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What is the process of replanting a cut-over area wih seedling trees?
What is the wise and careful use of the Earth's resources?
What is an area of land set up to protect animal species?
Wildlife Preserve
What is the presence of harmful substances in the environment?
What is a renewable resource?
A natural resource that can be used and replaced over a relatively short period of time.
What is biodiversity?
the number and variety of living things
If a product is capable of being broken down by the environment, it is said to be what?
A condition that occurs when the number of individuals becomes so large that there are not enough resources for all individuals?
Name three fossil fuels
coal, oil and gas
The greenhouse effect causes a(n) ___________ amount of carbon dioxide and a(n)__________ amount of oxygen.
What is the process by which minerals are carried away from soil?
What is eutrophication?
The pollution of nutrients where algae growth chokes out the oxygen in the water.
An example of ____________ is when a plant faces and grows towards the sunlight.
What is the greatest threat to biodiversity?
Limiting factors prevent a(n) increase/decrease in population.
The Clean Air Act of 1990 required industries to reduce their __________________ emissions by 40% by 2000.
carbon dioxide
What kind of power can be produced by harnessing the force in a dam?
hydroelectric power
What is the interaction of a community with its abiotic factors?
What is the best renewable energy source that produces electricity with the least environmental problems?
solar panels
Where do algal blooms come from?
run off fertilizer from homes and farms
What is believed to be the most responsible for ozone depletion in the atmosphere?
Lead-based paints, CFC's of Pesticides?
Name one way to help reduce air pollution.
Ride a bike instead of driving a car.
Name the three main gases that contribute to the Greenhouse Effect.
Carbon dioxide, methane and water.
Define global warming.
A natural process that keeps the planet warm and hospitable for living organisms.
What is the relationship between the Greenhouse Effect and mass deforestation?
Mass deforestation decreases the amount of plant life on the earth. Without plants, carbon dioxide can not be converted to oxygen.