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probability sampling
a random method of selection in which the researcher knows the probability of selection from a population
purposeful sampling
an intentional method of selection in which the researcher selects particular individuals because they will be especially informative
simple random sampling
each member of the sampling has the same probability of being selected
systematic sampling
every nth member of the population is selected
stratified sampling
population is divided into subgroups, then subjects are selected from subgroups using simple random or systematic procedures
proportional stratified sampling
number of subjects in each strata reflects proportion in population
disproportional stratified sampling
number of subjects in each strata does not reflect proportion in population
cluster sampling
random selection of naturally occuring groups (universities, schools, classrooms, city blocks, households)
nonprobability sampling
probability of selection unknown
convenience sampling
a group of subjects selected based on availability
quota sampling
nonrandom sampling representative of a target population
maximum variation sampling
subjects are selected from both ends of a continuum to represent extreme cases