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What is the typical unity gain bandwidth of a 741 op amp?
What is the max current the a 741 op amp can source?
What are the two "golden" laws when analyzing an op amp circuit with negative feedback?
1. bias current = 0
2. voltage at each input terminal is exactly equal
Give the gain equation for a non-inverting op amp.
A = 1 + Rf/R1
Give the gain equation for an inverting op amp.
A = -(Rf/R1)
What is the problem with using very small feedback resistors?
Op Amps cannot source very much current.
What is the problem with using very large feedback resistors?
Non-idealities become more of an issue.
What is the load current formula for a Howland VCIS amplifier?
IL = Vin/R
What is the gain formula for a differential amplifier?
Vo = R2/R1(V2-V1)
V2 = non-inverting terminal