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Maximum sustainable population size for a given area
Carrying Capacity
Regulation of population growth by mechanisms controlled by population size; effect increases as population size increases
Density Dependence.
Being unaffected by population density; regulation of growth is not tied to population density
Density Independence.
Competition among the same species.
Intraspecific Competition.
Occurs when growth and reproduction are depressed equally across individuals in a population as the intensity of competition increases.
Scramble Competition.
Takes place when some individuals claim enough resources while denying others a share.
Contest Competition.
What can result from population density and increased competition
High population density and a lack of resources may force individuals to leave, This is known as
the degree to which individuals of the same species tolerate one another
Social Behavior.
What mechanism limits the number of animals living in a particular habitat, having access to a particular food supply, and engaging in reproductive activities
Social Behavior.
The space that an animal normally uses during a year is its
A situation in which an animal defends an exclusive area not shared with rivals
Individuals spaced out more than we would expect from a random occupancy of suitable habitat
Territoriality in plants.