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we speak 200 wpm but
our brain can process 700-800 wpm
the best teacher has students attention
20-40% of the time
the brain is a
pattern making and meaning seeking machine
student choice is
the single best way to keep attention
feedback is the single best way to
increase motivation.

3:1 ratio
pos feeback : corrective feedback
lessons should be taught in
short bursts:

students age + 5 mins
we remember beginning and ending learning best
permanent mastry of learning requires
perfect practice
chunk info into
groups of 7 plus or minus 2
high student expectations must be accomanied by
high support
break time is
essential for processing info
iq scores can vary as much as
40 points.

students iq can change by 20 points
VAK practice allows
new info to be stored in several memory locations.
repeat review summarize in
10 min

24 hours

48 hours

7 days