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EKD-CH1 1/46 p12

(1C) P (P) ?
holding: AKJ10 K4 9432 987
1S. You can pass any response by partner.
EKD-CH1-2 p13
NO TRUMP: Before your opening leads why must you note any artificial bids made by opponents?
If partner did NOT double it tells you something. Very importnant to note when you have a weak hand.
EKD-CH1-3 p13
NO TRUMP: When your side is not bidding why should you think before you pass?
You may be able to double an artificial bid for lead direction.
EKD-CH1-4 p14
NO TRUMP: Why is it better to lead a major, all things being equal?
It is more likely that opponents would overlook a minor. Therefore if they have not bid a major chances are its good for you.
EKD-CH1-5 p15
NO TRUMP: Which suit it a better O.L.?
H: Q952 D: K1063
Lead a heart, unless the minor has a sequence, or the bidding says otherwise.
EKD-CH1-6 p15
(1D) P (1H) P
(3D) P (3NT) your O.L with:
Jxxxx 982 Q4 KQ8
KC. Attack, based on bidding & your diamonds. When opponents may have 6-7 running tricks leads from short strong suits better then ones from long weak suits.
EKD-CH1-7 P16
(1C) P (1H) P
(1NT) P (2NT) P
(3NT) all pass
O.L.: 853 107432 83 K93
8D. creepy crawly to game. They have min, you w/3HCP partner has points,they bid your suit, and no 1S overcall.
EKD-CH1-8 p16
NO TRUMP: Which do you lead?
AQxx vs AQxxx
With only 4 this is a very bad lead, with more it is a very good NT opening lead.
EKD-CH1-9 p17
against 3NT? 6NT?
Q104 K10432 1098 108
3Nt: 3H 6NT:10D
In slam you are not trying to set up tricks, just get 2. Don't give anything away.
EKD-CH1-10 p18
What is a No Trump 'perfect' sequence? an 'imperfect' one?
Perfect: 3+ touching cards headed by an honor usually a 4+ cd suit.Imperfect missing the third ie.: AKJx or 1097x
EKD-CH1-11 p18
NO TRUMP: What do you lead from 3 small?
Lead the top unless partner bid it and you did NOT support it. (you must then show count)
EKD-CH1-12 p18
NO TRUMP: Which card from:
9732? 10732
Lead the 7 from 9732, 9 may be too valuable to give up. With a 10732 lead low if thats all you have, lead the 7 if you want another suit led back; Leading low shows a stronger suit.
EKD-CH1-13 p18
NO TRUMP: Which do you pick to lead?
S: 10732 or C:AQJ7
Lead the 7 of spades.
EKD-CH1-14 p18
NO TRUMP: Your lead with 5 or 6 in the suit:
No outside entry?
With outside entry?
No entry: Lead high or another suit.
With an entry: Lead the 4th.
(1NT) P (3NT) all pass
AQ94 742 J95 43
7H. Don't lead from a 4 card suit headed by AQ, lead the top of nothing in the other major.
EKD-CH1-16 p20

NO TRUMP: Your lead from--
HHxx vs HHx
With 4 cards headed by touching honors lead 4th best. With 3 lead the top honor except from AKx. Lead the K, because the lead of an A in a NT contract shows 4 honors- and asks partner to throw an honor if she has it.
EKD-CH1-17 p20
NO TRUMP: Your lead from:
A10x K10x or Q10x
Lead low.
EKD-CH1-18 p20
NO TRUMP: Your lead from:
AJx or KJx?
Lead the J, trying to unblock.
EKD-CH1-19 p20
NO TRUMP: Your lead from:
The Q.
EKD-CH1-20 p20
(1N) P (2C) P
(2S) P (3NT)
xxxxx J10 Qxx Jxx
How many hearts does partner have?
4 or 5. When you are short in a major that dummy implies she has 4 of and 1NT opener rejects partner should be long.
EKD-CH1-21 p21

What is 'Jack Denies'?
A lead convention that a J denies a higher card. In desperate situations it could be from AJx or KJx.
EKD-CH1-22 p21
Playing Jack Denies,what card do you lead?
The 10. If partner holds or sees the 9 she knows that you have the J and one higher. (Seeing the J, it is top of nothing).
EKD-CH1-23 p21

