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Wrote "Fragments" which were published in 1778
Hermann Samuel Reimarus
What was Reimarus' explanation of the resurrection of Jesus?
Fraud. The disciples stole the body and hid it.
Wrote "Life of Jesus on the Basis of a Purely Historical Account of Early Christianity" published in two volumes in 1828.
Herbert Eberhard Gottlied Paulus
What was Paulus' explanation of the resurrection of Jesus?
Resuscitation. He merely fell into a coma from which he later revived.
Wrote "Life of Jesus Critically Examined"
David Friedrich Strauss
What was Strauss' explanation of the resurrection of Jesus?
The stories about his resurrection of Jesus are myths
What was C.S. Lewis' answer to Strauss' assertions that the resurrection stories are myths?
"They don't sound like myth."
Wrote "Critical and Philosophical Study of the Gospel History"
Christian Weisse
What was Weisse's view of the resurrection of Jesus.
Myth combined with historical fact in that the disciples believed that the appearances of Jesus that they saw were of a resurrected Jesus.
What was Weiss's view about a physical resurrection of Jesus
The resurrection of Jesus is a fact that belongs to the domain of the spiritual and psychic life, not related to corporeal existence
What was Rudolf Bultmann's view of the resurrection of Jesus
The resurrection of Jesus is essentially the continuing power of the crucified Lord to grasp our lives.
What was John Macquarrie's response to Bultmann's view of the resurrection of Jesus
That Paul stated, "If Christ be not raised, your faith is in vain." The historical fact of the resurrection is, therefore, important.
What did Pinchas Lapide think the Bible meant by "the third day"
This is a reference to God's mercy, not actual time. "The Holy One, Blessed be His Name, never lets the just stay in afflication longer than three days." (Midrash Rabbah, Hos. 6:2.
What is a theophany?
A visible manifestation of God to humans