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Who was the director of Divorce Italian Style?
Pietro Germi
rosalia is gross and ____
Who starred in Divorce Italian Style?
Marcello Mastroianni, Daniella Rocca
march master and If her parents get a divorce (italian style) the red head will rebel and become a ___ star
Who were the two main characters in Divorce italian style?
Fernando (fefe) and Rosalia cefalu
the poodle and Bea's friend (+ brustman) swedish ___ a toilet
What year was divorce italian style?
beginning of the 1960's, a time in which divorce was illegal in italy
Who directed a fistful of dollars?
Sergio Leone
Rachel's italian uncle in the army (in the wild west)
what year was a fistful of dollars?
the first number looks like a fist and the second adds up to 10
who starred in fist fullof dollars?
clint eastwood and marianne koch
the man with no name, and robin hood's girlfriend after she married ed for the money
What year was blow up made?
groovy. . . groovy
who was the director of blow up?
michelangelo antonini
ao artsy a photographer and he sculpted the david, my little ____(dimin.)
who were the actors in blow up?
Vanessa redgrave and david hemmings
pretty as a picture in the snack bar until her rose coloerd death, and michelangelo's dress
Who directed cinema paradiso?
giuseppe tornatore
the filmstrip was ripped rip
who starred in cinema paradiso?
salvatore cascio, and phillipe noiret
little toto on his keyboard and the french guy basdekis who worked during the little night
What year was cinema paradiso?
I was six, like toto
what year was life is beautiful?
when sumar was my age, one year out of college
who starred in like is beautiful?
nicoletta braschi
he fell into her arms. the movie was funny like little nicky