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When did Kino awake?
in the near dark
What were some of the animals that Kino saw?
pigs, birds, roosters, a goat, a thin dog, and ants.
What were the pigs doing?
they were beginning their ceaseless turning of twigs and bits of wood to find food.
Who was Kino's wife?
What did Kino look at first?
At the lightening square which was the door
What did he look at next?
At the hanging box where Coyotito slept
What did Kino turn his head to?
to Juana
What did Juana lay beside Kino on?
on a mat
What was over her nose, breasts, and around the small of her neck?
Her blue head shawl
What did Juana's dark eyes make?
little reflected stars
Who listened to Kino's music?
him alone or maybe all of his people
What had his people once been?
great makers of songs
What did these songs contain?
whatever the people heard, saw, did, or thought
What would Kino call the present song if he had been able to speak of it?
The Song of the Family
What blustered in to find the fire?
a moth
Why did Kino put on his sandals and go outside?
to watch the dawn
What animal came near to Kino and sniffed at him and stares with its cold yellow eyes?
a goat
What was the rhythm of the family song?
the grinding-stone where Juana worked the corn for the morning cakes
How was the dawn described?
A wash, a glow, a lightness and then an explosion of fire as the sun arose out of the Gulf
What could Kino hear and smell when he was outside?
The pat of the corn-cakes in the house and the rich smell of them on the cooking plate
What were the ants doing?
a dusty ant trying to escape the sand trap that an ant lion dug for him.
What did Kino say he watched the ant 'with'?
the detachment of God
What came close to Kino?
a thin, timid dog
Describe the dog?
it was a black dog with yellow-gold spots where its eyebrows should have been
What was Juana singing and describe it?
An ancient song that had only three notes and yet endless variety of interval
What did the song say?
this is safety, this is warmth, this is the Whole.
Describe Kino.
He was young and strong with black hair that hung over his brwon forehead. His eyes were warm and fierce and bright and his moustache wat hin and coarse.
Near the brush house, what were the two roosters doing?
they bowed and feintes at each other with squared wings and neck feathers ruffed out. They were in a 'clumsy fight'.
What did Kino say the roosters were not?
that they weren't game chickens
What did Kino's eyes go up to after looking at the roosters?
aqt a flight of wild doves
In the beginning of chapter 1, where were a covey of little birds chittering and flurryig with their wings?
outside the brush house in the tuna clump
What did Juana do with her black hair?
She combed it and braided it in two braids and tied the ends with thin green ribbon
What did Kino have as his usual breakfast?
he had a hot corn-cake which he dipped in sacue and drank a little pulque
What nearly killed him on one incredible fiesta?
What was not needed in Kino and Juana's realtionship for it was only a habit anyway?
speech (talking)duh
What was 'conversation' to say that breakfast was good to Kino?
kino's sighing with satisfaction after eating
What was moving slowly down the rope that hung the baby;s hanging box from the roof support?
a scorpion
What new song was now in Kino's mind?
the Song of Evil
, the music of the enemy, of any foe of the family, a savage, secret, dangerous melody
What did Juana repeat under her breath?
an anicent magic to guard against such evil, and on top of that, a Hail Mary between clenched teeth
Where did the scorpion bite Coyotito?
on his shoulder
What did Kino do with he scorpion?
He rubbed it to a paste in his hand, threw it down and beat it into the earth floor with his fist
Who was Kino's brother and his sister in law?
Jaun Tom`as and his fat wife Apolonia
Hiw many children did Juan and his wife have?
They had four children
What were the symptoms that the neighbours knew would occur if a baby got stung by a scorpion?
first the swelling and fever and then tightened throat, then cramps in the stomach, then death (probably if enough poison had gone in)
What did Kino say was in his wife Juana?