Playing Jack Denies, your lead:
A109 K109 Q109
The 9. If partner holds or sees the 10, it is the top of nothing.
EKD-CH1-24 p21
When you lead the J from J109
is it only on opening lead that it denies a higher honor?
No. Through out the play.
EKD-CH1-25 p22
Standard Lead?
Conventional Lead?
Standard is the K - an almost perfect sequence.
Conventional is the Q asking partner to unblock J. If partner plays low (denying A) switch suits(bath coup at work). Use this in NT or suit.
EKD-CH1-26 p22

NO TRUMP: Lead from:
AK109 from: AQ109
With only 4 play the 9.
With more, Play the A from AK and the Q from AQ.
EKD-CH1-27 p22
NO TRUMP: Your lead from: AKQ10,AKJ10,AKJ9,AQJ10
What is your lead?
Lead the A. It announces 4 honors and asks partner to unblock the missing honor.
10=an honor and AKJ9 is included if the suit is longer that 4 cards(with only 4 lead the 4th best). (When unblocking 10 is NOT an honor.)
EKD-CH1-28 p22
NO TRUMP:When leading a suit that partner bid but you did not support, what is critical?
To give count. Do not lead the top of a 3 card sequence. Lead low.
EKD-CH1-29 p22
NO TRUMP:When you bid a suit and partner supported it, what does her low lead mean?
It guarantees and honor.
EKD-CH1-30 p22
NO TRUMP:Opponents bid a suit and you hold for example: AJ10xx, KJ10xx,A109xx, what do you think?
Your suit is only good for 1 or two tricks unless partner has a missing honor singleton or dblton. Lead Low.
EKD-CH1-31 p22
NO TRUMP: When partner leads low a suit that opponents bid, what do you know?
She has 3 honors in it.
EKD-CH1-32 p22
(1H) P (1S) P
(2H) P (2NT) P
w/ KQJ63 864 A87 96
Lead the 6S. If partner has the Ax or 10x, you can establish the suit.
EKD-CH1-33 p24
a.A b.K c.Q
What do the O.L.'s show?
a. 4 honors, please unblock
b. KQJ KQ10 sometimes KQx or AKx
c. QJ10, QJ9, sometimes QJx
or KQ109 (std lead is K) partner unblocks J -- If partner bid the suit it could be Hx or Hxx
EKD-CH1-34 p24
d.J e.10 f.9
What do the O.L.'s show?
d. J109, J108, J10x - 'Jack Denies', it is the highest(rarely KJx or AJx to unblock)
e. top of seq. or promises J and K or A, denies Q.
f. top of seq rarely. or promises 10 and 1 higher, denies the J.
EKD-CH1-35 p24
h. low spot
What do the O.L.'s show?
g. top of nothing or 4th best.
h. Usually 4th best.Guarantees honor if bid&supported. If bid & not supported count/possibly honor. If its opponents suit show 3 honors.
EKD-CH1-36 p25
(1D) P (1H) P
(1N) P (2N) P
(3N) P P P
O.L.: 764 Q8752 872 108
Creeped to 3NT, partner has points. Partner could have overcalled on 1 level and did not. Lead 10C.
EKD-CH1-37 p26
After stayman opener bid a major, contract is 3NT, What should you lead?
Each opponent has a major, think about leading a good minor
EKD-CH1-38 p26
(3C) P (3NT) all P
Opp Vul.
with: J1098 AQ4 Q832 53
AH. You don't have time to establish tricks. They have 7 club tricks.
EKD-CH1-39 p27
(1N) P (2N) P
K104 Q752 J109 AQ10
JD. Don't give anything away. No hurry needed.
EKD-CH1-40 p27
(1C) P (1H) P
(1N) P (2N) P
a. QJx Axx Jx QJ10xx
b. 432 6532 J63 Q52
a. 6C. When they bid the suit and you have only 3 honors lead low to preven blocking if part has Hx.
b. 3D. Partner did not overcall spades & you are broke.
EKD-CH1-41 p27
When partner leads an A on No Trump contract, what is she saying and what do you do?
She is promising 4 honors. The 10 is an honor. AKJ9 is also possible. Please unblock or give count.(When unblocking 10 is NOT an honor.)
EKD-CH1-42 p27
NO TRUMP:Pick your lead:
a. 1065 b. 9643
a. 5
b. 6 (don't confuse with the 9) [if bid by pard. and not supported show count]
EKD-CH1-43 p27
NO TRUMP: Pick your lead--
a. AK1094
b. AQ1094
a. A with outside entry or 9

b. 9, unless you think K is in dummy, then lead Q.
NO TRUMP: Your lead?
a. QJ965 d. Q10954
b. AKJ98 e. KQ1096
c. 7543 f. QJxx
a. Q d. 9
b. A e. Q (asks partner to unblock the J)
c. 7 f. x
EKD-CH1-45 p30
NO TRUMP:When would you lead the J from J10x or Jx?
From J10x if it was an unbid suit or partner bid and you supported it. From Jx if partner had bid it or you are looking for partner's suit.
EKD-CH1-46 p30
NO TRUMP:Lead from 5 or 6 worthless cards?
4th best if you have an outside entry or two other wise just lead the top of the suit.
EKD-CH2-1/37 p31

