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Define Formal Philosophy
Worldly questions.
Define Educational Philosophy
What will I teach?
Define Traditional Philosophy
Plato, Soctrates, Aristotle...
Philosophy Approach:
Descriptive Philosophy
How the world ought to be; schools of thought; seeks understanding of human life.
Philosophy Approach:
Values, what ought to be
Philosophy Approach:
Analysis of language; clarify concepts and beleifs
Philosophy Branch:
What is the nature of reality?
Philosophy Branch:
What is the nature of knowledge?
Philosophy Branch:
What is the nature of values?
Things that exist in the mind exist wether they exist in reality or not. Literature and logic=<3
The nature of the material.
Blank Slate (Terr raza)
Get to know reality by faith and science. God gives meaning and purpose to you and the universe. Goodness follows reason. Ignorance is the source of evil.
Pragmatism (Dewey)
Understanding comes from hands-on activity. Experience.
Return to the past for absolutes, universal truths, reasons of faith. Teaching should be well educated and an intellectual coach with a good memory.
"Cultural Literacy." Go back to the Great Book Series. Literacy if the glue of a society.
Leaning by doing. Group learning, problem solving, and projects. It's governed by the present and melds subjects together. Teacher is socially oriented. Gardener likes this method.
Skinner's box. Trained by what happens when a certain action is taken.
Searches for absolute truth. Leading practive of teachers today. "Eclectic"- takes thoughts of different things from different places. Combines idealism and realism. Wants schools to be academic, not teaching students "what is friendly." Standardized testing <3 Faith in the wisdom of the past, moral literacy.
A teacher can not alter a student, but can alter behavior by conditioning the student.
Promotes freedom, authenticity, responisibility, choice, paradox, and human subjectivity (student-centered.) Humanities are favored, seeks self awareness. Standadized tests </3
Social reconstructionism
Think Tank environment, people sit down and think. Opposed to testing.
Against Hersh. Moral literacy is far superior to cultural literacy.
***School Tracks (3)
Not Challenging/Average/AP Student
***What is the single most important variable affecting the difference in test scores?
Social Class. Second was background of friends.
***Disproportionaly representation of at risk population are all:
Ethnic minority, non-english speaking, children of single families.
Project Zero- how we know what we know. Frames of the mind. Multiple intellegences.
Interplay between what the child already knows and what the teacher provides.
***John Lock
Enphasis is always on the student. Constructivist.
Constructivist, ask open ended questions, not yes or no ones. Teacher promotes problem solving and presents material.
1st Ammedment
Freedom of Speech, the establishment clause. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting it. Seperation of church and state.
Everson vs Board of Education
You can use public funds to transport kids to secular places.
4th Ammedment
Search with probable cause
14th ammendment
Due process
***Prayer before class?
***Lee vs Weisman
No prayer allowed at graduation. You can only teach the bible as literature.
***Lemon Test
3 characteristiscs determin whether aid violates satute clause.
Secular legislative purpose
Primary advance must be one that doesn't promote religion
Must not fauster an excessive entanglement with religion
***Pierce vs Society of Sisters
Court recognized:
Right of parents to educate their students in private schools
Right of state to require teachers to be certified
Right of state to require the curriculum of private schools to meet state guidelines.
General ideals you intend to reach
Specific clearly defined, observable aims.
Blooms Taxonomy
Levels of understanding. Knowledge, comrehension, application, analysis, syntheis, evaluation.
***Theodore Seizer
Reformist, a historical prespective. Wanted schools to teach math, science, greek...
Nation at Risk
Broke up the idea that everything was right in education.
***Diane Ravitch
As time goes by, so does the perception of what a good school is. School environment is important, children should be given high expectations, academic subjects should be well-known.
***Robert Ebel
Moral knowledge deserves an utmost ranking in the curriculum. Destinction between knowledge and information.