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In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court has heard a landmark case known as Brown vs. Board of Education of...
When was the report "A Nation at Risk" published?
Normal schools were...
Teacher preparation institutions
Which movement was led by Horace Mann?
Common School
What was the Latin Grammar School in the New England colonies?
A secondary school
According to Kottak, is there such a thing as the "American culture"?
What is ethnocentrism?
Tendency to view one’s own culture as superior to others
Which of the following is an example of a linguistic symbol?
The word “Dog”
The word “Letter”
The word “Symbol”
(All of These)
According to Kottak, what is the main way of acquiring culture?
Through observation and interaction with others
What does Kottak call the subculture?
A smaller culture within a larger culture
Which country relies mainly on strong local control over schools?
From where did the whole language movement originated?
New Zealand
In which industrialized countries public schools provide religious education? (Do you ignore tables when you read?)
(All of These)
How high are American teachers' salaries in comparison to teacher salaries in other major industrialized countries (in terms of GDP percentage?).
Lower than most
The grant schools in Great Britain are...
Funded directly by the national government
The concept of "human capital" describes the following hypothesis:
Investment in schools results in economic growth
What is the major political goal of public schooling?
To educate future citizens and political leaders
Spring names three main purposes of public schooling:
(All of These)
The Head Start program is an example of which purpose of public schooling?
The notion of educational inflation refers to the following:
Increasing the number of high schools and college graduates might result in decreasing the economic value of education
Transitional bilingual education…
Helps students to learn English
Which of the statements below reflects Lisa Delpit’s position?
Teachers should teach Standard English to minority kids
According to Sonia Neito, what is the relationship between critical pedagogy and multicultural education?
Critical pedagogy is included in multicultural education
Which culture is dominant in the United States?
What is empowerment?
Raising self-esteem through ethnic studies
Which educational practices may limit the role of school in providing equality of opportunity?
Ability grouping
Unequal school expenditures
(All of These)
In which of the two models (the Common School, and the Sorting Machine) is the school supposed to provide equal education?
In Common School Only
How has income inequality changed in the U.S. in the last two decades of the XX century?
Social Reproduction means that...
The schools reproduce the social-class structures of society
The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy describes...
Influence of teacher expectations on student performance
How do most of practicing teachers feel about inclusion?
Do Not support inclusion
In the Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975, what is IEP?
Individual Education Plan
How do M. and D. Sadker explain that by the end of high school girls are behind boys in academic achievement?
Girls self-esteem declines during their school years
Which definition of second-generation segregation is true?
Form of racial segregation through tracking, ability grouping, and special education
In the U.S., within which race the income inequality is the lowest?
Frank Margonis...
Offers an alternative perspective on the political economy of school reform
How do Passow and Kirst describe the shift from the "first wave" to the "second wave" of the contemporary school reform?
From centralization to decentralization of authority
What is a "voucher" system in education?
Families chose schools, the state pays the schools for each student
Which president and when announced the report America 2000: An Educational Strategy?
George Bush in 1991
How many goals from Clinton's Goals 2000: Educate America Act have been actually achieved by the year 2000?
Almost none
What was Socrates’ favorite teaching method?
Now let's see the general knowledge you possess as an educated person. Who wrote the "Parable of the Cave?"
Metaphysics is...
Theory of Reality
A.S.Neil belongs to which approach to educational philosophy?
Token economy is a system in which students earn tokens for extra work, good discipline, and success in learning. The token can be redeemed for extra food, access to computer games, and other goodies. Which educational philosophy would most likely endorse the token economies?