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levels of biodiversity
1-genetic diversity
2-species diversity
3-ecosystem div
Conservation Unit:
-population w/in it's hab
an assemblage of populations that are potentially interconnected by dispersal. (core pop w/ satellite pop's)
Causes of local extinction:
1-Demographic stochasticity (randomness in order of births and deaths>>for small pop's only)
2-genetic stochasticity (loss of genetic div. by drift & inbreeding>>small pop's)
3-environmental stochasticity (catastrophes>>not pop size dependent)
Escape in time strategies
strategy that orgs use to evade known events (ie salmon leave the river before it runs dry)
migration barriers
roads, dams, urbanization
Riparian forest buffers
area around rivers protected from development
threats to salmon survival:
-hab loss
-hatcheries and fish farms
-Introduced species
intermediate disturbance hypothesis
made by Connell. after a dist, an intermediate time period later will have the greatest life, then competiotion will kick in to drive it down again.