLANning
Define CAT

Ref 204.1
Communications Assist Team
Define NCTS

Ref 204.2
Naval Computer Telecommunicatoins Station
What is SAR/SAA procedures for EHF

Ref 204.4
Unit -> ISIC -> Numbered Fleet CMDR -> CPF -> PACOM -> RSSC-PAC
What is SAR/SAA procedures for INMARSAT

Ref 204.4
Unit -> ISIC -> Numbered Fleet CMDR -> NCTAMS TACPLANS / JFTOC
What is SAR/SAA procedures for CBSP

Ref 204.4
What is SAR/SAA procedures for SHF DSCS / CBSP (X-Band)

Ref 204.4
Unit -> ISIC -> Numbered Fleet CMDR -> CPF -> PACOM -> RSSC-PAC
Define KM

Ref 204.5
Knowledge Management
Define ASI

Ref 204.5
Authorized Service Interruption
Define AESOP

Ref 204.5
Afloat Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Program
* Cover a wide range of situations, from single ship training to large-scale multiple Strike Group operations.
Define CCS

Ref 204.5
Communications Control Ship
Define IMO

Ref 206.1
Information Management Officer
Define TPI

Ref 206.3
Two Person Integrity
* handling, signing, inventory, and destruction for all keying material
What are the COMSEC incidents

Ref 206.4
Cyptographic - Loading superseded key
Personnel - Espionage
Physical - physical loss of COMSEC material
What is PDS and what type are there

Ref 206.4
Practices Dangerous to Security
* out side the command
* up to the CO
ISIC EKMS inspecions happen every

Ref 206.5
24 months
CMS Advise and Assist visist happens every

Ref 206.6
90 days
The CO CMS inspection

Ref 206.7
What is the Purpose of the EKMS Manager
* individual designated in writing by the CO to manage COMSEC material issued to a EKMS account
* is the CO's Primary advisor on COMSEC material
What is FCC 100

Ref 207.1
a device that supporst digital and analog user interfaces
What is WSC-3

Ref 207.2
* a UHF satellite terminal and LOS transceiver
* operates in two modes Satellite and LOS mode
Define DMR

Ref 207.3
Digital Modular Radio
* based on wireless information transfer technology
Define DAMA

Ref 207.4
Demand Assigned Multiple Access
* time-division multiplexing
DAMA Operation Modes

Ref 207.5
AC - Automated Control
DC - Distributed Control

Ref 207.6
MILitary SATellite COMmunications
Define SSA

Ref 207.7
Satellite Signal Analyzer
Define VoIP

Ref 207.8
Voice over Internet Protocol
Define DSN

Ref 207.8
Defense Switched Network
Define DRSN

Ref 207.8
Defense Red Switched Network
Define POTS

Ref 207.8
Plain Old Telephone Service
Define APTS

Ref 207.8
Afloat Personal Telecommunications Prgram
Define STE

Ref 207.8
Secure Terminal Equipment
What is the Premise Router

Ref 205.1/2
Connection point for each NOC to the DISN network, back up connection to NMCI B1
What is the OSSR

Ref 205.1/2
Outer Security Screening Router
Provides load balancing
How many Firewalls

Ref 205.1/2
3 on Niper
2 on Siper
What is the ISSR

Ref 205.1/2
Inner Security Screening Router
Provides load balancing
What is the VSCAN

Ref 205.1/2
Virus Scanner
scans inbound and outbound email
FLT 3 Nipr 2 Sipr
DISN 3 Nipr 2 Sipr
How many DNS and Mail Server

Ref 205.1/2
2 NIPR/SIPR external DNS

3 NIPR/SIPR mail server
What is the Fleet Router

Ref 205.1/2
IP connectivity to the ADNS network for Fleet units
What is the Print Server

Ref 205.3
device that is connected to one or more printers
What is the File Server

Ref 205.3
Providing a location for the shared storage of computer files
What is the Mail Server

Ref 205.3
computer that stores and transfers electronic mail form one computer to another
What is DNS Server

Ref 205.3
What is Web Server

Ref 205.3
a computer that delivers web content
Define RAID

Ref 205.4
Reduandant Array of Independent Disks
Define RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5

Ref 205.4
RAID 0 - Striping without parity
RAID 1 - Mirroring
RAID 5 - Striping with Distributed parity
Define OWA

Ref 205.4
Outlook Web Access

Ref 205.8
TIER ONE - help desk
What are the following PORTS
20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 443

Ref 205.9
20 - FTP data Transfer
21 - FTP Control
22 - SSH
23 - Telnet
25 - SMTP
53 - DNS
80 - HTTP
110 - POP3
443 - HTTPS
Define IEEE

Ref 205.10
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Define UTP and STP

Ref 205.11
Unshielded Twisted-Pair
Shielded Twisted-Pair
Define CANES

Ref 205.13
Consolidated Afloat Network and Enterprise Services
Define EKMS

Ref 303.1
Electronic Key Management System