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explain the changes that account for the brawny, fibrotic skin changes seen in pts with chronic venous insufficiency and the predisposition toward skin ulceration--particularly in the medial malleolar area
* chronic exposure to elevated venous pressure by the postcapillary venules in the legs leads to:
*leakage of fibrinogen and growth factors into the intersitital space
*leukocyte aggregation and activation
*obliteration of the cutaneous lymphatic network
lower extremity swelling is a familiary complication of:
1. calcium channel blockers (particularly felodipine and amlodipine)
2. thioglitazones
3. minoxidil
4. prolonged airline flights (>10 hours)
what is a hallmark of chronic venous insufficiency? ulcer located over the medial malleolus
2. calf strain/swelling
what are diagnostic studies for DVT?
1. color duplex ultrasonograpy
2. ABPI=ankle-brachial pressure index
Lower extremity edema:
essential inquiries
1. hx of venous thromboembolism
2. symmetry
3. pain
4. dependence