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a weighted average of the prices of a fixed basket of goods and serviices purchased by a typical urban household
Consumer price index (CPI)
increase in the average price level
health care payment made by someone other than the patient's family
third-party payment
a government program providing medical coverage largely to elderly people
a gov't program providing medical coverage for eligible low-income people
benifits depend on low-income status as defined by law
one of approximately 490 categories into which a medical diagnosis might fall. the DRG determines the prospective payment by Medicare
Diagnosis-related group (DRG)
flate rate paid a hospital by Medicare to treat a particular patient having a given diagnosis
prospective payment
medical doctors' control of demand for medical procedures
physician sovereignty
practice of recovering the unpaid costs of some patients by charging higher prices to other patients
cost shifting
insurance carried by health care professionals to protect them from large malpractice damage awards
malpractice insurance
ordering of unnecessary tests and services solely to protect oneself from charges of malpractice
defensive medicine
returning government functions to the private sector
type of insurance in which the purchaser makes paymetns into an account that can be drawn against in times of illness
medical savings account
type of insurance in which the purchaser makes paymetns into an account that can be drawn against in times of illness
medical savings account
a health insurance plan under which the covered care is limited to designated providers and the use of services is coordinated by a patients' primary care physician
health maintenance organization (HMO)
a health insurance plan under which a group of medical providers contract to provide the insured patient's medical care at discounted rates
preferred provider organization (PPO)
gov't program ensuring universal and comprehensive coverage of the population
national health insurance
payments to purchase and keep in force an insurance policy
payments on an annual or per-service basis that must be made by the insured person before the insurance company's payments begin
percentage of medical expenses remaining after the deductible, which the insured person must pay
coinsurance payments
taking a larger percentage of lower incomes than of higher incomes
a measure of the total output (and income) produced in a nation in one year
Gross domestic product (GDP)