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cerebal palsy
A condition caused by damage to the motor control centers of the brain before birth, during the birth process, or after birth.
criterion-referenced test
A test designed to measure a child's development in terms of absolute levels of mastery,as opposed to the child's status relative to other children.
A person who possesses both a severe hearing loss and severe loss of vision.
The ability to apply a skill learned in one situation to a new one.
person-centered programs
they identify and develop the interests, desires, and talents of each individual, rather than fitting the person to a preconceived "system-centered" program.
person-centered curriculum
A curriculum that focuses on the specific strengths and needs of an individual
person-centered planning
A dynamic approach to helping communities respond to the needs of individuals with disabilities.
portfolio assessment
Utilizing samples of students' work to evaluate their progress.
self-determination skills
A curriculum that teaches a student with disabilities how to make individual decisions and personal choices.
sheltered workshop
A not-for-profit facility providing vocational services to adults with disabilities.
supportive competitive employment
An employment strategy that allows individuals to receive support, based on their needs, for job-related skills so that they can eventually be placed in full or part time jobs in the market. Support options may include job training, assistance with locating employment, and on-site job coaching.
Usher syndrome
a progressive degeneration of vision and hearing occurring some years after birth.