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What has the biggest effect on the space environment?
The Sun
What are three Space mission areas?
Space Force enhancement
Space Support
Space Control
What type of orbit is at altitudes between approximately 150-800 above the Earths surface?
Low Earth Orbit
What type of orbit is in the region of space above low Earth orbit and below geostationary orbit, GPS and comms satellites over the Poles are typically used in this orbit?
Medium Earth Orbit
What orbit has an inclination of 90 degrees,is usually circular, and passes over the entire surface of the Earth?
Polar Orbit
What is the distance from the center of the earth to the point on the elliptical orbit farthest away?
What is the distance from the center of the Earth to the nearest point of the orbit?
What are the two main Space launch facilites?
Cape Canaveral, FL
Kennedy Space Center, FL
What Navy satellite system replaced FLTSAT?
Navy UHF Follow On
What is a high capacity, SHF based subsystem of the Defense Communications System?
What does Defense Communications System(DCS) provide?
Jam resistant, secure voice, high data rate communications for command and control.
Desrcribe the GPS?
A satellite based radio navigation system with precise positioning, navigation and timing.
How many satellites make up the GPS constellation?
What is WGS?
Wideband Global SATCOM system, provides services to DSCS and GBS satellites.
What is GBS?
Global Broadcast service, provides high-volume data and video information to military tactical terminals.
What are the components of space situational awareness?
Environmental Monitoring
Space Common Operational Picture
What are the key objectives of Space Situational Awareness?
1. Ensure space operations and spaceflight safety.
2. Implement international treaties and agreements.
3. Protect space capabilities.
4. Protect military operations and national interests.
What is the branch of astronomy that relates to the precise measurements and explainations of the positions and movements of stars?