SUIT LEADS: Identify some 'active' leads?
Low from the Q or K. A without the K. Away from a tenace.
EKD-CH2-2 p31
SUIT LEADS: Name a couple of 'passive' leads.
The waiting game.
Trump. Opponent's suit.
EKD-CH2-3 p31

SUIT LEADS: What are the two main ways of getting rid of losers?
Ruffing in the short hand. discarding them on an established suit.
EKD-CH2-4 p31
SUIT CONTRACT: If you fear decarer will ruff in the short hand, what is your lead?
EKD-CH2-5 p31
SUIT LEADS: If you fear declarer will toss losers on a long suit, what should you lead?
Make an attacking lead.
EKD-CH2-6 p32
SUIT LEADS: Prior to opening lead what bidding facts do you review?
Confident or creepy-crawly. Fit or no fit. NT rejected because of 1 suit.Partner's o.c. or no o.c./dbl or no dbl, no of likely points.# part's trump.
EKD-CH2-7 p32
SUIT LEADS: Identify four situations where you need to lead trump.
Decarer bid 2 suits, dummy picked, you have tricks in the other.
Your t.o. dbl left in,
You have most of the HCP.
They ea. bid a suit and ended in a third (xruf)
EKD-CH2-8 p40
(1D) P (1H) P
(2H) P (3H) P
with: 1084 1052 5432 K84
Creepy crawly. they have abt 25HCP. Partner has Opening Hand and did not over call spades. Partner has clubs lead 4.
EKD-CH2-9 p34
(1S) P (2S) allP
with: 942 A108 Q743 K107
No short suit. No sequence.Lead trump to cut down on ruffing. A passive lead.
EKD-CH2-10 p34
What are two times you should NEVER lead trump?
1. They have a misfit. 2. Dummy has a long side suit and trump support. In this second case you need to get your tricks before they disappear.
EKD-CH2-11 p34
(1S) P (1N) P
(2S) P (3D) P
What's going on?
J86 K843 A72 J108
Dummy may be void. Don't lead a spade. They have a misfit.
Lead the Jc.
EKD-CH2-12 p34
(1S) P (2C) P
(2S) P (4S) All P
What's going on?
Dummy has a threatening side suit and trump support. 5-6 clubs and 3 spades. Without very strong clubs - Attack.
EKD-CH2-13 p35
(1S) P (2C) P (2S) P (4S)
a.85 KJ63 J842 A32
b. 1053 A973 Q1054 57
c. 74 Q108 Q94 KQJxx
a 3H. Set up H trick before AC driven out.
b. Low D, suit without the A.
c.Trump clubs well stopped.
EKD-CH2-14 p36
You have 4 trump, what's your strategy?
Try to get declarer to ruff something. Lead from your longest suit.(if you suspect your high cards in a side suit will be ruffed in dummy - lead trump)
EKD-CH2-15 p37
P (1C) P (1H)
P (1N) P (2D)new minor
P (3H) AllP
with Q54 3 K1087 K9432
Heart Distribution?
H: Responder -5 opener 2=3, Partner 4-5. Lead your long suit, Lead your long suit trying to make decarer ruff.
EKD-CH2-16 p37
With Axxx or Kxxx in trump and a singleton should you try for a ruff?
Stop and think what would be best:getting them to ruff one of your long suits or trying for a ruff yourself.
EKD-CH2-17 p37
With KQ10, QJ10 or J10xx in trump should you try for a ruff?
Do not try for a ruff it will cost you a natural trump trick.
EKD-CH2-18 p37
What count do the bids promise?
(1D) P (2D) P
(2S) P (3D) P
(3S) P (4S)
1D-3-4, 2D-4,
2S-4 reverse, 3D-5 or 6,
3S-5S and 6D, 4S- 3
EKD-CH2-19 p38
When both opponents bid a suit that does not become trump and you are not short,what should you consider?
How many can partner have?may be short or void.With trump stopped consider doubling.
EKD-CH2-20 p38
(1D) P (3D) P
(3H) P (3S) P
with: Q84 J982 106 AQ64
Lead the A or Q. If they had clubs stopped they would be playing 3NT.
EKD-CH2-21 p39
(1D) 1S (2H) P
(3H) P (4H) allP
with: 843 743 J84 KQJ10
Don't lead partner's suit. Lead the K of Clubs.
EKD-CH2-22 p39
Stayman, Jacoby transfer, cuebid,blackwood response; what must you do when opponents bid these?
Check to see if partner will be on opening lead, then check to see if their bid suit would be a good lead. If so double.
EKD-CH2-23 p39
(1S) P (3s) P
(4C) P (4H) P
(4S) all P
Q94 10987 KJ65 86
The 5 of Diamonds. The bidding demands it.
EKD-CH2-24 p41
SUIT LEADS:O.L.from 3 small:
a. unbid
b. bid unsupported by you
c. bid supported
a. small experts, top of
nothing avoid this
b. small - same for 4
c. high - same for 4
EKD-CH2-25 p41
SUIT LEADS: Opening lead from:
10xxx(x) or same dist headed by Q,J,K or A
Avoid Axxx(x) when you chose it lead the A. For all the others lead the 4th best.
When leading from !0xxx don't lead low if you want partner to return another suit.
EKD-CH2-26 p42

