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What hardships did the Native Americans suffer because of the Columbian Exchange?
Native Americans suffered from diseases, being forced to work on plantations and mines and were killed for their land and wealth.
Why did the Native American population decline( die off) so rapidly (quickly)?
The population declined because of disease and the poor working conditions they were exposed to.
What happened to the Aztec and Inca Civilizations?
The Aztecs were killed off by the Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortes.

The Incas were killed off by the Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizzaro
What products did Native Americans spread to Europe?
The Native American products that spread throughout Europe were
How was Cortes able to defeat the Aztecs?
Cortes was able to defeat the Aztecs because
Who's culture was effected more because of the Columbian Exchange?
The ______________were effected more because
Who benefited the most from the Columbian Exchange?
The ______________benefited the most from the Columbian Exchange because
Why did conquistadors come to America?
Conquistadors came to America
What did missionaries do?

Why would Native Americans be upset and attack missions?
Missionaries tried to

Native Americans would attack missions because
Define: Columbian Exchange
The Columbian Exchange was
What began the Columbian Exchange and colonization of America?
The Colombian Exchange and colonization of America began because of