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3 difficulties in stopping the sources of terrorist funding
1- many of the terrorist activities require little $$$ to execute
2- the quantity, flow or origin of the $$$ is unclear
3- the $$$ has been laundered
4 economic advantages for terrorism to spread
1- thrive in countries with corrupt, unelected governments
2- thrive in countries with high unemployment or little social services
3- provide $$, health care, or schooling to member's families
4- thrive in countries where average person has limited economic opportunity
7 points about terrorism and terrorist acts
1- premeditated
2- politically or religiously motivated
3- immediate victims are the only means of spreading terror
4- against non-combatants
5- terrorists aren't acting on behalf of the government
6- often want to influence the policies of more than one country
a devout group of Muslims that give part of their earnings to humanitarian causes (some of these funds brought in can be directed to terrorists)
the Hawala network
a network of secretly moving $$$ from place to place (b/t countries) that can support terrorist funding
2 difficulties in using chemical weapons
1- theyre man made toxins that can cause death injuries
2- easier to store than biological weapons
3- must be produced in large quantities and distributed
3 difficulties in using biological weapons
1- hard to produce
2- require special handling
3- have to be produced in particles small enough to be inhaled
what is MAD and what has to happen for it to work
1- a military strategy in which full scale use of nuclear weapons by 2 countries will result in the destruction of both
2- both sides need to feel that they wont be able to escape retaliation
hegemonic stability theory
if the public good of international security is to be performed then it needs to be funded by the states large and rich enough to pay more than their fair share