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EKAD Ch1 1 Page 12

What are the 4 categories of opening leads?
Attacking, passive, short suit, honor sequence.
EKAD Ch1 2 Page 12

Name an attacking opening lead?
Leading a suit headed by an A or K empty, leading from a long broken suit.
EKAD Ch1 3 Page 12

When is an attacking lead made?
When you fear a long dummy suit, or you are looking for a ruff from partner. You may have 4 trump and are hoping to whittle down decarer's holding.
EKAD Ch1 4 Page 12

How can declarer get rid of losers?
Ruffing in the short hand, throwing them on long suits, end plays, elimination plays, and loser on loser play.
EKAD Ch1 5 Page 13
Decarer hold Kxx over Jxx, why is this dangerous for defenders?
If defenders play the suit first thy may give decarer a trick.
EKAD Ch1 6 Page 13

What are the 3 common dummy types?
Weak with ruffing potential
Threatening side suit
EKAD Ch1 7 Page 14
If dummy has a short suit and a threatening side suit, how do you play it?
Evaluate the side suit: solid or supported by declarer vs stoppers over it then pick playing trump or grabbing your tricks.
EKAD Ch1 8 Page 15
If partner overtakes your OL K, and leads a trump when dummy has a threatening side suit, what is the message?
Partern controls the long suit get rid of the ruffing trumps.
EKAD Ch1 9 Page 16

When dummy is balanced, how do you play it?
EKAD Ch1 10 Page 16

What does playing passively mean?
No leading or continuing a suit when declarer could have a missing honor or spot.
EKAD Ch1 11 Page 19

When declarer has a known 2 suiter, what are the defense options?
active, passive or lead trump
EKAD Ch1 12 Page 20
When after drawing trump a 2 suited declarer looks to have at least 1 trump left, how do you defend?
Active. After pulling all the trump and playing her 2nd suit she may still get a ruff in, even with a balanced dummy.
EKAD Ch1 13 Page 13
When declarer has 2 suits, and you or partner have 4 trumps, what defense is called for?
A forcing game(lead from a lump). With normal 5/3 break after 2 ruffs in the long hand defenders will have more trump.
EKAD Ch1 14Page 21
When you hold the A of trump and you are playing a 'forcing'game when do you win your A?
Wait until the short (dummy)suit is playing its last card win it and then play your long suit forcing a ruff in declarer's long suit.
EKAD Ch1 15 Page 22
When dummy has more trump then declarer what advantage does that give defense?
Declarer should count losers from the long hand so it makes it easier to see what suits to attack or avoid
EKAD Ch1 16 Page 22

Name ways of bidding two suits.
Actually bidding them, Michaels, Unusual NT, Cappiletti, DONT
EKAD Ch1 17 Page 22
When one opponent has bid two suits what should you think about during opening lead?
If the partner who chose between the suits is short in the unchosen suit and you are strong in it a trump lead could cut ruffing.
EKAD Ch1 18 Page 23
Name the three ways to KILL a dummy.
1 Giving partner an early ruff in the long suit.
2. Killing the long suit by leading it once or twice.
3. Killling the entry to the long suit.
EKAD Ch1 19 Page 24
How can leading dummy's long suit Kill the dummy?
If you are also long in the suit and you can void declarer. She cannot lead up to the suit and it will kill the suit.
EKAD Ch1 20 Page 25
When you opening lead honor in dummy's long suit what should you carefully note?
The spots. See if partner may be singleton or doubleton.