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Give the definition of civilization.
Advanced Culture
Give the definition of polytheism.
The belief in many gods.
What was Egypt's most popular god? What did the Egyptians believe about him?
The god was Osiris, and the Egyptians believed that he symbolized life after death.
What did the Egyptians believe Isis's tears were?
The flooding of the Nile in late summer.
Who was Isis? What human emotions did she show?
She was Osiris's sister - she symbolized sadness.
Why was the Rosetta stone important?
It made it possible to translate hieroglyphs, because of the Greek inscriptions.
What was that guy's name he told us to remember (lol)? And what did he do?
Jean - Francois Champollion, and he was the first person to decipher hieroglyphics.
Who was the most powerful god?
Rah/ Ra - Sun god
Cleopatra was who...?
She was the last ruler of Egypt.
What is a dynasty?
Time period when one family rules.
What is an inundation?
What type of goverment did Egypt have?
Monarchy - ruled by kind or queen.
What was a pharaoh?
They were considered gods.
What is a bureaucracy?
Specially trained government officals.
What was the Book of the Dead?
A Guide to the Afterlife.
Was agriculture important?
What was Egypt's social structure?
Royalty, nobles, priests, then artisans, scribes, governmant officials, merchants, and lowest was farmers and slaves. It was very similar to Mesopotamia.
What is social mobility?
The ability to move up and down in social classes.
What things did the Egyptians invent?
The 365 day Calender, Medicine, Math, pyramids.
What kind of art did they have?
Elaborate art, architechure, papyrus, directions, hieroglyphics.