SUIT LEADS: Opening lead:
a. Trick ONE b. later tricks
a. A - unbid by partner
K bid and supported
K partner bid at all
K 5 or 6 level contract
b. K
EKD-CH2-27 p42
Name 3 situations where the lead of an unsupported A is common.
You bid and partner supported,
Partner bid the suit, or the opponents are playing at the 5 level.That's why you lead the K in the above situations so partner is not confused thinking you led an unsuported A.
EKD-CH2-28 p42

SUIT LEADS: What do top players lead from AKQ and why?
The Q. If partner sees the J she knows what is going on and gives count and when the A is lead it denies the Q.
EKD-CH2-29 p42

SUIT LEADS: Your lead from:
a. KJ10 b. Q109 c. K109
a Lead the 10
b. and c. lead the 9
EKD-CH2-30 p43
(1S) P (2S) P
(3H) P (4S) all P
Axxx xx KJxx Jxx
4th D. The 3H bid is a game try. Opener has 5S and 4H. Responder can accept the game in H or S or sign off ( the way I play the heart bid would be a game try but would not promise 4 hearts)
EKD-CH2-31 p43
(1S) 2C (2H) 3C
(4NT) P (5C) P
with Ax 6 xxx AK98642,your plan?
Lead your singleton.
Play AS at trick 2.
Play a LOW club to partner's hoped for Q.
ruff the heart return.
EKD-CH2-32 p44
(1S) P (2C) P
(2H) P (2S) P
(3H) P (3S) all P
with 742 AQ98 K1063 93
Low spade to stop heart ruffs in dummy.
EKD-CH2-33 p45
(1H) P (1S) P
(2D) P (3D) P
(3S) P (4H) all P
with: K652 63 K75 AQ32
AC. Partner has 4H and the KC.
EKD-CH2-34 p45
(1S) P (1N) P
(2H) all P
with: AQ1094 J1073 75 32
3H. Even though you have 4 trump you must lead H to prevent declarer from ruffing your spade winners.
EKD-CH2-35 p45
"With four trump, lead from a lump", what does it mean?
Lead your longest suit to force ruffs and perhaps declarer loses control.
EKD-CH2-36 p45
SUIT LEADS: When would you NOT want to underlead and A?
When they creepy craweled to game. Don't give away anything.
EKD-CH2-37 p47
SUIT LEADS: Partner bid and you supported:
Q10x, your lead?
small from two non touching honors.
EKD-CH1-47 On Line test ch1
OL:10, dummy 74, holding AQJ86 what is your play?
Partner leading from shortness struck gold. Play the 8 to encourage.With 9 in dummy overtake with J, and continue.
EKD-CH1-48 p27 q 1e
1N (P) 2N (P)
OL? Q5 J108 A853 543
JH. Imperfect sequence
EKD-CH1-49 p27 q 3
1C (P) 1H (P)
1N (P) 2N (P)
OL:o.AK1094 p. AQ1094 q KQ1094
o A,w/ outside entry or else lead 9
p. 9 (if you think K is in dummy lead the Q
q. Q