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AN criteria 1
refusal to maintain a minimally normal body weight
minimally normal body weight
below 85% of IBW, or below BMI of 17.5
AN criteria 2
Intense fear of gaining weight or of becoming fat
AN criteria 3
Disturbance in way in which body weight and/or shape is experienced
AN criteria 4
In post-menarcheal females, amenorrhea for >3 consecutive months
What are the 3 ways in which the perception of the body can be disturbed in AN?
think that part is too fat, self-esteem based on body, denial of seriousness of LBW
primary amenorrhea
never started menstruating
most important AN criteria
#1: refusal to maintain a minimally normal body weight
2 types of AN
restricting, binge/purge
behaviors in ANR
behaviors in ANBP
restriction/exercise, binge, purge
most severe type of AN
ANR is associated with which personality characteristics?
perfectionism, constraint
ANBP is associated with which characteristics?
impulsivity, older age, substance use, suicidality
what % of ANR develops binge symptoms?
Individuals who have eating disorder symptoms for short periods of time, thought to not have genetic predisposition
BN criteria 1
Eating an amount of food larger than most would eat during a similar period of time WITHOUT CONTROL
binges are defined as being more than ___ calories
what is the key part of a binge
lack of control
2 types of non-purging inappropriate compensatory behavior in BN
fasting, excessive exercise
something extra that you do to prevent weight gain
______ always trumps ____
purging, non-purging
BN criteria 2
Use of “inappropriate compensatory behavior” to prevent weight gain
BN criteria 3
Binge eating and compensatory behavior occur > 2x/week for > 3 months
BN criteria 4
Self esteem based on body weight/shape
BN criteria 5
Behaviors do not occur during periods of AN (low weight)
2 types of BN
BED criteria 1
Binge eating defined in the same way as BN
BED criteria 2
Not associated with regular use of inappropriate compensatory behavior
BED criteria 3
Does not occur exclusively during AN or BN
prevalence of BED
Duration and frequency criteria for BED
2 days/week over 6 months
Hierarchy: Meet criteria for AN and BED, given diagnosis of...