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A typical requirement of all disciplinary actions
basic fairness
Use of corporal punishment does not constitute a violation of the 8th Amendment (cruel & unusual)
Ingraham v. Wright (1977)
established the difference between short and long term suspension. Less than 10 days require minimal due process. More than 10 requires full due process.
Goss v. Lopez (1975)
Goss determines that "this" is all that is required for minor infractions
minimal due process
If a hearing is held with the Board, "this" must be followed.
full due process
This provision of the EHA prohibits schools from unilaterally excluding disabled children from the classroom for dangerous or disruptive conduct stemming form their disabilities
stay put provision
This case has 3 prongs
Tinker v Des Moines
What are the 3 prongs?
1. Students do not shed their Constitutional rights at the school house door.
2. Principals can't make rules to discipline students because they disagree with them.
3. Principals CAN discipline students if they can prove their behavior will cause a disruption of the school day.
This court case gave schools the right to discipline students using obscene or vulgar speech.
Bethel v Fraser
Schools have the obligation to teach civility
Bethel v Fraser
Student work such as newspapers or any document given out by students in school can be censored by administration
Hazelwood v Kuhlmeier
These must be shown to:
cut down on referrals; improve student achievement; and not cost more than regular ones
school uniforms
This case gave schools the right to search a student with reasonable suspicion rather than probable cause
NJ v T.L.O
Vernonia Sch Dist 47 v Acton & Bd of Educ v Earls are both Landmark cases dealing with what?
Right to have students participating in extracurricular activities submit to random drug tests (urinalysis)
Bd of Educ vs Rowley
deaf student--level 4 interpreter
SCourt found that schools only have to provide a Chevrolet education vs a Cadillac.
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Timely
Debra P v Turlington
racially discriminatory state exams
Court said tests were valid and did not discriminate. Remediation has to be a componnt of high stakes testing
Davis v Monroe County Bd of Educ
Student sexually harassed in classrom for 3 mo. SCourt rules schools are liable when the harassment is not dealt with, it interferes with learning (Title IX)
Davis v Monroe County Bd of Educ
S Court called the school "deliberately indifferent"
Irving v Tatro
special education case; schools are responsible for providing medical procedures if they will allow a student to stay in school.--defined what supportive services a school should provide
Honig v Doe
students school "stay put" until a Maniestation Determination Hearing can be held to see if their disability caused the behavior and if a school was responsible for not providingn services to the student.