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What law states that 2 species cannot co-exist on one limiting resource
Gause's law
What type of competition is mainly in Gause's law
What law states that in any environment the growth rate of the population is limited by the most limiting resource.
Liebig's law
what are the two mechanism of competition?
interferene and exploitative
What type of competition is when better suited org have an adaptation that allows them to get more resources.
What does alpha12>1 mean
that species 2 is a better competitor than species 1.
WHat is true of any point on the line of a zero growth isocline?
That the growth rate= 0
what is the change of the behavior of a single preditor to the change in prety density?
functional response
What is the long term change in preditor density in response to prey density?
numberical response
What is it called when plants grow more so that even though they are being eaten they don't show any affect because of the herbivory?
what type of species interaction is good for the actor and has no effect on the the recipiant?
What is when two organisms look similiar?
What type of mimicry is characterized by a toxic model and a non toxic mimic?
What type of mimicry is characterized by both species like alike and both species benefit from mimicry?
_______- is a taxonimically related group of organisms that occur in same habitat. There are no interactions between the organisms.
_____- is a group of organisms that alll play the same role in an environment.
think trade union
species richness, measure of species diversity, eveness, and types of species all make up _________.
community structure
What are 3 main things that are part of community function?
trophic relationships, resiliency, and preductivity.
Who believed in closed communtites
Who believed in open communities and that species are that species are distributed independent of eaach othe
What are the two big scales on can look @ community structure?
spatial and temporal
what are the two catagories under spatial scale that a community structure can be analyzed?
local and landscape
the correlation coeffecient vs radius of circles graph shows what?
how species richness is correlated in diff habitats.
What term describes how when organisms that live in similiar habitats even when they are on different continents have similiar morphologies?
what type community development interaction (facilitation, inhabition, or tolerance) do u usually see in primary succession?
Do u usually see facilitation, inhabition, and/or tolerance in secondary succession?
tolerance and inhabition
What describes how preditors can hold prey populations well below carrying capactiy (starvation level)
preditor regulation
In preditor regulation what is the relationship between quality of living and quality of eaten.
living= eaten
What is the relationship between quality of living and eaten in surplus preditation?
quality living > quality of eaten=starving
What is the relationship between quality of living and eaten in predation sensative food hypothesis?
living> eaten (close to starving) > starving
What must prety have in order for there to be preditor/ prey cycles?
prey must have a place to hide.
What is the kind of experimnent where you take organisms from two differnt environments and then raise them both in same environment?
common garden exp